The Orcan Chronicles
The Orcan Chronicles - Poetry of the Orcas
An Orca Photograph


    For Keiko, the World's most famous Orca
    We will always remember You.
    In Memorium, December 12, 2003


Out of nimble places dart
the largest living purpose.
Orcas seethe intensely,
they balance on a fulcrum,
making ocean mockery.

They roam high seas in calumny,
ferocious, claiming prey.
A Human would bleed to watch
them eat the tongues of Great Blue Whales
because they're good and there.

Tender hearted with each other,
Orca strike the midnight
with a surface flare, they see
above, below, beyond, within
to water, earth, fire, air.



Summer circles in waves of fresh dawns,
morning rays are luminous.
Days dazzle until evening.
Night amplifies the stars.

Weather has not felt like this
for many seasons in the azures.
Rising sunbeams purify aqua
as Orca awaken to measure ocean temperature.



Every social dolphin
has a leader,
Whales are led by wise.
Porpoises are presided
by their elder counsels.
With Orca, every Orca male
is his own leader over all.



A group of friendly Orca were patrolling
along the northern fracture of a rift zone.
they came across one school of giant manta-rays.
As they flew along the waters
they drafted shadows, darkening these waves.

Magnificent, we cried, we heard,
but never saw them once alive.
When they soar they liquidate the sea.
We exchanged worried glances, for we knew
in warfare even we could never win.



The Orcan calendar begins in summer,
ends in spring; the New Year
mates elders with the younger
who hunt throughout the winter
and terminate at birthing.

Baby Orca are like pretty penguins,
chubby, smart, quickly darting
alongside mother shadows.
Growing up they slowly learn
deep wisdom from their kingdom-brine.



Sex is secondary
to the impulse
called wholesome.

Wholesome love
is loving Orca
more than for their tails...
A spry young thing
fresh into new waters
is desirable indeed.

"It's only that we love her
for her heart, not form."
"Shut up and look at those glands."



When Orca go to school
in fishing zones,
the fish just vanish.

Wherever Orca go
neighborhoods cease being
and Orca rule.

Moving territory
is as automatic
as a shadow.

It moves of itself
as a force hiding
and instantly takes over.



Orca are the masters
of the martial arts.
Ask any Dolphin
who remotely knows one.

All they have to do
is look, then strike.
It's true, they really
do know how to fight.

When on the hunt
nothing in this world
can equal except...
The Whaling ships or sub.



Who is superior to whom
Orca or Dolphin?

Each have talent,
Orca are smarter.

Delphins intuit.
Dolphins remember.

Orca think through
aim missile fired teeth.

The impact of Orca
is swift, certain, sure.

Dolphins are philosophers.
Orca know much more.

Does this mean
Dolphins are inferior?

The question answers
Yes and No at once.

Dolphin are a people
made of many races.

Orca is a state of mind,
deep and very wide.

Dolphin are a culture
distinctly universal.

Orca by his pact
rules the name of King.


Screaming white noise sounds,
a pack of hungry Orca
invade a school of Delphins
just below the continental shelf.
Piercing siren amplitudes
they destroy all communications.

The lord of beasts has plans
right down to the teeth;
break up into pairs,
divide the herd,
hold the families at bay
then we'll conquer.

Blood forms foaming clouds
sending smells out sharkward.
The creatures who wisely stay away.
The mother of the eaten daughter
was hovering, half paralyzed
while waiting pairs hungrily rushed in.

Dolphins scrammed
keeping watch with deep revulsion;
those terrifying jaws
cracking spines right open.
Fathers dunked in horror
as bits of loved ones floated to the bottom.



Words about Orca
are so startlingly real
they take us by the breath
and lead our souls away.

To be is not in human
nor is Orca killer more
than Dolphin, porpoise, Man
is there any more to say?

Bitter truth is sharper
then frightening razor teeth;
don't ever get caught
in anyone else's glance.



When not concerned with eating
Orca go about their ways
investigating old discoveries,
living come what may.

Down deep galleons
are treasures winking
in the pales of day,
having lain for ages.

Decayed, the masts in shambles
crumbling to thread
while sea gusts shift
the keel upon its axis, crunch.

Cracking hulls asunder
where Orca dart to play
the role of watchmen
hissing cackles to the stars.



There's a far terrain
where Orca like to echo.
Sound crosses to a channel
wailing back
wild echoes.

Orca echoes echo
Orca soundings.
Faintly bouncing afterrings
which diminish back
to nothing.

Translated into sound and English
it cracks, bubbles, wheezes, clatters, zings
the tones speed out like strings pinging,
tuning frequencies to hearing
uniting Time, Place, Event, and Day Today.



Two Orca took a pouf
at the moon one night
and rammed their tails
through the waves.

Two Orca in love
are hot together
like Human passion
biting skin.

When it's time to come
a cosmic spasm suns
one Lover to another,
a father and a mother.


AND . . .

Since Orca is human
can Humans be mated with Orcas?
What would such creation
look like, be like, speak like?

A cross between Orca
and the Man would be logically ferocious,
made for Land and Ocean.
It would sneak-attack like submarines.

The Killer from the land
mates with Murder
in the waters.
And there is no And.



If Dolphins are people,
Orcas are the Masters of the sea.

Dolphins move in large civilizations.
Orcas are expeditionary.

The Ocean mammal seizes, conquers
whatever is delicious, porpoise, fish or squid
Palettes live to be graced
with the art of fresh flesh.

Lobster is especially crusty,
do Humans like it more?

Shrimp is too small really
yet Whales dine by cubic krill.

Seal is good, bear a delicacy.
We especially like tongue.

There is one meal we do not eat.
A Human Being.  We avoid it like a plague.



Orca is an extra breed,
technicians of the sea.
They guard the orders

Sound swells
when Orcans ring
The Masters of seas
have stories to tell.

In the Oceans are the borders
where biggest Dolphins dwell.
What Whale dares interfere?
Swimming away they hold their tongues.

Coarse porpoise hear one squeak
from us and they dart away in a flash.
Speaking Orcans feels like squawking.
What do people say?

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