The Oracle of Whales
A Detail from a Painting by Schim Schimmel

Humpback Whales, the great singers from the deeps.  In these pages, one can read translations into Human English from this classic collection of poems from the book: The Oracle of Whales written in Maui and Oahu, Hawaii, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz, California, 1979-85

    O Human Man and Woman

    Who spawn upon the land

    Your world rises from dark chasms

    Far below these sands.

    We greet you with our songs,

    Having lived alone among you

    In the waters of our years.

    Hear the voice, our shrill and call,

    We are your Elders from the deeps.

    Listen through your hearts as we . . .

    And you will feel our visions

    Great and small.        


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