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Next to Man, whales are arguably the most intelligent beings on the planet. Modern science demonstrates they have the most sophisticated sonar ability, navigational routes and family social structure. Whales possess the largest brains in relation to the size of their bodies and also have brains with the most convolutions of any mammal including humans. The convolutions relate to intelligence.

In studying the whales, it seems as though they use language to relate information to each other. Although work is being done, the fact is, science has not yet cracked the language code of the whales precisely. No one knows exactly what the speech pattern is. We do know from our observation of humpback whales in Hawaii during the winter months there is a song sung by members of the group which we presume to be social record of that particular year among the members. In other words, it serves as a community newspaper by listing the activities of the group, such as pregnancies, births, and mating patterns. These songs evolve from year to year.

There exists seven major races of whales. Blue Whales, Fin Whales, Humpback Whales, Sperm Whales, Gray Whales, Bowhead Whales and Belugas. It is obvious each one specializes in certain areas of intelligence. For example, Fin Whales are known to output a very low frequency sound that is amplified by the magnitude of their bodies (the are the second largest whale next to the blue whale). These low frequency sounds travel very far under water, and it is thought that are able to communicate over vast ranges throughout the oceans. Sperm Whales have the largest brain of any creature on the planet. They are the deepest diving whales, known to dive as deep as 6,000 feet. Their sonar is the most sensitive, and it is thought they are capable of imaging the vast depths of the ocean, a talent no other animals have. They have evolved to be the geographers of the deep in their quest to eat the giant squid,  Archithesus, that live in caves below 5,000 feet. Their sonar is so accurate, they can spot these giant invertebrates from the surface.

Obviously such sonar capabilities and the ability to interpret the data require a large brain. Since whales seem to have an oral culture where they may have the ability to past down information from generation to generation, possibly holding a historical record going back thousands of years, it is not a far step to grant that they may well be sentient beings possessing intellectual powers equivalent to human beings. Their reasoning powers might be different from human, having to adapt to the realities of ocean life, but they can taste the waters and discern the mood of the area. They can feel the currents in the ocean and detect weather patterns. At the same time constantly scanning in every direction around them and knowing all other creatures around them.

Thus, the Oracle of Whales is written with the intuition that whales are indeed intelligent, self-aware, sentient, emotional, philosophical and act rationally within the framework of their individual culture.

As an author, I made a huge leap of faith into the intuitive process in order to extrapolate these poems into creation. Every race of whale is represented in this book. Each one is time and historically sensitive to the record of whales as we understand them.  Each verse was inspired. As a person, I not only used the intuitive process but the empathetic process to embrace whales as I imagined them to be. Yet, many years of research went into understanding each race of whale. Although I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the extrapolations, they feel right to me and are consistent with the known behavioral patterns of the whales.

As a reader, I encourage you to open your minds and hearts to these magnificent creatures and accept these poems as translations from whale cultures into English for our understanding.

Happy reading

Paul Lloyd Warner

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