The Music of Whales

Humpback Whales are famous the world over for their songs.  Their huge bodies radiate sounds out into the depths of the oceans.  When the faint echoes of those complex tones are returned to listening receptors, these Whales are able to look underwater.  These Whales are swimming their way to Hawaii after a summer of feeding in the Arctic.


    We sing colossal organ tones

    Across chorales of hearing.

    Short-waves echo through the indigo.

    Low frequencies are wailed afar.

    And in the mid-range are the sounds

    Of knowing and renown

    Every Whale delights in.


    Behold.  Our inner vision

    Clarifies the stars.

    We follow them by nights alone

    To archipelagoes.

    These stars - which hold a steady sway

    Between seasons of the waters

    And seasons of the cold


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