The Guard

The Fin Whale is the second largest of all Whales.  It is capable of broadcasting a very low frequency sound-wave that can travel thousands of miles through the oceans.  It is thought these sounds are a means of long-distance communications between Fin Whales.  If this is true, than it means not only human beings are capable of long-distance transmissions.  Nevertheless, these sounds can certainly "see" several miles away and can detect whatever creature is swimming in the area.  With this special faculty, it is possible to conceive that Whales have a "higher" mind of consciousness, of reason, of philosophy, and sentience.


    The Higher mind has faculties

    Beyond the range of light and hearing.

    To sound a pitch into the distance

    Is to hear its echo thrill wet skin.

    Our bodies are the subtle ears

    Which hear in all directions.

    Slowly, swiftly and serenely

    We fly through liquid elements.

    No hunter would ever dare assume

    We do not know their size,

    Direction or their reason.

    We are Fore-fathers in the sea,

    The Guard through which all Whales

    Must pass to pure intelligence.


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