The Flow Of Wisdom

This Sei Whale swimming in the Labrador Sea speaks to us of the mystery of life, the stars, the points of navigation.  The altered frequencies our friend speaks of is not unlike the higher regions of the human mind where all wisdom flows.  When mankind killed the whales, we had no idea we were murdering an Intelligence as well.  Though we wanted their hides, we did not know we destroyed beautiful minds capable of thinking on deeper and vaster levels.  Someday we will know, and in the meantime, we can only imagine the depths and heights of thinking Whales engage in.


    Horizons underwater

    Curve around infinitude.

    Blue falls dark to black,

    Even sonar reaches void.


    There is a place

    Intuitive though far,

    Where beings touch not air or water

    Yet everything is grace.



    Wisdom flows unspoken,

    No thought is heard

    But sight aligns meridians to star.

    We pulse on altered frequencies.


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