The Breach

Several theories are posed as to why Whales breach.  To aid digestion by jumping into the air so that food goes down; to spy-hop, looking out of the water to check out what is happening; to show a display of presence and territoriality are amongst the most popular.  By lunging out the water to a height of 50 feet or more, allows a Whale to momentarily see from a high vantage point.  Here, in this poem, there is a sense of fun, to feel a sense of weightlessness and to experience the upper world, free of water.  Just as humans enjoy diving, whales enjoy flying, even if it is for a few seconds.


    The root of why a Whale breaches

    Is mastery of domain.

    Sixty tons of cargo flings himself

    From down below to air.



    People suspect the reasons rightly

    Such as: "Pardon me, I'm burping",

    Or "Shaking loose the barnacles",

    "Coming up because it's there".



    Be told in truth Whales

    Also breach the heavens

    To achieve a sense

    Of momentary "Whalelessness".



    The force of directions bursts

    an aquatic missile into the vapors.

    H2O spills down

    The tail, water falls away.



    From where he came

    The Ocean punched a hole.

    Rising in flight

    He fans the sea.



    Follow slowly upward . . .

    Focus on his strength relaxed,

    Sailing over heights of feeling,

    Surveying all from water, sky.



    The instant does occur

    When gravity reclaims.

    Many tons of soul

    Go gracefully inert.



    Between the leam and fall,

    Before the plunge,

    Is what to wait for.

    Before is relatively later.



    How long may words

    Hold one image strong?

    A Whale transfixed in space,

    Struck mightily in place,



    Before the final dive

    Into the larger picture.

    The sun sprays glittering optics

    As our creature crashes down in split seconds.


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