Sound Of The Hurricane

As human beings, many of us forget that Whales experience the same bad weather we do.  Sailors know to avoid the path of hurricanes.  In olden days, many got caught in the high winds and waves, perishing at sea.  This poem now presents a hurricane from the Whale's perspective.  The seas churn wildly yet Whales must come up for air.  As heavy rains pound their blowholes, with waves crashing upon them, even Whales suffer terribly during the worst of storms.  Protecting their young is first priority.  Baby's have to breathe.  Lasting through a night of heavy storms can be perilous as this poem reveals to us.


    All night winds speed along these waves

    So hard they crash on upward motion.

    Young ones scream for air, inhaling blasts of water.

    Oceans quake below in surging densities

    While dangers whistle soundings though the undertow.



    At dawn cold rain, biting with sheer cracking force,

    Hits like packs of hungry barracuda.

    Fishes flee from lower pressure zones.

    Exhausted Whales, aching helpless vertigo,

    Cluster down to even deeper sanctuaries.


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