Song Of The Mother

Here we have a female Humpback whale speaking directly to humanity.  She remembers the days of whaling, yet she has also witnessed human wars, specifically the second world war.  She knows something about killing.  Whales do not murder each other and she makes a plea to humankind.  Do we have any idea the feeling a mother whale has when she loses her offspring to the harpoon?  It cannot be much different than the grief of a human mother.  If people could just see from the Whale's point-of-view.


    I am the mother of a Whale.

    The whole world loves a mother.

    Please, I beg you as a lover

    To cease from killing one another.



    I appeal on parent grounds

    To men of reason and the women too,

    A baby Whale is just as precious

    To a father as a Human child is.



    I am a simple being, though many

    People could swim inside of me.

    Do you think all your hearst together

    Would equal one dear loving daughter?



    Reflections in the water

    Change their shadows every instant.

    Remember me with all the others

    And be a Whale, just Be.


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