Reflections in A Wave

We do not know if Whales are capable of deep reflective and philosophical thinking.  Their intelligence is without question.  Their frontal lobes are more advanced than humans - that place where higher thinking takes place.  It is not impossible to imagine that a Whale could ponder the depths of living.  Perhaps thoughts about beauty are no different from a scuba diver's.


    Reflecting in a wave . . .

    These phosphorescent silver waters,

    I gaze around to Beauty

    Of the Ocean's making.


    The tone is clear.

    I hear three-dimensional

    Forms felt

    Very far away.


    Echoes in the volumes

    Fade away concentrically.

    It's wonderful to sound

    And listen extra-visually.


    Silence darts

    Transparently between

    Swift currents flowing

    To the Great Beyond.


    I mediate upon

    These thoughts.

    And Lo, once down again,

    I have to rise for air.


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