Ode To A Blue Whale

The "We" is the voice of another Whale observing the Blue Whale for the first time.  This poem comes from the 19th Century when whaling was highly aggressive throughout the world.. The Blue Whale, the largest animal in existence, sometimes reaching 120 feet in length is reduced in numbers to just a tragic few left in existence.  They were prized by whalers because of their size.  The Southern Right Whale speaking out this poem may have never seen a Blue Whale come so far south.  There is a poignant story here.


    We saw a Whale

    Greater than ourselves,

    With blue skin

    Long and slender.

    How graceful he was

    And O so tender.


    We slept

    In his vicinity

    Where all night loud

    He uttered

    Mournful dreams

    Around a single tone.


    O Whale, our soul

    What life intunes

    That mind of yours?

    What resonance expounds

    The presence

    In your mystery?


    By morning

    He was vanished

    Through the ocean hollow.

    Not any Whale recalls

    Ever faintly hearing back

    One reflection of his sound.


    Our nation

    Cries in wonder,

    Was he a vision

    Or a master dream

    Vanished to the deeper zones . . . .

    Or did we dream awake?


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