Civilizations Of The Sea

This poem is written from the perspective of the Sperm Whale, also known as the Cachelot, a French word.  It is carried deep within the long-term race memory of this amazing species - the toothed Whale which dives deeper than any Cetacean.  We return to the origin of Whales, from the faintest recollections passed on through millions of generations.  Here is the Oral History of Whales telling us of the Earth's primeval climactic changes, when the distant ancestor was a land animal who migrated to the oceans and slowly evolved through millions of years into a Whale.


    Dynasties ago, a sequence of events

    Triggered ten million generations.

    We were creatures of the Land.

    Then cataclysms ruptured mountains

    And Earth's continents divided into planes.



    The only refuge was a sea so dense and briny,

    Our bodies floated easily in motion.

    We learned to swim, breathe, regenerate,

    Gradually letting go stubby legs for fins

    As we journeyed through evolution toward a Whale.



    Auto-recall pictured early cultures,

    Rude beginnings were besieged by planetary rains.

    Below, the earthquakes set subsurface fires,

    Lava boiled scalding water upward

    While torrential rains swept us away to heavy seas.



    The years passed by thousands

    As lands began to teem

    With birds and green:

    Humans fished by tooth and hands,

    Cautiously edging closer, watching.



    The first we gazed on Human minds

    We became "Leviathans" in time.

    How many forefathers of our kind

    Spoke Whale languages, crackling

    Universal sounds in rhyme?



    Civilizations moved like nations in migrations.

    Counted herds summered the Antarctic,

    Blue, Brown, Gray, Black and white Albinos.

    Masters of waters, the living proof of Life

    As we navigated by the days and stars.


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