Be One With Us

The Blue Whale, having eaten to its full in the northern latitudes of the Atlantic ocean during the summer, now returns home to the mating winter waters in the warm tropical waters off the Cape Verde islands.  Navigating by sounding the ancient sea trenches thousands of feet below, the Whale has memorized the route home.  Way down below, underwater volcanoes spew lava into the waters.  This Blue Whale is only one of a few who remain in the Atlantic.  Most of his kind perished in the harpoon of Whalers during the 19th and 20th century.  Now they are no longer hunted.  This he knows, yet how many have died.  Our Blue Whale leaves us with a message.


    Voyaging from Northern waters

    We flow trenches equatorial.

    Having eaten to our full,

    We migrate winter sanctuaries.



    Navigating by sonar sight

    From oceans cold to tropical,

    Vision clarifies as temperatures

    Increase these phosphorescent blues.



    Soaring like gull wings in air

    Beyond steep peaks and chasms

    Our soundings penetrate below\

    Where molten fires burst the grounds.



    Apexed from sea crusts

    Volcanos fire underwater

    Spawning land for Whales and Humans

    To mate and feel together.



    Islands swell above foundations

    To higher magnitudes,

    Rising pinnacles to clouds

    Still further upward . . . . .



    To atmospheres

    Beyond our sights,

    Winter storms rain fiercely,

    Headwinds  cool our skins.



    Of nights we sing

    Into the whole reality.

    O Humankind, awaken from our dreams

    And be One with us at sea.


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