The Garden Planet



        Dear world
        a prayer
        goes out
        for universal

        our time
        is now
        cold wars
        are over
        thank God.

        economic peace
        world trade
        free markets
        open borders
        a united world

        preparing for stars
        venturing beyond
        into the heavens
        and distant galaxies
        cosmic peace!

        Dear Lord, within me
        like the molten core
        of earth, I sing
        creation's song
        God is one

        almighty presence
        suffusing all things new
        just now, here
        and always inscribed
        precisely in these words

        Dear God within me
        I pray for healing
        in the world between
        all adversaries.
        May there be peace.

        Create us peace
        with freedom
        a citizen's democracy
        throughout the world
        to last ten thousand years

        and beyond all measure
        to where we integrate
        the stars into our lives
        on a planetary basis
        as universal citizens.

        Universal citizens
        arise and claim
        our birthright
        let the beauty shine
        throughout our mother's land.

        We shall grow gardens
        everywhere on earth
        replenish ozone
        with clean green
        and healthy airs

        turn the earth
        back into a garden planet
        of millions by millions
        burdens, scene after scene
        our awesomely beautiful world.


        Exquisite world in time
        earth circling its star
        the sun, traversing
        our galaxy, the milky way,

        which speeds away from
        other galaxies, expanding
        like bread baking
        in universal ovens

        vast clouds of Hydrogen
        where stars are born
        into young galaxies
        in the farther reaches

        beyond telescopic sight
        supreme presence
        permeates this cosmos
        with immutable force

        that power
        available always
        to any individual
        who knows it's there.


        Here, a pause
        to consider
        basic truth
        no words

        just communing
        in soul
        with divinity


        truth knows
        to be
        in truth

        sparks of life
        shoot through
        our minds
        watch, look, listen.


        Cry the tears
        of human suffering
        feel what Jesus felt

        feel the chains
        of prisoners and slaves,
        the whips of writhing pain

        transform our miseries
        to bliss in just
        one simple instant

        evolve our race
        to farther states
        of higher consciousness

        may we see
        with clearer vision
        our immortality

        as we heal those wounds
        dividing us
        from racial harmony


        People of the world,
        all colors, creeds
        and nationalities
        come to us alone

        Give us one chance
        to crack our minds
        right open to reality
        we live together

        as one humanity
        on our home planet
        let's call for truce
        and speak in truth

        war writes all history
        lay down our arms
        research deep space
        the people rebuild

        overcome poverty, injustice
        racial hatred, torture
        and brutality
        in God we all exist.


        United peace-keeping forces
        enforce the peace
        teach understanding
        empower the schools

        to teach wisdom
        to pupils in freedom
        people must think
        for themselves

        allow reason to flourish
        and nurture the individual
        praise love
        life everlasting

        that human treasure
        we measure in friends
        may it be transformed
        form ignorance to bliss

        see through the veils
        lift open the fogs
        come into the sun
        of God's understanding


        Rise up in consciousness
        gather the tribes
        make peace treaties ultimate
        and cleanse in the tides

        make earth whole again
        unfractured by time
        where wars are a thing
        from the past

        make peace international
        and permanent
        a universal trust
        sealed up in document

        seize this moment
        window of opportunity
        before ego forces people
        to police the earth

        throw down the shields
        give peace our chance
        the fastest way
        to the greatest prosperity


        Master each moment
        aware to the full
        look the world around you
        each human being - a person
        to be recognized

        gaze into souls
        of loved ones and friends
        feel the magnificence
        of being alive
        peaceful, yet energized

        extend our hands and help
        those less fortunate than we
        volunteer our efforts
        to the cause of liberty,
        justice, and peace for all.

        Not utopia do we seek
        but the realms of nations
        aligned in spirit
        to the common weal
        to serve a higher purpose.

        To be oneself
        serve the needs of others first
        work for what's fair, good, and just
        give back to earth the goodness
        it gives you.

        Within the human grasp
        lies our power
        to transform the world
        turning guns into ploughs
        exchanging weapons for peace.


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