Poetry as Medicine

    Poetry as Medicine

    A Prayer

    Mentor within
    reveal what's hidden
    in the far-most reaches
    of my soul

    Teach me
    the secrets of the Universe,
    as I merge my being
    into the source

    where all creation joins
    an inter-locking relationship
    with the natural mind
    at work in the cosmos.

    Train me to understand
    the inner laws governing
    the cosmic scale of things.
    Teach me cosmic secrets,

    Reveal them to me,
    Now while we're alive
    instantaneously on Earth
    to grasp their meanings.

    The Universe reveals
    the trails of time
    traversing the cosmos
    and where black holes suck in light.

    Galaxies of stars
    stretch millions of light-years away.
    Imagine beings
    living in the universe.

    The Power of Love
    (Remember to Remember)

    O Yes, folks speak of it,
    The feelings of love
    which open up our hearts in full
    and raise them to a higher power
    when Love comes through full blast

    Love flushing through our selves
    like fireworks bursting from within,
    pervading every atom of our being
    consuming each living breath, inhaled.
    Our deepest feelings and our farthest cries.

    It simply invades our human selves
    and expands horizons to levels
    yet unknown before.
    Love IS a power unto itself
    making one consciously alive just NOW.

    Love is the force infusing inner life
    and outer actions.
    It possesses powers to enthrall,
    go beyond to newfound worlds within
    breaking through all boundaries.

    Love is the spring invading palace walls.
    And rushing river spraying waterfalls
    out of the mountains
    distilling every water-drop
    aerating all molecules,

    the very essence
    of our being.
    It sparks darkness.
    Dazzling our eyes.

    When Love falls in love,
    then matters of the heart
    transform the worlds of those
    who love on deeper planes,
    and transforms absolutely everything.

    A mother's love
    may be the greatest love of all
    mother and child,
    the love a mother feels
    for her children,

    so grand it is indeed,
    that only the greatest of men
    can rise up to the feeling
    of loving a son or daughter so much,
    one aches as a mother.

    A magnificent father
    love as deeply as any woman.
    Love loves equally in man and woman.
    And in truth exists an even finer love,
    Universal love, the love of stars, and God within.

    And all any person need do
    is recall the inmost conscience
    and examine one's intent.
    The purer in heart,
    the profounder the love.

    Who doesn't know this?
    Startling discoveries inside
    the mind and heart
    where inner feelings
    do reside
    Let's bring them out.

    Let them go forth
    into the streams of humanity,
    each person loving in their own way,
    some less, others more.
    The deeper the love, the more real life is.

    Love loves giving of itself.
    Giving IS receiving.
    Perhaps giving is the most selfish act of all
    to receive on even a higher level.
    Who knows?

    To love is the essence of Life.
    An axiom.
    May we examine?
    TO LOVE (to feel so deep it hurts)
    IS . . . . .

    (all pervasive, all knowing)
    (the very core of our existence)
    (being consciously alive universally).

    Love, the healing power
    to whomever uses it wisely.
    The healing power of love
    springs out streams of consciousness
    into sentient minds.

    It gurgles up from below
    the surface where feelings flow,
    sparkling in sunlight,
    it bursts feelings anew
    and everything becomes beautiful.

    The healing power of love
    reveals its treasured secret here.
    In our capacity to love
    we comprehend something greater
    than ourselves.

    And all we need do is remember
    the power of love to invoke it
    at any time, night and day
    and it remains our to use
    for good or evil-doing.

    When the power of love
    is thwarted, and goes astray
    it may become deranged
    and commit crimes of passion,
    destroying the very one who's loved.

    Love makes pain in every way.
    We cannot escape it.
    For either we absorb it into our beings,
    or we reject it violently,
    it brings us to the depths of tears.

    We weep so hard at death,
    for those whom we loved.
    We cry, heaving is spasms,
    for love lost from our arms forever.
    It hurts so much, we die sometimes.

    Love enters the core of our very being
    and reaches deep into soul,
    it contacts the source,
    and it is here
    illumination sparkles

    with the light of suns
    burning full our hearts,
    we love to greater breadths
    than we ever knew before.

    Ah, Love, Love, Love,
    its uttered word speaks HA,
    a happy sound, it breathes itself out
    like a breath from the universe,
    it is so palpable

    when it is feeling itself
    feeling Love,
    two beings merge
    into each other
    and become one

    the conqueror,
    the quest
    and journey,
    the path to God.

    O Love, O God,
    The universe, the stars are ours
    to behold and keep to ourselves.
    Love merges
    into infinity

    When felt
    into the depths,
    there is nothing else
    so deep as love
    to make us change.

    We are illuminated
    from within,
    radiating love
    all around us
    and beyond.

    It shatters hearts
    and when they recover
    they find themselves

    completely takes over,

    from the bowels
    within our Earth,
    it can explode
    with such a force,
    we are transfigured

    into someone new,
    brighter than before,
    clearer in perspective
    more aware of everything
    surrounded by an active principle:

    The law of love at work,
    making things happen
    connecting unexpected elements
    into a higher purpose.

    The power of love to heal
    the human mind
    of its afflictions,
    and to bring to every aspect
    of our being
    a deeper healing,

    Love, the eternal light,
    the flame kindling consciousness
    and all it means to be a human being
    living on this great Earth
    under the sun.

    To love with mighty heart
    on a vaster scale
    in life's existence,
    to peer into infinity
    and see the Infinite.

    To become one
    with everything,
    and reach out to the heavens.
    It is here we may receive
    the Word of God.

    Or may we say
    realize a deeper contact
    with the source
    of everything,
    and act upon it.

    And BE Love,
    become it,
    let it invade
    every molecule
    in our bodies.

    May it touch
    every genetic code
    and turn it into gold,
    may love emanate
    from our hearts.

    May we awaken
    to our more expansive souls
    and F E E L how deep
    Love penetrates
    and how far it radiates.

    Here we are
    at the center point of love,
    feeling so much within
    and bringing it out into the world.

    So simple the principle.
    We receive the Love of God in life
    and we return it back to the Earth,
    the world, the people
    and all else in this World.

    Standing at the crossroads
    we become receptors in existence
    seeing, feeling, knowing, being, becoming
    that inner light and life
    glowing at our sentient center

    giving of itself,
    in the purest sense,
    out to the universe
    and back to the source
    from whence it comes.

    Such is love,
    the foundation in our lives,
    without it we are lost without
    the principle:
    The Law of Love.

    For the Law of Love
    is given to anyone to understand.
    It is a universal law,
    the physics of love
    incarnated in our bodies.

    And it floods our beings
    with a fuel refined
    by love and life's experience
    and for those who love
    it forges life-spans within a single lifetime.

    It knows no bounds beyond
    everything there is to know,
    love discovers new territories
    to explore,
    Love seeks out and finds.

    It peers into every facet
    of our lives
    It refreshes and renews,
    "love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
    but bears it out, even to the edge of doom."

    Shakespeare wrote this.
    Do we all remember?
    Christ teaches this,
    have we all forgotten?

    And Buddha lives this
    in the heart of compassion,
    must we be reminded
    To keep refining
    the gold within our souls?

    The thoughts which dazzle
    like pinwheels flashing in the night,
    The sparks of light
    lightning electric instants
    in the moments of our lives.

    The blooms of feelings so full
    they blossom into euphoria,
    sometimes love feels so good
    it just simply feels wonderful
    with no other way to say it.

    It just feels good.
    Love bursts with joy,
    a riot of color
    in a mountain field of wildflowers.

    It's where birds scream and sing,
    It's where bees make honey,
    and the potent forces
    which join together in a flash
    where babies are created.

    It is vital power,
    sperm in ovum,
    the gulf between
    life and universal power
    where life begins.

    with the source
    the essence of oneself
    into the greater

    We may stay here
    if we choose,
    in consciousness,
    knowing the power of love
    is available to us at any time

    and all we have to do
    is recognize it is there,
    and remember to remember
    Love is always an option
    no matter how deep the despair.

    Remember to remember
    Love is an active principle.
    No matter what our culture
    or religious views, it does not matter,
    Love is love for everyone, it's everlasting.

    Love travels beyond the speed of light
    right into our hearts
    in an instance
    when circumstances feel right,
    Love comes in and conquers,

    Invading ourselves with delight,
    rays of sunlight focus in the forest,
    The heavens are opened
    where we may receive
    the source, the fountain

    of Creation,
    it bestows
    The power of love
    opens every door imaginable.

    And reveals new rooms within
    and vistas to experience in life,
    it prepares the way
    for being fresh and new
    it transforms ignorance to bliss.

    It blows the world a kiss
    It clutches life in an embrace
    from which there is no escape,
    Love IS everything,
    and the essence of living.

    Awaken once again
    to the depths of feeling deep within,
    and know the law of love
    as it applies to the Universe,
    then give it back

    to male and female human beings
    and the Earth, itself,
    our living planet revolving
    around the sun in space.

    Just one World, that's all
    in the ancient brilliance,
    and unfathomed vastness
    of these stars.

    The Healing Power Within

    Universe is self-evident
    Consciousness reveals Truth.
    Love is the core and foundation
    of Human life, this we know.

    With love comes union
    with self, others, and the Infinite.
    The deeper the love,
    the more profound the union.

    Closer one goes to the source,
    the clearer universal principles resolve
    into mind
    and inner eyes.

    The laws of physics
    must be proven.
    The law of love
    needs no proof,
    it births humanity.

    And from that moment
    we grow up
    children of the Universe.
    Recognize that fact.
    Please remember to remember.

    Love is
    our heart
    feeling deeply.
    Real passion proves the result.

    Focus one's love
    on creation.
    And feel the power.

    At the source
    may be found
    the answer
    to all questions.

    The Universe reveals
    and the heavens
    are opened from eternity.
    Deeply, deeply.

    The power to heal
    is that part of Love
    which affirms
    the act of life.

    It springs from
    the inmost person,
    using its healing power
    to set loose the pain

    and renew the tissue,
    ending pain and suffering,
    once and for all.

    The power to heal
    belongs to each
    and every one of us.

    Whether it is a mother's hands
    around her child's forehead,
    who just fell down,

    or a surgeon transplanting
    a heart into a patient,
    the power to heal requires
    love behind the science.

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