P e a c e,   L o v e   &   W i s d o m

A  Future  of  World  Peace
Without  Violence  In  The  2lst  Century

Chapter One

C  R  E  A  T  I  N  G     P  E  A  C  E

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From the depths of my soul

a voice cries out - Humanity awaken

and arise from slumber

to our future Life.



Create a Life of peace, of joy

and harmony between all peoples

where violence is but a memory

in the history which passed



away from centuries of grief,

of war, of territorial imperatives,

national greed and economic woes,

Our lands expire, and the children know.



Make a world where men and women thrive

with every opportunity,

where borders are erased of human enmity

and in its place new seeds are sown



to feed the world and share the common wealth

with all who come to dine upon Earth's living table,

where hatred vanishes into history

never to return, and forgiveness rules instead.



Give me Love, the real true love

only spirit know s to shine on Earth .

Make that love the One and All

the Creator made for us to grow.



Kiss the flowers, breathe in the air,

the zephyrs in the fields contrast

the  essence of the lily and the rose

with nature and her earthly love.



Drink the waters from the wells so pure

the waterfalls fill them up for sure,

the rivers melted from the Alpine snows

make everything green, the gardens glow.



Give me the spark where life unfolds

the wonder of genetic codes.

so every living thing may grow

up into a ripe maturity.



 Respect all Peoples of the Human race,

let no one bring us down but up

into the higher regions of the mind

where wisdom flows into the soul.



Where hatred dies a happy death

and everyone comes out to see

the world is Human and Divine

for people to Love, and Be.



Where commerce flourishes

in a spirit of cooperation,

working smarter to increase the wealth

so all may enjoy the bounty of the World



and go to sleep among the stars

dreaming collective dreams

of even greater worlds to be

for every child, you and me.



Forget old thinking

and ideal utopias,

the garden of the world

is here right now, just look around.



Let common sense be our constant guide.

as Earth revolves around the sun,

universal principles give rise

to reason and enlightenment.



What should disturb our peace,

perhaps the weather, acts of nature,

volcanos, tidal waves and hurricanes?

Let noMan stop Peace f rom being.



Visionary eyes do see

deep into infinity,

it's here for anyone to know,

the stars and heavens - They are ours



to breathe in deeply

until we have absorbed them so,

that God emerges in one's sight

as we watch the galaxy .



Live not in the past, or future,

but now in time that's real,

real-time - just right now

as these words flow right through us.



No intellect is too small

to see the great and all,

the whole of our reality

stands right here in creation.



See the woman, touch the man,

love the child, and we can,

nothing may come in between

the hearts of human families.



The world is full of people

by the billions, each one

with a soul, yet not everyone knows

life is beautiful and precious.



May we give our all, our Love,

our hopes, our dreams fulfilled

to everyone we meet in life;

what is there to lose, our strife?



Ease the stress of work and money,

abundance comes to those

whose honest labors save the world

from crooks, and thieves and killers.



No one need ever starve

in this great universe.

Humanity possesses the knowledge

to bring abundance to everyone on Earth.



 The finer the Love

the greater the sharing,

those in poverty will slowly

rise up in hope,



into the light of wondrous times.

One day governments

will not create war in the World;

abundance comes to all who give.



Here is an AXIOM for us to know:

to give is to receive ,

to be still and know!

God is within, around, beyond . . .



There are no rooms for narrow minds

in God's great kingdom on the Earth,

God did not create a box

to look outside and be afraid.



Fear is not God's Awesome power,

Love is the way, the only way.

When ForGIVEness finds the key

Compassion is unlocked.



To have compassion for those who cry

from poverty, hunger and despair.

To cry for those who kill

for they have murdered their own souls.



Cry for the victims  of these crimes,

and those who had no love in childhood,

do not hate what hurts inside;

even the worst of people are bound



by cosmic Laws

once the lesson's learned

after violence or rape,

their souls will atone after life.



 The Laws of Love come from eternity,

just as light reaches the Earth,

so does Love emanate from God,

and in our hearts it s we lls.



 For those who do not believe in God,

it's all right, and OK.

Do not worry, God loves us

when bringing us up to the after-life.



Be crystal clear in all we think

the universe is vast, the Earth so bright

with living life, look up to sky

and fill our lives with deep insight. 


Never hope to count the stars

for most of them are galaxies,

and in each one, millions of beings

exist in their worlds as you and I.



Open  our eyes to the heavens around,

the cosmos reveals eternal secrets.

Civilizations alive, and thriving wise

with Wisdom, Love, and Enlightenment.



For those who do not believe in Life

outside the Earth, wait until its proven,

but guess how many galaxies exist

and how many worlds might be out there.



Skeptics may declare "nothing exists"

yet who are they to tell us?

I know the universe IS filled with life.

Come on, think deep, is this not so? 


Then master the  elements,

the s p e e d of time

is so  very slow to reach us

and so mighty to attain.



And yet,

think of the Earth,

the lands and seas,

the Mountains rise.



The Deserts glow at sundown

and the haze rises from lakes.

At dawn, herons lift their wings

and fly over the spirit of waters



while you and I watch their feet let

tiny water-drops fall back to the surface,

forming ripples in the quiet still of morning.

O may we see the wonders of nature,



the fruits of summer, the breath of spring,

the insects buzz in the ears so loud,

the frogs jump out from under water

into the light of day, and the river r u s h i n g



down to the pebbles which clean the water

moving along the banks of streams

nature washes with her cleanest hands

so we may partake in the melodies.



And the music of nature sings out loud.

The cicada in fields, the birds of song

trilling in morning, feeding their flocks,

speaking music to us, and reality to them,



 so hard they work to catch the worms

to feed their offspring in the nests,

while birdcalls really are calling for mates

in trees, in cities, in the wilderness.



 Hear the music of nature sing loud,

the bull in the meadow, the beasts in the hills.

The crackling of antlers in the reindeer's fights,

the soundings of Narwhals through the nights.



As the Orca screams its deadly wails,

confusing the sounds of poor Dolphins;

the hungry ORCA make meals of their cousins,

but we never see it, yet the Dolphins tell.



And the songs of the Whales, the Humpbacks

and Blues, O nature how you sing in the voice

of your creatures.  And Humans sings operas

in theaters that glow in the curtains and lights.



Humanity, O hear the light within infuse

sensations of a subtler kind.

See the darkness go away

and let our visions clear our minds,



Opening into  p a n o r a m a s yet unseen,

the beauty in the World, ours to behold.

Let nothing interfere with our right to see

the depths of living in the soul of the Al mighty.



Build the b r i d g e to understanding

and cross it with compassion.

On the other side of life springs wisdom,

love, beauty and forgiven ess.



All mankind, hear our plea.

let go dark anchors in the mind,

"sail free on the winds of time"

and let our spirits soar enshrined



upon the Earth,

our planetary home, the World.

Now may we see the peace awaiting

the moment as we lay down our guard



and come to conference tables

all around the world,

and make treaties together,

the human sisters and their brothers.



The time is now,

Stop our madness and reason things out.

wise up to ourselves, practice The Words:

Forgiveness and Compassion.



This is what the Universe teaches.

remember what we forgot;

the wisdom of old

lives in our souls.



The nations which war

upon others with vengeance,

exchange your deaths into peace NOW

come on, just DO it.



O it can't happen?

The salons of hatred

go down to their doom.

Remember the Romans.



War and history link humanity from

one succeeding war after another,

battles fought for territory,

and civilization annihiLated.

 P E A C E   L O V E   &    W I S D O M 


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