PLW Dedication


There is a beauty in the world
where every life is now unfurled.
Watch the trees, and every leaf
as it glistens in sunshine.

What before that was a tree
with trunk and leaves,
now are thousands of dazzling
leaves glitterting in the sun

soothing our eyes with green-white light.
O there is a beauty in the world
when reflections maneuver in the water
where colors light our lives.

From the earth, hills arise
as mountains go up still higher
into the wilderness to climb
and reach the peaks and sigh,

the beauty all around us,
the land, the shapes, the green,
each wildflower, where once we passed
it like a weed, now is full of color.

Between God and Man is trust
enshrined in living hope and love.
The food we eat God gave to us
and should be clean and wholesome.

Let's take a walk to eternity
the healing of the earth is me,
and youth is the hope and the future
in time, come take a walk with me.

Let God be our guide
to rise on high
the heavens are opened
with life enshrined

The beauty of life unfolds each day
to nourish and nurture our hearts each way
Let the life divine enshrine our souls
God is the way that truth abounds.

Lest no one forget our world is young
when measured from eternity,
we are a civilization evolving
to a higher purpose, O know this now.

People of Earth, arise as one humanity
and raise your voices to a higher standard
the one where choirs sing within the mind
and everyone goes to sleep in peace

filled with life abundant.
O can you see the life divine
planted in this soul of mine,
And I am you, and we are one

Our noble human family.
O hear the choirs sing such songs
they shake foundations off the Earth,
the world is yours and mine to know.

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