Peace, Love & Wisdom - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

L I V E   B Y   O U R   W O R D S

Live by our Words,
they set us free,
live a life exemplary.
Abide by our conscience
and be in ecstasy.

Life may have its ups and downs
there's time for joy and sorrow,
yet live each moment
with such a thrill
and do not care about tomorrow.

When it comes we will be ready
to sing the day all through,
each moment is an instant
in the time-frame of eternity,
live it fully, and be renewed.

"Be we transformed by the renewal of our minds",
this means: change our thinking and evolve.
it is our birthright to know this so,
remain in Truth, compassionate and kind
and along all paths our lives will flow.

Raise consciousness to the highest power,
this may be done through deep reflection,
study, read, acquire knowledge,
watch eternity in the flower
and reach inside our inner visions.

Within each human mind there dwells a spirit,
that place where life is born to be alive,
nurture our gifts, it is ours to keep,
In love and Truth we will always thrive,
and what we sow, we reap.

Give us this day our daily bread,
and lead us not into temptation,
for thine is the kingdom and glory forever, amen.
keep these thoughts within our heads
and we'll know creation.

Today is the first day in our lives
Each moment is here, right now, enjoy it,
no matter what we do, great or small,
this is a great world, be wise,
rise high, love God, stand tall.

Be proud to be alive, this is God's life now,
and we are seeing into the depths of things
with God's eyes, and our own, they are one,
Open our mouths, cry out and sing
dance, move around, hey, life is fun.

Free our spirits into the universe,
Soar with the condors in our minds,
We are free to think great thoughts
and to love our ancient humankind,
drink from the well of life, drink deep draughts.

And feel that deep down feeling how wonderful
it is to be alive, the air around us, the beauty
of being true to oneself, to love life so much until
we can not stand it anymore
and fall down weeping, crying to the core.

How magnificent it is to be living in the world
in this time and age, at the pinnacle of years
As our century draws to a close, a new millennium
dawns on humankind, we rush with tears
headlong into the future as we are hurled

Into the next epoch, knowing not the outcome,
yet we create the future from the present,
and will we come to peace at last?
If we create the future by renewing our thinking
then all the wars in histories are done.

It's up to us to make this so,
nothing happens by itself.
If we can make the gardens grow
then we can make a peace to last
ten thousand generations and end our woes.

Why not? As technology progresses,
in the wrong hands police will get real tough,
Is this what we want, more or less
to be controlled by others, they will get rough
I promise this is the way the world can go.

Thus it is up to us, people of the world
to reach out to our leaders, friends and citizens,
we have a chance right now to come to peace,
be free, be still, and know God whirls
through every heart, may love increase

In such proportion, we will have no option
but to make our leaders find the way,
through vision and wise diplomacy
to bring belligerents to tables,
and sign treaty after treaty after treaty.

If this is what it takes, it's worth the price,
God made the world to grow up wise
only we are the ones who messed it up
NOW's the time to fix it, once and for all,
so the world will sleep in peace each night.

"What", you say? "This is impossible.
you, poet, you are crazy, too much idealism.
no one can change the world
in just a few years, there are conflicts
unresolved today, and terrorism."

We are at war with the human soul
mighty armies against the innocents.
This has gone on for thousands of years.
I submit we must look at the Whole,
let go of our guns and fears.

What finer time throughout the ages
than at the end of the 20th century,
at the dawn of a new millennium,
and the time Humans sat down with themselves
thrashing through the pages.

No peace can be perfected without practice,
it may take a hundred years in time
Education is the key to wisdom,
and money is the key, the bottom line,
not world government but a government of the world.

By agreement of all nations not to wage war
but to raise wages by free trade,
as wealth grows so does the infrastructure,
this is one planet, one people, one opportunity
and worldwide freedom shall be made

Let's do it now, what's there to lose
but war, enmity and strife,
this is the moment we can choose
to bring freedom to the world
imprison much of life.

The wealthy nations have such power
they can make such treaties
to freely trade and form a union
with so much know-how they can shower
the world with money money seeds.

Think upon impoverished peoples
all around the world.
Can we go happily into dreams at night
knowing our human brethren, feeble
and hungry, cry themselves to sleep.

Millions of children on the Earth,
malnourished and very ill.
Is there no such thing as a conscience
of a world which builds up arms
while dead children stink in landfills?

Now comes that word compassion
out from the depths of our pain.
Listen carefully folks, this is our world,
raise our levels of passion
and feel with our hearts and brains.

For we have a dichotomy on Earth,
the wealth is not fairly distributed.
Make changes now for the better
or else life as we know it
will become mighty prohibited.

The downtrodden, the disenfranchised
speak out to the world in this poem,
can we hear their voices crying out
in a world so cruel, we're alone,
hurting badly, as a poet, I shout

Loud, at the peak of my voice,
People of the world, know what's true,
Several billion people have no choice
each day, it could be me or you,
abundance is ours by sharing.

If we put our heads in the ground
and only give the minimal caring
starvation gets worse, sickness expands,
hear the cries of Earth, hear the sound,
and we have their deaths in our hands.

Raise compassion from our hearts
to feel the depths of suffering,
only then may we test our resolve
to do something great and smart,
it is time for us to get involved.

Listen to the cries of children
all around our planet Earth
their souls reach out for affection,
can we simply dance in mirth
while they die of a painful infection?

The great countries possess enough
resources to send their soldiers to help
the abject poor, the starving millions
instead of building more war machines
by taxing citizens in billions.

Ah, you say, we must protect ourselves,
against some hidden enemy.
The only enemy known to man
is pestilence, ignorance and poverty.
Let us change now - and we can!

Brute forces rule some countries
with suspicious minds and greed,
the few have all the money
while the population grieves.
And what an awesome sham.

The poor get poorer, the rich get richer
and in between we work much harder
this division ultimately brings
precious little to our larders
and makes some despot King.

Dictatorships rule with vengeance
and suck the blood of people
right up into golden coffers,
through madmen's power and control
and church bells ring from steeples.

There is little justice in a world
where reactionary forces rule,
humankind awaken from your sleep,
change the world and bring the peace,
or we'll die like fools.

Compassion is the word to spell
C O M P A S S I O N,
a word so beautiful did we forget
its sound, the meaning, the practice
for it will heal the Earth and make it well.

Compassion abides within the heart,
the word that Jesus taught to humankind.
No word speaks out so loud
except its sister LOVE , and GOD above,
Compassion is the gift to human minds.

And to anyone who laughs
and calls this "bleeding heart",
I say, awaken up your conscience
and feel what it is to suffer deeply,
wise up, and grow real smart.

For pain racks the world every day,
billions cry out in the wilderness.
Do you think we can pretend this away
when cruel policies stalk the earth,
and dying people wail so hard in sadness.

No, COMPASSION is the word to know,
listen hard, expand our consciousness.
Back up our words with deeds, bring hope,
millions slaughtered is a human crime
so great the scope in modern history and time.

Reach beyond self-centered lives and give
from our hearts and pocketbooks,
Governments awaken to the greater good,
Around the world our satellites can take a look,
let's do what's right so life may live.

Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers,
children of the world cry out,
many go to sleep without their food,
May we hear their voices shout?
Not to listen, not to act, O God, that's mighty rude.

Let us help the needy people in the world
once and for all,
we know how to get the water,
we know how to build the houses,
we know how to grow the agriculture.

"O, the stock-market will fall,
Economics prove we cannot do it."
When I hear such arguments, I gall.
How dare we be so blind
that we do not help our humankind.

Remember compassion, it makes one wise,
only when the world shall come to peace
all people shall to their creator rise
and reach a greater understanding
in truth, in righteousness.

Be we transformed by the renewal of our minds,
Change our thinking for the better,
the world is a place so beautiful, it makes one cry,
make treaties, chapter, verse and letter,
so that peace on Earth we'll find.

The Earth with her meadows and streams
in time shall grow wholesome again
Where women and men can manifest dreams
and the world evolves to a higher place,
O God, please tell us when, O when.

When can the world be free of crime
and poverty vanishes into history?
When can we educate all children
to the highest good and glory
and this poem can cease its rhyme?

May we now rise high in consciousness
and meditate upon these facts
we have the power to change the world
for good, for peace, for one and all,
Let us now just act.

Distribute Love throughout the Earth
and our money too,
Raise our levels of compassion
to encompass the many, not the few,
O hear this plea, it's so impassioned.

We are one planet, a Human race
and we are responsible,
Stand up, get off of our asses
Bring peace to the world, real peace,
and true love to the masses.

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