Peace, Love & Wisdom - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

N O W   I S   T H E   T I M E   T O   A W A K E N

Time is now to wake up reality
a new dawn is coming here on Earth,
when humanity casts out its shackles
of hatred and greed and enmity.

And those who love money
more than anything in life
and will kill to attain it
or murder to save it,

I speak Truth; the Earth is so great
it brings abundance to all
as we work together in harmony
we share in the wealth of our labors.

No, No, I speak not of "Isms"
and communal systems
I ask that we liberate our consciousness
to include all in Earth's vast riches.

All peoples, by definition,
are included in the human family
what happens to you, touches on me
have we forgotten our sensitivity?

Then reach out as one
united front of Mankind
and touch the lives of those who starve
and hold them close within our arms

Share the treasures of the world
with those who toil and grow old
succor those who do not have
what we hold in bank accounts.

Open up our hearts as one
and give to others, who are poor
come one, and all, now together
because we give it to our brothers, sisters.

The human family is one huge organism
made up of all the races known to Man.
No longer it "us" and "them",
but they are we, and we are one.

You don't believe this?
Then gaze up to the sky
is this not all the same air
we breathe in life?

Do not all human hearts
beat as one vast clock on earth,
in the blood of harmony?
Wake up and feel our common roots.

Rise up from selfish cares
and beat our hearts with our humanity,
we are one people, no matter what
our color, creed, politics, religion.

And for those who hate
I tell you now, and for all
there is no worse fate
then to die a living hell

on earth, in your own opinion
and narrow-minded views,
looking out of your tiny box
yes, may I tell you great news.

It is possible to liberate our minds
in one lifetime and leap out
of dead consciousness into the light
of human understanding,

wisdom unfolds to those who watch
humanity rise in all its beauty,
O touch the human heart with glory
in the eyes of God's beholder.

We are made of the stuff
the Universe is made,
could there be no other?
Call it God, or what you will,

We are all the same flesh,
the same bones,
real red blood flows
through our common veins.

Think this not so?
and be elite, superior?
because you have money
or social position?

Think again, no matter
what our lot in life,
whether rich or poor
or in between, we are each other's

reflections in our human eyes
as we gaze deep into our souls
and weep as one humanity
for the loss of love and reason.

Open our eyes to the greater beauty
our human family as one
great civilization in creation,
and stop our wars, our bickering,

awaken to our higher purpose
to bring peace on Earth
to all men, women
and children first.

Can we not feel our plea?
we peoples of the world want peace
lay down our stupid arms
that harm, or maim, and kill.

Is that what business wants
to build weapons of destruction
so that investors may smile
and watch the heights of bottom lines?

Can we not exchange gun factories
for peace, and employ the same people
to make tools for earth and space,
and build for the future, the human race

as it climbs toward the stars
in the centuries coming?
Do we have to kill each other first
to make a lasting peace on Earth?

And from what deep down hatred
does war spring, to kill the enemy,
the mothers and children.
When war kills, we kill ourselves.

For everyone dies in the fight
in some manner, form or shape.
War is war, no matter who wins
or loses, souls die in clouds of doom.

For whoever perishes in war
their deaths are felt around the world.
For those who have hearts to feel,
war is callous, cold, so very cruel.

The guilty kill the innocents
those who perpetrate such crimes
against humanity, to steal the land
and impose another culture.

Insane reasoning rules the ways
where warfare crushes souls away,
think deep about the millions killed
all through bloody history.

War upon war after war,
battles fought for territory,
influence, power and control
the madness in the military

as it arms the soldiers for genocide.
Think of Hitler in our time
and our blood boils over
each ghastly look at our century.

Those who fight terrible wars,
we know who you are.
Where does it stop?
Well, at the conference table.

Because sadly it takes war
to force belligerent nations to peace.
Now open up your hearts
and make war cease.

So easy to say, so hard to do
what can words accomplish
no sword can do
but to strike deep into our souls

So this poem is warfare
against all war,
let words be the weapons
to lift despair

they're cheap and abundant
better than bullets I cry;
make no mistake, I take my aim
and hit the bulls-eye

straight between the eyes
of human consciousness
take head of my gun
as I pull the trigger

and unleash the forces of love instead
right into the densest heads,
of warring factions,
who grovel in age-old hatreds,

your ancient crimes,
your old blood-feuds
which kill the very life blood
of your nations.

And now I do the greatest deed
I ignite my missiles from my heart
and take them on a trajectory
right into a fresh new start.

Let's bomb unconsciousness
off the earth,
unleash atomic poetry instead
where dead men used to live.

Heed these words
as I lift off my jet-fueled fighters,
I travel between continents
striking deep inside your heads,

with love and reason,
not death and power,
with life and wisdom,
not napalm showers.

Hear my land mind
consciousness explode
upon the scene:
Awaken to your destiny.

And feel the force of God
reign down upon the Earth,
through physics, science,
outer space discoveries.

Spectrums in the void
reveal secrets of the heavens
astronomers are the peace makers
because they watch the stars.

Be like the stargazers
and open up your inner telescopes
and expand your gaze
around creation.

In the mind's HIGHMOST observations
will be found the secrets to all time.
Innate intelligence abounds
just look around

On Earth and the heavens
and see our milky way unfold
through time's vast wilderness
and watch the mountains grow.

And remember what we all forget,
our planet has a molten core
hot as the sun, it comes up from below
and forces out lava through volcanoes.

Ponder deep below the ground
to Earth's molten center
for here is life upon our world
Listen to the sound.

The rumbles underground
and the noises in our brains
There is a molten core
deep within the human heart.

O hear it now, cry out for peace
the peace surpassing understanding,
that inner peace, where quiet is
to find God's life and lease.

For we are loaned to our lifetime,
and leased to our bodies
and when the lease is up
God takes us past the stars

not to the heaven painted by the masters
where angels play, opening up the gates
but to the consciousness we created
in our earthly lives, we have in store

the riches of the universe,
the afterlife, the death, re-birth of souls
or the transformation of our energy
to something new, I know not what.

But just remember the greatest fact
is what we do and what we think
determines what we become in life
and creates the final act.

If we were to ask ourselves right now
what did we DO in our lives
that brought a greater world to Earth,
then we would know, and we may rest.

But for those who live a life of greed
and animosity, the fiercest gaze
cannot erase your horrid deeds
and God will judge you in due time.

So from the vantage point of life
think deep upon our pasts.
If there is something to correct, forgive,
then do it before the breath that's last.

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