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Photograph © 2004 by Paul Lloyd Warner

Beloved Soul,
You are my universe,
You bring me stars to love
And a heart filled with light,
I am your passion as you are my reflection.

Your sounds filter through my hearing,
I listen to your meadows, birds and streams.
I am that music through which you chant
your nature into my soul while it pours
back to you through my fingertips.

Behold your beauty in my eyes,
You spark my dark, illuminate the treasure
Deep within, and O what love you bring up
From my well, it impacts my whole being
As I mirror yours.

A voice calls out from faraway,
It is intelligent and speaks your name,
Yet I hear it from deep within me
And recognize it as my own,
O Beloved Soul, how you connect me.

In a water reflection, light moves
In silent waves, it bends and curves
Through time each split-second
In my sight and whispers truths
Not spoken yet.  Even eyes can hear.

See through visionary mind
And great mysteries are revealed.
No longer need I dream of you,
Here you are, my Beloved Soul,
Writing these words as I feel them.

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