The Global Dolphins


Sundown oceans sparkle, chop and ripple,
Waves wash water, Dolphins dream awake
All day listening to pulsing seas.
We hear Whales, cry our name, O human being.

(Whalese for "Families come, click and sound together.
Dolphin Alpha - "Greetings from afar, how fare you now?
Our waters don't taste good anymore."

"Ours are rotting too, human stench stinks it down,
Dolphin pals, we are gunked in wretched suffering."
"Affirmative, us too", Whales replied, "we cry out to you?"
"We see dead Dolphins piled up ashore and weep inside."

Sickened by man-made rotten liquids poisoning our seas,
The gust out from coastal waters, piped into our fishing zones.
Some of us swim ill, others sink away and die, we are heart sicked,
Humans have not figured out yet how to translate our languages.

We have been broadcasting for ocean years, but they do not hear
Our pleas to clean up the putrid land mess, it quarks our oceans
With slime and drick, we must swim out to sea, beyond home waters
Yet dangers lurk underwater - the renegade Orca gangs

Who patrol those waters for fish.  When we intrude they eat US instead.
Situation is horrifying, we must abandon ancient fishing zones,
Hoping to find empty waters not claimed by other colonies.
Humans fish the sea in those noisy ringing metallic boats,

Stinking waters with feces alien and human, it's cosmic awful.
There are fewer fishing grounds now that people have emptied the seas
With fearful nets that sometime ensnare us insidiously, drowning us alive.
We complain, surely there must be Humans who understand our plight.

Isn't there anyone who can translate Atlantic Bottlenosese into language?
Is there any person in the world who hears these dolphins crying
In their deep most hearing?  Don't we know Dolphins are person's too?
We feel deeply about our water nature and want Humans to know we do.

Yet, if human people listen to our language, are they smart enough
To make it clear in human speech?  We hear them talk, it makes sense.
We gaze at them and understand their gestures.  Their movements
Are obvious, we laugh with rapture when they show us their awkwardness.

Are they a collective like sardines?  Do they swarm in numbers led by leader?
We hear them at night talk, raise their voices, there is anger sometimes,
We sense it in their gutturals when they scream words at each other.
And they play a music we hear, strange but haunting us, they seem intelligent

At times, they play with us in waters; we all cavort; humans obviously were not made
For swimming, they move about crazily, like scattered children, we laugh with them,
Joke around, antic ourselves, mimicking their vowels, but they don't respond.
Not really, not the way intelligent creatures do.  But they do seem smart.  Too smart.

If people were really intelligent, they would first analyze our sound utterances,
We pop and whistle frequencies, uttering rapid staccatos in bursts of splattered tones.
Coupled with our sonar soundings, we mix the two, pinging and sound-bursting
Interwoven with dolphinated vowels.  We talk and ping at the same time.

Our tones touch fellow-sister dolphin bodies, we ping each other and see inside,
We peer into their insides, O what fun to look inside our friends while speaking with them.
spraying back and forth the news of our colony.  It all happens quite fast, we click and go.
Click and move swiftly through the waters.  Heat of our bodies opens the space

Between our skin and the water, just a bit, and we glide our infinite sea with ease.
Dolphinating lovers kiss the oceans with their teeth, and then each other.
We fore play around between fishing, we live naturally free to be ourselves.
Delphin words dart around the deeps, spreading news from colony to colony.

We drum the sounds of life out into the distance which are heard by Dolphins faraway.
We hear of storms and wretched cyclones and go the other way.  O yes we do.
We do, we do, we flow through the waves like water while sparkling in sunlight.
Our skins glisten brightly, we exhale and deep breathe in and hold it, then go down

Into darkness and dine on fish, filleting sole with sharp bites, it's sooooo good,
Luscious tender flesh of fresh fish, the moment catching it is quintessential.
We eat in pleasure, jesting with our food, throwing live fish in the air,
Tossing and catching, crunching them up into small morsels we gulp down.

Ahhh, to eat meals at sea, the freshest seafood in the world is ours to catch,
We are ultimate fishers, we taste the waters and know what's lurking near,
Then rush into the swarms of fish after having swum around them in circles,
Rounding them up by design, a few of us is all it takes to coral them.

Then, plunging down in gusto, we lunge into the swell and swoop up with mouthfuls,
Crunching down, gulping, swallowing sweet meat "live" and whole, it's delicious
When we hightail it into remaining swarms, all of us gushing in delight, harnessing
The sea to our will, we are fast at fishing, trust us, we are masters indeed.

Now that's when we feast to our fullness, until we swallow no longer, bellies filled,
We play at random while digesting, take micro-bursts of sleep, hang out in water,
And chase a few friends around aquatic zones, we have fun most of the time.
In truth we sometimes get into spats and fight each other, we territorialize ourselves.

Rush around the bays, head out to sea, return, dive down deep, then thrust up,
Popping out into the air gleefully, doing acrobatics in the atmosphere
Before diving back into the waters only to jump up again, hour after hour.
We game and play our hearts out, then sleep at night and dream.

Dolphin dreams are quick and many, we sleep just below the surface, coming up
To breathe, then sway in the rhythms of calm waters under stars we count,
Lighting up the oceans with our minds, visioning the greater waters, thinking
About cosmic questions, pondering life as sentient beings, we are self-aware.

We splatter sound in rings around the ocean depths, hearing back the outer view,
We gaze into our sounds and listen to them return in tones we understand,
Instantaneous recognition, making out shapes of fish swarms, knowing precisely
Who's out there, what they are doing, and why.  There's little confusion.

We see sharks faraway, and Whales when they are near.  We go mad for Tuna
And when detecting them, we plot our course, making plans while rushing toward them.
They circle below in yellow tails, telltale signs of their behavior, we swim deeper,
Then surround them, cutting them off, charging into total carnage, they hate

To be eaten by us because they are so delectable, chunks of morsels, solid flesh
To chew on and angle down our throats, O luscious fish, Dolphin's delight.
This is where truth is for us, when dining on our favorite luminescent flesh, fleshing out sweet
Nectars from their bodies, swall0w them in pieces, washing down the freshest treats.

Here is our essence revealed, we love to fish and eat and languish on animals with tails,
Quivering morsels of just-caught sweetness, juicing out its waters, drinking a quintessence
Of fish flavors in fragrances of ecstasy, so succulent we thrive on these moments,
They keep us alive and healthy, energized with high vitality, we ARE Dolphin-Beings

And we know it wisely as only Dolphins dominate the upper waters, eating wildly
And playing mightily, hurrying down when food alerts broadcast through the voids,
Coming up to breathe, splattering around with our faces, quibbling in language
Only Dolphins know, calming our minds at times, seeing into truth alone.

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