From This Moment Now


Every instant, each split-second
From this moment now,
I refresh my soul in love
With the Infinite
As It breathes through me all my days.

Free to be alive and whole,
Life tinctures me with essence
And I am distilled in precious drops
Drop by drop into the holy vessel
That is mine.  I am infilled
Universal light beams in a flash,
Now, here, this instant, all seconds
Of living, with pure truth,
Each particle of itself a piece
Of the whole, in me, radiant,
Jeweled by creation, I am.

Receiving light, brilliant rays
Reach way inside and sparkle
Through my mind, flickering
Thoughts by thousands, wafting
In my brain, tingling me into ecstasy.

Behold beauty in high standard
Each wakeful moment, touched
By Beauty's light while illuminating
Petals back-lit in the sun.
Reflections dazzled in water,
Beautiful eyes that make me smile.

There is only beauty left - and that's what's real
To see with clear vision and magnify nature
In all her splendor and magnificence,
Watching farther into truth as I behold it
Picking out the pieces that work for me.

O God what beauty to bequeath myself,
The shadows in the flower struck with pure gold sight,
I am enthralled by nature's piquancy, her fragrance
As I inhale direct perfume as flowers speak out loud
Through my nose, filtered to that center in my mind
Where treasures are created in my inmost mind,
That place in me where roses scent their hues,
I fade into essential being - and I am reborn again.

O Beauty explodes throughout my being and I die
Micro-instants and become alive with mighty forces
Surging through my central core, I tingle,
Sometimes weeping at the majesty of all creation
As it greets my eyes between my blinking
And in between sheer looking, knowing, feeling whole
Seers the cores of me, I die again, only to be born anew
Every awesome second that Life brings to me.

I cry joy, wiping tears of beauty I behold when blossoms cherry.
Gardens glow in thought, opening senses to their full,
I am in rhythm with the universe gazing stars at night,
I leap by faith into the secrets of the stars, revealed
In such clarity, my eyes grow wide as telescopes
While hearing way beyond in vaster frequencies.

Our galaxy sparkles at midnight in black skies,
Feel pulsings in stars, they impact my thoughts
Quivering sensations course through core beliefs,
It's a continuum ever expanding where?
Into itself; Exalting visions go even higher places,
Think  - into galaxies, suns moons and planets,
Into worlds where imagination conjures life
On other worlds more advanced than mine.
Worlds alive in high ideals, civilizations so intuned
It is possible to comprehend the Whole
Take a deep breath and feel this moment as infinity.

Exhilarating isn't it?  To locate oneself correctly.
To think one can behold all dimensions in time right now,
Here, this split-second in eternity - Behold the mystery unveils,
Mind peers way far into existence, extrapolating more,
Space telescopes photograph the truth as it appears
Millions of lightyears ago and my Mind grasps it
In the instant of the image published for me to see.
I am enthralled to watch my precious universe filmed,
Blasted into computers, screened by eyes alive in wonder.

Ahh, to connect the picture with reality,
photos of galaxies so remote, humanity now views them
for the first time in human history,
extending the reach our vision farther to the edge of understanding.
A mighty revelation to the very mind conceiving size of time and space,
It awe inspires imagination to go where minds love to go,
Way beyond the visual, deeper into thought, where impulses arise,
Form impressions that jump into ideas that wake us up in a snap!!!!

God, it's good to ponder all creation in an instant,
It's positively charging to my system, I witness being caught between
Ultimate reality and  my own awareness, cogitating thinking in extremes.
The heavens and the atoms within my being,
making it happen, this instant!
I am the stars shining through me in time
at the fulcrum between macro and micro me, O wonderful just to be
at the threshold of all inspiring reality as I recognize its very existence,
Here, just now, instant by instant, frame by frame, actually right now!

May I see into the Infinite while it feels itself through me?
I am always at the threshold where my soul is one and whole.
I am enshrined in a divine radiance while reflecting back my all.
The farther I go envisioning, the deeper is Truth revealed to me,
Pure receiving of creation yields a broader comprehension
And it goes on and on and on abundantly as my soul is charged up
With universal energy, ever enlightening my mind to finer sights.

I am humbled in the light of universal truths and in awe of them,
Suffusing my being with positively charged particles, I am energized
By the very Life within me that is all Life,
the Universal whole, all creation,
Ever creating and re-creating itself each instant second in microbursts.
Intelligence supercharged by watching life unfold each single moment
The instant it occurs, it enthralls me into ecstasy, God, it's so great
To know myself so far within, I go beyond my mind
where higher thinking goes, where creation creates itself ever anew.

Just now, here, right now, it passes before our consciousness
In streams of thoughts unfolding, ever moving from one to another
In the awareness screen where my inner radar activates itself.
I witness my very own creation at the instant of creation.
Words trickle through my fingers like water filtering through stones,
Pure language flows into what's real as ideas birth into reality.

And I am whole and one with All there is.  I am proclaimed
By my own Divinity within and it serves me well to behold such beauty
To see with universal eyes and hear each cosmic sound.

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