The Miracle of Dolphins
The Ancient Greek Story of the Boy and the Dolphin
A Painting by Andrew Annenberg

A True Story From Greek History

Told From the Dolphin's Perspective

    A Dolphin juvenile went out to play.
    He was a renegade,
    A singular individual
    With a unique personality.

    Sure, he lolled with the herds
    And was not antisocial,
    Only it seemed that his pod
    Was slightly conservative.

    When he was free,
    He was his own Dolphin.
    His mother hated it when he'd stay
    Out at night all alone.

    But what would he do?
    Go discover a bay.
    It was there he spied
    The swimming Human child.

    The boy was fair and lightweight,
    One tenth the Dolphin's volume.
    Dolphin sound-waves clicked
    Boy's arm lengths splashing in fresh spume.

    "Maybe, I'll give the boy a ride",
    He thought, while darting his direction.
    Perhaps the boy will then decide
    to ride me safely in the ocean.

    "Well, let's see, I'll gain his trust
    by sort of laughing with him.
    I'll jump out a wave.
    A good response is a must."

    "Hey, the boy likes me.
    I'll just come to his side.
    O, that tickles my blowhole.
    I'll teach you the sea."

    "Let me come up from below
    Just underneath you.
    Kick your legs around my back.
    Hold on to my side."

    "Keep your head low,
    Don't worry, I'll give you air.
    I'll never take you down
    Until I know you are prepared."

    The boy shrieks with laughter,
    His skin feels so good.
    There's something of Humans
    A dolphin is after.

    The creature of land
    Meets the master of water.
    A fin with a hand
    Mates one kind with another.

    Dolphin-Person splashed around,
    Giggled chatters through the wind.
    "Go faster!", the boy cried.
    the Dolphin was surprised.

    They rushed around the inlet,
    Circle-sprayed the bay.
    Dolphin hesitated to plunge down deep.
    He was afraid.

    "I'll bring you back", the Dolphin cried,
    "This is your first over,
    not underwater ride.
    I've got you covered."

    The boy turned sorrowed,
    "Please don't let me go."
    "I'll come back tomorrow, I promise",
    "When?", the boy pined. "You'll know."

    Next day after school the boy
    Was swimming near the cay.
    Suddenly a Dolphin was whistling joy,
    Spying friend from yesterday.

    "Lucky you came", the child toned.
    Dolphin jumped, splattered and scurried.
    Two were joined back to stomach
    As they shot away in a hurry.

    "O Dolphin, I love you", cried the child.
    A love between two friends.
    "Even though you inhabit the wilds,
    Our love will never end."

    "Young Man", the Dolphin clicked and clattered,
    "Land is more wild than sea.
    We've seen your wars, your raging fires.
    Only Orca is our enemy."

    "Wished I understood you pops and whistles",
    Said the child below his breath.
    The Dolphin sensed the wording,
    his body was not deaf.

    Though the conversation was one-sided,
    Dolphin having slight advantage,
    they made up for it by touching, feeling,
    And signaling through body language.

    The mammal of the sea decided
    To teach the boy submergence.
    At first he dipped down slightly,
    Coming up full flipper to emerge.

    When the Dolphin heard his friend inhale,
    He plunged straight down five fathoms.
    Propelling swiftly with his tail,
    He touched light shallows on the bottom.

    And with an extra push he sped
    Right away to the surface.
    Both boy and Dolphin in one instance
    Took a breath and fled.

    "Whee!", sang the boy in vocal soprano.
    "You are Better than a person."
    The Dolphin raced with a crazed vertigo,
    Hither and thither all over the ocean.

    Dolphin tricks were quick and many,
    He taught the boy to hold on tight.
    Suddenly he leaped and twirled a zany whirl
    And came down straight with all his might.

    Boy fell off on impact,
    Screaming: "O What Fun!"
    "Next time let's come down intact,
    I'll take a breath, we'll run."

    Moments to a Dolphin
    Are hours to a boy.
    In between what happens
    Is absolutely joy.

    The child thought to himself inside,
    "I know I sound like a fool,
    But would you take me for a ride
    From home and back to school?"

    As with smarter species, Dolphin knew
    Boy's heart, his hopes and gist.
    "In the sun and rain I'll take you,
    In the fog and mist."

    The two had learned the art
    of feeling intuition.
    Never had two different mammals' hearts
    spoke a greater sounding mission.

    "I'll wait for you in morning waters,
    My mother will be mad."
    "So will mine", the boy inferred,
    "Together we'll be glad."

    What's the difference between
    "Delphin" and "Humane"?
    To see of not to see
    Down watery terrain.

    All the rest is much the same,
    Both get up in the mornings,
    Eat their breakfasts, fresh caught fish
    And calculate storm warnings.

    One has a hand,
    The other has a flipper.
    The creature living on the land
    Has both boat, a crew, and skipper.

    As the sails go up and down
    According to the weather,
    Humans dock in town,
    Dolphins hang in water.

    Between birth and death
    Are fathers, mothers,
    Progenitors who live by stealth,
    Each creating others.

    Boy and Dolphin every day
    Went back and forth to home.
    then the youngster passed away,
    And the Dolphin later, crying out - This Poem.

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