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The Global Dolphins

Oil painting by Andrew Annenberg

Detail from Oil Painting © 1983 by Andrew Annenberg


Sundown oceans sparkle, chop and ripple,
Waves wash water, Dolphins dream awake
All day listening to pulsing seas.
We hear Whales, cry our name, O human being.

(Whalese for "Families) come, click and sound together.
Dolphin Alpha - "Greetings from afar, how fare you now?
Our waters don't taste good anymore."

"Ours are rotting too, human stench stinks it down,
Dolphin pals, we are gunked in wretched suffering."
"Affirmative, us too", Whales replied, "we cry out to you?"
"We see dead Dolphins piled up ashore and weep inside."

Sickened by man-made rotten liquids poisoning our seas,
The gust out from coastal waters, piped into our fishing zones.
Some of us swim ill, others sink away and die, we are heart sicked,
Humans have not figured out yet how to translate our languages.

We have been broadcasting for ocean years, but they do not hear
Our pleas to clean up the putrid land mess, it quarks our oceans
With slime and drick, we must swim out to sea, beyond home waters
Yet dangers lurk underwater - the renegade Orca gangs

Who patrol those waters for fish.  When we intrude they eat US instead.
Situation is horrifying, we must abandon ancient fishing zones,
Hoping to find empty waters not claimed by other colonies.
Humans fish the sea in those noisy ringing metallic boats,

Stinking waters with feces alien and human, it's cosmic awful.
There are fewer fishing grounds now that people have emptied the seas
With fearful nets that sometime ensnare us insidiously, drowning us alive.
We complain, surely there must be Humans who understand our plight.

Isn't there anyone who can translate Atlantic Bottlenosese into language?
Is there any person in the world who hears these dolphins crying
In their deep most hearing?  Don't we know Dolphins are person's too?
We feel deeply about our water nature and want Humans to know we do.

Yet, if human people listen to our language, are they smart enough
To make it clear in human speech?  We hear them talk, it makes sense.
We gaze at them and understand their gestures.  Their movements
Are obvious, we laugh with rapture when they show us their awkwardness.

Are they a collective like sardines?  Do they swarm in numbers led by leader?
We hear them at night talk, raise their voices, there is anger sometimes,
We sense it in their gutturals when they scream words at each other.
And they play a music we hear, strange but haunting us, they seem intelligent

At times, they play with us in waters; we all cavort; humans obviously were not made
For swimming, they move about crazily, like scattered children, we laugh with them,
Joke around, antic ourselves, mimicking their vowels, but they don't respond.
Not really, not the way intelligent creatures do.  But they do seem smart.  Too smart.

If people were really intelligent, they would first analyze our sound utterances,
We pop and whistle frequencies, uttering rapid staccatos in bursts of splattered tones.
Coupled with our sonar soundings, we mix the two, pinging and sound-bursting
Interwoven with dolphinated vowels.  We talk and ping at the same time.

Our tones touch fellow-sister dolphin bodies, we ping each other and see inside,
We peer into their insides, O what fun to look inside our friends while speaking with them.
spraying back and forth the news of our colony.  It all happens quite fast, we click and go.
Click and move swiftly through the waters.  Heat of our bodies opens the space

Between our skin and the water, just a bit, and we glide our infinite sea with ease.
Dolphinating lovers kiss the oceans with their teeth, and then each other.
We fore play around between fishing, we live naturally free to be ourselves.
Delphin words dart around the deeps, spreading news from colony to colony.

We drum the sounds of life out into the distance which are heard by Dolphins faraway.
We hear of storms and wretched cyclones and go the other way.  O yes we do.
We do, we do, we flow through the waves like water while sparkling in sunlight.
Our skins glisten brightly, we exhale and deep breathe in and hold it, then go down

Into darkness and dine on fish, filleting sole with sharp bites, it's sooooo good,
Luscious tender flesh of fresh fish, the moment catching it is quintessential.
We eat in pleasure, jesting with our food, throwing live fish in the air,
Tossing and catching, crunching them up into small morsels we gulp down.

Ahhh, to eat meals at sea, the freshest seafood in the world is ours to catch,
We are ultimate fishers, we taste the waters and know what's lurking near,
Then rush into the swarms of fish after having swum around them in circles,
Rounding them up by design, a few of us is all it takes to coral them.

Then, plunging down in gusto, we lunge into the swell and swoop up with mouthfuls,
Crunching down, gulping, swallowing sweet meat "live" and whole, it's delicious
When we hightail it into remaining swarms, all of us gushing in delight, harnessing
The sea to our will, we are fast at fishing, trust us, we are masters indeed.

Now that's when we feast to our fullness, until we swallow no longer, bellies filled,
We play at random while digesting, take micro-bursts of sleep, hang out in water,
And chase a few friends around aquatic zones, we have fun most of the time.
In truth we sometimes get into spats and fight each other, we territorialize ourselves.

Rush around the bays, head out to sea, return, dive down deep, then thrust up,
Popping out into the air gleefully, doing acrobatics in the atmosphere
Before diving back into the waters only to jump up again, hour after hour.
We game and play our hearts out, then sleep at night and dream.

Dolphin dreams are quick and many, we sleep just below the surface, coming up
To breathe, then sway in the rhythms of calm waters under stars we count,
Lighting up the oceans with our minds, visioning the greater waters, thinking
About cosmic questions, pondering life as sentient beings, we are self-aware.

We splatter sound in rings around the ocean depths, hearing back the outer view,
We gaze into our sounds and listen to them return in tones we understand,
Instantaneous recognition, making out shapes of fish swarms, knowing precisely
Who's out there, what they are doing, and why.  There's little confusion.

We see sharks faraway, and Whales when they are near.  We go mad for Tuna
And when detecting them, we plot our course, making plans while rushing toward them.
They circle below in yellow tails, telltale signs of their behavior, we swim deeper,
Then surround them, cutting them off, charging into total carnage, they hate

To be eaten by us because they are so delectable, chunks of morsels, solid flesh
To chew on and angle down our throats, O luscious fish, Dolphin's delight.
This is where truth is for us, when dining on our favorite luminescent flesh, fleshing out sweet
Nectars from their bodies, swallow them in pieces, washing down the freshest treats.

Here is our essence revealed, we love to fish and eat and languish on animals with tails,
Quivering morsels of just-caught sweetness, juicing out its waters, drinking a quintessence
Of fish flavors in fragrances of ecstasy, so succulent we thrive on these moments,
They keep us alive and healthy, energized with high vitality, we ARE Dolphin-Beings

And we know it wisely as only Dolphins dominate the upper waters, eating wildly
And playing mightily, hurrying down when food alerts broadcast through the voids,
Coming up to breathe, splattering around with our faces, quibbling in language
Only Dolphins know, calming our minds at times, seeing into truth alone.

We are the Dolphins in the deeps, creatures of aqua, whose minds sparkle down below
Looking into distances unknown and flushing out forms to see within our inmost minds.
We are Dolphins throughout all oceans, speaking here to Man, beings of the lands,
We meander toward the edge, near beaches walked by humans, and we see faraway

Into your infinite world, the edge of your lands, and mountains beyond, high coasts,
And clusters of human gatherings so vast, there are no counts accurate enough
To estimate the Human members, we guess into huge numbers impossible to fathom,
Wondering about them, worrying about their weird mechanicals, those jet birds of noise,

Ships so large, they're far bigger than the hugest whale, these monsters of power,
Ocean going hulls, reflecting back an awful sound of fury, gurgling swells of swill
Into their wake as nearby waters churn ugly sounds whirring piercing tones
Into our hearts, hey pals, let's spring out of here, getaway from the menacing menship.

It grinds noise into our minds we cannot stand to hear sometimes, it swims crazily
Through our brains like scratchings squelching out loud, belching out huge squarts.
I hate the big ships and those marine sub attacks shooting burstbombs at each other.
They stench the oceans with their sounds are grinding screechings in metallic growls.

Rush away colony, we came too near to their command, getaway Dolphins, don't go close
Or you'll have your tail cut off and you'll fall to your deaths.
Human Being, human being, listen here this moment, hear your Dolphins fleeing
From your danger.  You fascinate and fear.  Who are you to exude into clean waters?

But you go away finally, only to return again, then leave once more, what on land do you do?
Those tall habitations?  Up and down you go, we swim in your cities, just to the edge and listen.
Those utterings out your mouths, what do they say, we surmise their meanings mostly,
We think, but you are mysterious, beguiling, we wonder of you, what is your world of lands?

Mother Dolphin rounds up her straying juvenile, he's getting close to shore,
Dolphinesque whistles penetrate the surface, the young dolphin is netted by her voice,
Come now, getaway from the sands, you're too close, you'll get caught, get back here!
He sniffs around and arcs back, tunneling underwater, returning to her side,

She brushes him with her tail, warning him not to return, there's bad in their unknown.
Be free with us, your mother and paternal soul, we are your trainers, watch us and follow,
Come out to see, let's find some fish to eat before sundown, so we can rest tonight
Before navigating northward on the morn.  Stay close to the colony tonight, rest down.

In daylight, they swim ancient routes inborn into their culture, heading toward summer
Fishing zones where plenty awaits to dine on day and night, O soon we feast again,
Hey watch out for the swarm of jellyfish, there are sharks around, talk loud, keep them away.
We are hearing soundings of yellowtail from distant colonies, the waters are brewing

With mysteries revealed, they're churning with clusters of hungry fish who are dining on krill
And we are sneaking up on them, quivering through the waters, stealthily, in hot pursuit,
Angling their direction, moving in sheer accuracy toward the inevitable goal, stuffing mouths
With thirst-quenching juicy fish strained of their essences,

Drunk into our stomach, splashed out of their sole and into our bodies,
Nurturing ourselves with food, happiest when dining
With only one exception, of course: mating, then mating again,
Birthing young Dolphins into LIFE, taking them under our fins.

Ahh to be an Bottlenose Dolphin in the open ocean is a joy to jump up for.
There's so much to being alive at all times, it's a conscious act to be dolphined.
We move through seas, making funnels in the waters where we glide through,
Squealing rapidited echoes and echoes, locating the place where fish do swim.

Oceans chasms reveal themselves below, our sonar waves reach and bounce back
In aquavision, we splatter sonics all around wise zones where Dolphins sing
Delphin melodics on broader scales, calculating all at once the speed, direction,
Species, gender and health level of a potential meal or of seething Swordfish

Frothing faraway, gathering their meals wretchedly, floundering like haddock.
Sometimes we charm our way into such greed scenes, yet this moment not,
We speak on altered frequencies reaching higher into consciousness,
We are the Dolphins in the seas, and we talk mighty blowholes, amplified sonorously.

We ping our tones below, around, down toward bottom.  When our pinging reaches
Objects, they reflects back to our hearing and we time the return accurately,
Witnessing whatever goes on in our area, guarding our depths, protecting the young,
We are wise ones from the waters, reaching out to Man and Woman, O hear our song.

Listen to our frequencies go out, echoing echoes back into our minds - we see
What we hear, it impinges our skin, we are reflecting pinging creatures
Communicating ourselves through world's oceans, global Dolphins consciously aware
Minds glitter in the water while the sparkling lights of stars impact our Dolphin race.

Masters of the waters, our minds see ahead, above, below, behind, around aquatic zones.
We are masters of the deeps when it comes to witnessing the oceans each dolphin second,
Recording in thought, all that occurs.  A complex mind of untold calculations as we see
Into our infinity, oceans so vast we map the surface below to navigate very far away.

Should a human jump into water and we were to ping them with communications systems,
Omnidirectional Sonar blasts splattered pinging sounds, squawking staccatos aimed at us
Returns our shape, our size, our density, inside guts and states of health, humans would be
Surprised to know we diagnose them through transparent sonar, gazing inside of them

As naturally as when we gaze into each other, hear our bodies ping back to each other,
They automatically cause images to form in our minds while looking macroscopically.
We also have a speaking voice, sound-ideas uttered through our blowholes, corresponding
To human mouths and noses, only more advanced and usable.  We know the art of soundings.

We hear whales cry our names as they pass through our waters along ancient navigation routes.
Some amplify at magnitudes far greater than any Dolphin.  Deep diving Cachelots map ocean floors,
Scouring for giant squid, yet we have advantage - roving towns of Dolphins moving swiftly
Through the waves, arcing in a sec., switching trails, focusing our minds, tunneling through water.

We're A W E S O M E Beings, human beings, more than you can understand.  We surpass you
In natural communication skills yet lack your firepower, you the murders and greedy killers.
We have seen your wars, your submersive vessels, watch your rockets rise volcanic powers to the sky.
You bring destruction often, your nets are cast wide, very wide into our territories.

You rape our waters of everything good to eat, forcing us to move on into other dolphin's waters.
You know not what you do, human beings, you know not of our sufferings, our hurried sorties
Into friendly waters to steal fish from our neighboring colonies.  Yet we learn to share in a way,
Often forming gigantic colonies of a million dolphins or more.  Collective entities of dolphins

Possess collective powers far beyond human imaginings, we look into azure and see infinitely,
Talking across sonar patterns sensibly, communicating in great numbers, pooling information,
Broadcasting common news and information and real rules for living in a collective of colonies.
A Dolphin nation of individual beings uttering current soundings and sharing past histories.

Remarkable clarity in Dolphin thinking - we speak and ping reflections of our sounds simultaneously.
All these sounds snap into meaning instantaneously and we tingle with accumulating knowledge,
Increasing to ever fast velocities as we move deftly in aquatic azure, listening to each other.
The speed at which we speak in tones beyond the range of human hearing is vastly superior.

We listen to your pathetic pingings from metallic submarines, yikes, it's bloody awful
Getting caught in your sounds, being seen by your machines.  We cannot interact with your pings,
They speak languages unknown to us, cold, hard, mathematical, foretelling doom and war.
And your fishing boats is a joke, those sonar blasts are crude ways to catch fish.

You would do better to learn from us, yet if we were to teach your our ways, ultimately you might
Use them against us one day, and we'd be in the squeaks again, no thank you, humanity,
You gotta catch us and put us up in your "aqua-prisons.  O we know about them, we hear friends call us in the evenings above cemented walls into the air and range of our physical hearing. 

It's sad to hear their tales sometimes.  "They force us to do tricks for them and yet they will not learn from us."  They think we're smart, but not as smart as them.  Then they feed us dead fish to pay us back for our favors so that a bunch of people are seated as onlookers, watching us jump through hoops.
Well, we love to have fun and if you can get paid for it by always having fish, hey, it's OK,

At least we can teach people about us.  We watch them look, some from curiosity, others wisely,
Some ignorant, and others too worrisome to bother about and we do talk to our trainers,
The smart ones who understand us.  We get to swim with them and get to love them,
There's something of dolphins humans are after, it's a vast world they live in.  Sometimes we fly.

Placed in human material, we are hoisted by forklifts into airplanes where we hang in water
While we lift up into air we feel pressure changes, lighter - higher, sedated.  Humans in the wild
Are unique like us.  We feel radio signals pulsate through our bodies, its uncomfortable.
Yet we endure the ride only to be placed in unfamiliar aquaprisons, having to ping off cement.  Yuck.

Imprisoned, it means we cannot engage far sonar readings.  We are forced to sound into small environments, it is limiting to our senses, after awhile we adjust to survive.   Human trainers hold us,
Touch our skins, sometimes lovingly.  We feel great love for certain humans, the ones who respect us
For what we are, amazing ocean creatures who rule aquatic worlds with whales and Orcas.

We are the dolphins of the sea.  Mighty fishers of the deeps.  Deep-sea fishing is our game sometimes,
And boy, we have you beat.  Just rush down to a field of undulating fish, waiting to be caught,
Sweet, succulent tiny creatures, swallowed en masse by our mouths, swallowed to perfection.
Our means sometimes tingle delectable when choice morsels roam the sea, only to be eaten whole.

That's what we do, just fish and eat, eat and fish, breathe and sleep, play and creep through the seas
Like lightning flashing underwater.  We spark the darkness with our minds, so fertile, that if you were to go inside and see what we see, you may be humbled, human beings, by our range of intellect.
We possess the wisdom of the oceans, ancient knowledge gets passed throughout the generations.

Our dolphinated heritage sweeps vast across our minds with linkages between our colonies and clans.
There exists a wisdom in the waters where our hearing eyes and sonar meets the thinking process.
Oceans tell a vaster story, dear Humanity, they go farther, deeper, wider, steeper where millions
Of species live at every level, from the surface to the deepest depths and everything in between.

Our tales go back in time when humans did not steal from us, a time when there was plenty,
When our waters were not putrefied by man, when it was freshly clean and extra salty, briny seas
Rushed waves around us in a rich mixture of aqua-nutrients that supercharged us to vitality.
We were stronger then, and moved about the seas triumphantly, Orcas needed not to eat us,

There was plenty for all, a soup of fresh fish swimming in a liquid compound that nourished us completely, we ruled the oceans with primality, muscular dolphins searched the sea for chunks
Of fish flesh, snuck through teeth, into our stomachs, luscious lucid freshest pieces of succulence
Sharked through our mouths, giving us total strength to dive deep and search for grazing morsels,

Circling through the seas in huge quantities, enough for an entire colony to eat.  Our scouts call out to our pod, quick, come, follow our vocals to us now to feast upon a thousand tuna, chomping off a whole side in a single gulp while writhing flesh oozes down our throats into pure digestion, O it's sweet to taste scrumptious fish, we love fishing, it's our favorite sport.

Listen to our soundings, humans, the sea is vast and deep.  Now you're placing noisiness in our oceans.
We hear low, loud frequencies zoom throughout the void and it's woefully disturbing.  We HATE it!
Junk sounds permeate streams of conscious being, we hear your ugly zoundings swoop us up,
Our flesh quakes, we pulsate with man-made sonicals that positively harm us.  Watch out, humans,

You go too far in our ocean conquest.  If you kill us noisily, and whales too, you destroy the world.
We safeguard oceans with keen intelligences.  We sweep the seas, thinking all the while about procreation, food and play.  We are your Dolphins in the waters and we create your future with you
once we all communicate on higher planes.  O yes, human beings, our reckoning is near.

We are smart and savvy, clear and calm, philosophers of the deeps, we know some things
Below the ocean bottoms you ought to know, where earthquakes rumble terror stricken.
There's heat below the ocean's floor, volcanic vents with sulfurous fumes bursting into water's depths.
There's dangers down below, the place where oceans shift and sway in the mighty oceanic rhythms.

Below even that to where fires burn in quantity, stressing ocean floors, forming sudden cracks
And mountains on the ocean floors.  Sometimes we hear below where groundings murmur in the deeps far down below where only whales do amplify the underground currents and plot trajectory
Down tectonic plates where continental shelves move against each other, squeezing space in pressures

Immense so one is squished to nothing, vanished in the deepest deeps forever, without trace,
Where Dusky Dolphins go when swimming into caves swallowing them through channels to the death.
Don't go there, yet be warned, O Human Being, Earth shifts and we sure trust you have instruments
To measure continental drift.  Earth shakes and we feel the waters warble electric-like.

Just stop your rumblings in the seas, human beings, they disturb our peace, we are intelligent!
We know of what you're doing.  You loud sonicals screech teachings to our hearing, not good,
Bad teachings snouted out loud through poisonous tones.  They hurt our hearings, others too.
Not good for oceans, trust us, humans, you putrefy our waters with death-killing sounds,

Internal organs group together, quiver, we clam up when we hear your evil undertones, they stink
Oceans with alarm, they hurt eardrums, bomb gullets with aching sonicals, pain stings our bodies,
We so totally loathe your loud sounds that we resort to entering a translators mind and telling him
What to tell humanity.  These writings overpower the man writing them.  (This is for real, people.)

Dolphins feel this in their bones, down to the roots of their teeth, abhorring our sirens striking the sea.
They speak so, the translator merely reports it to his fellow humanity, and then returns to water
Where underwater fish do fly, where sharks loom in great abundance, really hungry for their meals,
Where Whales tail their routes between the ice and sun, where Orcas roam sometimes in hungry packs.

It's brutal down there when we are intruded upon, let's make a contract.
Cease hounding us, give us some peace, and we'll teach you the sea as we know it.
Care for our fishing zones, give us more room, and we'll share our high thinking
Nurture our offspring, respect our minds, and we'll bring you great wisdom.

A pact between species, Cetacean and Human, a broader understanding and agreement.
Look, we know you stopped whaling and are somewhat protecting us by leaving us alone.
That's the beginning human being of knowing we have made contact between our species.
You must have realized that killing whales was killing your life too.

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