A Dolphin Love Story


Translated from Pacific Bottlenose Dolphinese

        "My beautiful water-girl
        I love you so
        is it true
        I am really your hero?"

        "Yes, my one,
        raptures in my sights
        you dominant male
        I want your Dolphinettes."

        A female and a male
        perhaps a third or more
        many dolphin children
        make a family and a pod.

        Grouping closer together
        voyaging the seas
        reaching even lighter pleasures
        O so buoyantly.

        Lovers twist around
        each other's body spasms
        and touch the depths
        of yes, O yes, a Dolphin orgasm.

        Dolphin smile exaggerate
        ultra ocean scenes
        Dolphins consciously
        live between extremes.

        Dynamic ocean boundaries
        traverse the world
        they go between Earth's countries
        where breakers fall and curl.

        Dolphins watch the downfall
        of hollow metal submarines
        sleek whale-shaped hulls
        filled with human beings

        Who learned sonar from us,
        we, mid-ocean Dolphins
        penetrating, surveying, all-seeing
        deep down strata in terrains

        And now mankind finally awakens
        to fellowship among us,
        cetaceans from all seas
        this planet, Earth, is also ours!

        Our Dolphinship is ours to share
        perfection rarely excels
        such instants when two
        classic beings meet.

        Dolphin and human
        a hand plus a fin
        unites the world as one
        of mutual fun.

        Don't forget the smile,
        yes, the Dolphin's smile
        beaming sonics straight through
        skins to touch their hearts in style

        Seeing through their flesh
        like X-rays made of sound
        the Dolphin's faculties must fresh
        remind all people on grounds.

        Be humble, be wise,
        gaze into eyes, magnanimous, spirits
        your brethren from bodies of water
        hear our laughs the feel our cries.

        Dolphin capacity for loving
        probes same depths as human feelings
        perhaps deeper than do Homo Sapiens
        who decree the earth by force

        Dolphin love commands the heart
        and body with entirety
        fully awakening the creature within
        to our fair share of inheritance,

        the world and all its living things
        subterranean canyons, sea forests blooming
        underwater life in fabulous profusion
        bursting even phosphorescent hues

        When sunlight shafts the blue
        with rays straight down the spume
        wavering light shimmers the bottom
        floor corals rise the reefs

        Our love continues on and on
        through wild splashing, plummeting
        the depths of consciousness
        ground-breathing mammals, watch out!

        Dolphins live by stealth and feelings
        measured by oceanic time
        eons mastered by the waves
        our brine, the seething salts, the blue

        Watered Earth, two thirds liquid
        home to billions of creatures,
        the largest and the small
        Blue Whale and Sea Horse,

        Dolphins arise to claim
        a rightful heritage to Earth
        hear their story as an omen
        to clean the battled Earth

        of poisons suffocating little ones
        baby dolphins harmed by slops and grease,
        titanic ships go down to murk
        forever in the black below

        incandescent creatures flash bright lights
        pin-pointing the glooms where Dolphins dive
        coming up for air is a thrilling experience
        inhaling, breathing, proudly alive.

        Speaking in Blue Bottlenose
        quick sing-song tone clusters
        spray series of notes
        intelligently all over the deeps

        What does it mean?  Follow the logic;
        migrating fish determine the fishing seasons,
        where to go for best food,
        who pairs with whom, things like

        education of the young
        to suckle safely, without salt water
        to inhale without choking

        To sound sonically in tones
        and listen to the echoes echolocating
        anything significant within a range
        of broad security; to know surrounding

        zones thoroughly looking into living bodies
        talking states of health, doctors of the ocean
        peer through deeper states of being
        Dolphinating in philosophy.

        Hypersensitive individuals float
        sideways at surface, pausing
        a moment, before burning outer layers
        so goes the tail

        Dolphins love to sea-horse around
        banter, kid, and fight mock battles
        for supreme territories, rulers
        of waves, brave Dolphins prattle

        on and on about imaginary kingdoms
        where Dolphins instruct Humanity
        in certain ways of mutual respects
        vocaled syllables spurt the seas

        with smashing rhythms circulating oceans
        attention, attention, dolphins speak up
        in literate utterings mankind understands
        beautiful language abundantly beholds

        Delphonic joy calculating seas
        of the persons now grasp
        the sanctity for life, we will instill
        beyond our young throughout all time.

        Return to oceanic purity
        natural free antic of water by coasts
        to swim the coves serenely
        barely with a care

        before mankind spilled fluage
        in these seas, our moonlit dwell
        our dark beginnings, the history of life
        as Dolphins know it in their bones

        Minds illuminated with expressions
        of delight, a happiness in loving
        only Dolphins shared without garbage
        while gobbling the fishing zones

        Now the biosphere reeks a stench
        that's human, chemicals invade our nutrients,
        entrench pollutants into flesh
        where cancers thrive, O Dolphin God,

        Believe us to ring true words
        into you, the person through which
        these thoughts do enter the living brains
        masters of the Earth, O please clean up!

        Talkative Delphonic back and forth
        bantering sounds like this:
        People jinx the seas and ozone
        oceans sound radio all programs
        around vicinities where Dolphins phonate.

        Such sing-along treasures
        like western squalls infuse
        the waves with fresh ions,
        rain washes even water
        freshening up seasonal cycles

        Unusual rhythmics splatter
        acoustic passages, acutely, hearing
        subtle goings on, loquacious undertakings
        infinite polytonal utterings
        echoing majestic oceanic mountains

        Dolphins bespeak a natural history
        alive hot with strange motion
        listen humans to amazing stories
        where brilliant minds enlighten the ocean

        Come into poetic reservoirs
        human beings
        to drink your fill of water
        sounding ecstasies to ears

        Dolphin languages pipe up in tones
        cultures cross over the oceans
        intermingle, even breed life-forms
        so deep profoundly philosophical.

        No amount of people's tear ducts stream
        salt-water oceans made by human bodies
        can wash away the memories
        of deadened Whales and Dolphins killed

        Oceans first made life
        then the lands,
        these reasoned facts
        are facts of Dolphin life

        We inherit a majority of Earth
        Male and female people, reflect
        upon creation, we are Dolphins
        magical, always ready for a thrill.

        Spontaneity is the name
        of Dolphin games,
        be brief, silently witness
        what's going on.

        rejoice at being pure Dolphin
        a being of vast repertoire
        recalling the past with excellence
        predicting the future at ease

        Move through the waters
        gliding over the land
        way below, that no-man's place
        where beings respect each other

        Rush headlong through the water
        breathe rich ocean breezes
        play theatrics in friendship
        and be naked, yet free!

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