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I am not a logician, nor a theologian.  However I am college educated.  I am a poet who has read widely and studied the world's spiritual disciplines.  Click Photograph to return to the Table of Contents of the Metaphysical Essays

The Sombrero Galaxy © The Hubble Telescope.  Courtesy NASA

My knowledge is limited, and the more  I think I know, the less
I really know I know.


The Universe exists.  Science, astronomy, physics, chemistry, all prove the existence of the Universe.  This world exists, that much we know, and on it, LIFE exists in millions of forms.  Within each life is a DNA structure, and within that, molecules, atoms, electrons, nuclei.  Everything on Earth , and we might well assumeall matter throughout the Universe, is made up of atomic structures.  They materialize into form, billions, trillions of forms.  And each one of these forms is interconnected

As an example, our Earth is the third planet in the solar system.  It is connected by gravitational forces to all the other planets.  If the Earth exploded and ceased to exist, then all the other planets would assume new orbits.

If the Universe exists, the important question is not WHO made the Universe, the question is HOW does it operate?  Our high technology is just beginning to perceive how the Universe operates.  New discoveries are made all the time.  Witness the third black hole recently discovered only a few hundred light years away from Earth.  At this time we do not have the whole picture.  So we must postulate, and there are, perhaps, as many theories as people in the world.

What is a fact, a TRUTH is, that Life exists.  We are living proof Life exists .  What is more, an astronomical Universe surrounds this Life of ours, and we are very small indeed compared to the size of the Cosmos. 

YET , and yet, within this tiny brain of ours, within this mind inside this brain, is the ability to conceive how great the Universe is.  If we put our minds to calculating how much time it takes to reach the farthest galaxies photographed by the Hubble telescope, it is, as we colorfully say: mind-boggling

We are not alone in this world.  There exists several billion other Human Beings, not to mention millions of Dolphins, Whales, plus billions of animalsall exhibiting intelligence of varying degrees.When we gaze into the eyes of someone we like, respect, or love, contact is made with them.  In our gaze, we have the ability (not always) to communicate with them. 

In that CONTACT, when it is really happening, when the energy flows between two individuals, the glimpse is real enough for themto declare, yes, we are close to each other.we are in contact together.  THAT contact, is the beginning of the proof of Truth

Just the beginning . . .When one sees deeply into the nature of things, when thoughts collide in a way unthought of before, the Universal Principles are at work, exciting, inspiring that person, or those individuals , to think on planes beyond the ordinary - creatively.

Let us go further.  All which IS the Universe, in some measure, impinges on the individual.  On clear nights we gaze at the stars, sometimes we see shooting stars, small meteorites hitting the Earth's atmosphere.  Occasionally we see supernovas, comets passing.  Just by looking on the cosmic level, we are being impinged by that phenomena. 

That impinging enters the mind and reverberates within our thinking in various degrees, setting it in motion.  We possess the potential to gaze within the deepest reaches of our minds, to see into the farthest reaches of the universe. And, in a post-Einsteinean universe, we can grasp the space-time continuum, and know how limited we are in our ability to achieve significant space travel.

Nevertheless, our minds can grasp much farther than our bodies can take us.  We know there exists 200 billion or so stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way,yet we cannot go to them. 

We can imagine going to them, but we cannot travel to them on the threshold of the third millennium, AD.  This does not mean the galaxy does not exist.  It most certainly does exist.  And billions of other galaxies, each one of them containing billions of suns. 

The fact the Universe exists is true.  This is a Truth .  And that Human life exists also.  Human life exists within the context of the Universe.  The Universe is so vast, so unimaginably huge, probably the most that can be said, is that in its farthest reaches may be its origins.  Perhaps the universe in all dimensionscurves back upon itself.

And somewhere in time, is our Galaxy, our S un, our Earth, and All of us, this moment, here, right now.  This is so immense, one may call it GOD.  However, because God is so filled with Biblical associations, we may also name it:

THE ALL AND EVERYTHING --- or we can choose

THE SUPREME BEING --- or we may say


There are thousands of names and concepts for it , but the fact, the Truth is, the Universe exists so vastly around us, and so vastly within us, that we are constantly on the threshold of it.  It is always here, It is ever unfolding, Here is Life.  Here is Contact.  Here is PROOF.Humankind has created countless religions, spiritual disciplines, philosophies and cosmologies. 

We explain GOD in a multitude of ways.  The fact is there exists this immense Universe, and all paths lead to the same Universal source.  We must not confuse the unique concepts of God espoused by various religions and philosophies  with the whole, all totality of the Universe.  It is this ALL totality, in ALL dimensions, that embodies the PRESENCE of the Whole.  Name it God, or what you will, IT indeed exists.

The nature of the Universe is CHANGE.  The Universe is always changing, life is always changing here on Earth. Things are always changing within our lives.  Every day, something changes.  There are Universal Laws , and it is up to us to discover these Universal Laws, within the context of change, so we can gain meaning and begin to understand this whole vast mighty entity we call the U N I V E R S E and life as we know it. 

If we can extrapolate the Laws governing the Universe, then we can use them for our benefit.  And herein we can find the Truth as it pertains to living our lives.  The most important Law, the primary Universal Law - is the LAW OF LOVE.

Why ?  Because the Universe manifested Life on this planetLove is the dominant emotionand the most powerful feeling. The universal tendency is toward love.

Thus, The Axiom goes:


May we examine this please:


In the whole functioning vastness of space and time, the Universe created this Galaxy, this Sun, this Earth, this Life.  We possess LIFE.  The supreme essence of the Universe gives Life.  In Life, there is Love.  Love exists in our lives.  We love, we love deeply, we fall in love, we procreate, we make children, and if we think and act correctly, we love our children and our children love us.  Thus GOD LOVES.


This cosmic immensity we call the Universe, has given us the ability to think on cosmic levels.  We are capable, in our lifetimes, of achieving cosmic consciousness. This is amazing; in this few pound brain, we have an ability to grasp the colossal enormity of IT All, and beyond even that - Enlightenment. All of that created this Earth.  Our planet is ravishingly beautiful, there exists a world of variety on it.  We are moved by beauty, sometimes to tears, because so much beauty is present in the world.

Gaze on the beauty of: Sunrise, sunsets, full moon eclipses, northern lights, rainbows, the ocean,the Specter of the Brocken, meadows, flowers ,  Arizona, Greece, Yosemite, The Himalayas, Japan, the Norwegian Fjords, Alaska, Hawaii,waterfalls and mountains, just to name a few.  Beauty may be found everywhere, even in a rock. Gaze into people, into the goodness of the human spirit, into those who live by love and compassion

The Universe has given us such an awesomeexquisite, and wondrous planet, remarkable people to be in contact with; to love them, to adore them, our friendships, our children, to love a beautiful man or beautiful woman, from the inside out, connected to them spiritually.  Simply - Love the Universe and its infinite manifestations

And if that manifestation means loving Jesus Christ because He brought the message of love and hope, then it means loving God through Jesus Christ.  If it means being Jewish, living under the laws of Moses and the Ten Commandments, a code of ethics, God gave to the world, then it means just this.  If it means emptying the mind and meditatingthrough Zen consciousness, then it means just that.  If it means loving Buddha, because he taught compassion as the highest virtue, so be it.If it means studying the Koran and loving Allah,with all one's heart and soul, it means everything.If it means embracing Krishna and being a good Yogi, or being a devout Catholic, Mormon, Bahai, Sufi, Confucian, Jain, Native American, Taoist, Zoroastrian, or one's own personal belief system, then it means all this. Spiritual Life is a profound CONTACT with the Universe.  We Must respect each other's forms of worship.

If it means NONE of this, if it means nothing, and developing a code of ethics, living with integrity, being of help to your fellow human beings, and enjoying the beauty all around you, becoming a conscious individual, studying, contemplating, or being a good person, honest and forthright, then it means just that.  Love the Universal Presence and its tendency is to Love you back.


The mighty and overwhelming vastness of the totality that is ALL, the Universe itself, is so immense, we cannot fathom it,  Yet it is ALL, even in All its unknown dimensions.  If we accept the fact our Universe allowed life to develop here on Earth, and if we accept the principle that by loving it in return, we develop virtuous lives, filled with love, with goodness, with positive mind, giving whole-heartedly, being at the service of our fellow human beings, leaving the world better than when we found it, loving our presence in the world and in the Universe --then the final product of the equation is ALL.  THAT is All.   That IS All.   That is ALL.

To recapitulate:

GOD LOVES    The Universe is happening, and made all of THIS happen.

LOVE GOD    Enjoy the fruits of the Universe, and give back what was given to you.

THAT'S ALL    The circle is completed and we can live creative, productive, positive, joyous, spiritual lives.

GOD equals LOVE to the HIGHEST  POWER.

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