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God may be conceived in an infinite variety of ways.
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To many, God is a force to be feared and contended with.  Many religions use fear as the principle form of controlling their followers behaviors.  By putting the fear of God in an individual, the fear of ultimate punishment, of a permanent banishing to hell under the power of Satan, is indeed a potent method of domination.

To others, God may be a personal relationship whereby prayer is a useful tool.  The supplicant asks for help, for things, for themselves and others and in various tones of thought beseeches God for help.

And still, to many, God is something people do not really know or understand.  Somehow God is personal, existing in the image of Man and Woman, yet is beyond their grasp.  People know they had better do good, and if they do bad, they ask God for some kind of forgiveness and hold a deeply felt guilt within their hearts , often for a lifetime.

These are but a few of the principle ways people conceive of God.  Ernest Holmes teaches us that God is impersonal and is no respecter of persons or things.  That God is available equally to all and has no favorites.  Of course, this must be true, because if everyone and everything in the universe and all other dimensions are part and parcel of God, then it follows that God is equally available to anyone to know.  According to one's ability to understand the Universal Laws as they are grasped by the human mind, then to the degree they perceive them, to that degree they may put these laws to use in their lives.  This is one of the greatest discoveries any thinker has made throughout the history of human time.  It means that according to one's understanding of universal laws and how they operate, then one can put them to use to the degree they understand them.

Therefore, the more one understands, the more these Laws will work for them.  The question, then, simply, is what are the Laws and how can we understand them, and how can they be useful to us?  Ernest Holmes carefully teaches how this can be done in the Science of Mind, the prerequisite to this book.  It would be wise for the reader to review the specific chapter (Refer to this chapter).
Let us proceed from here.
A mentor is a teacher, presumably wiser, with a great amount of knowledge, who can impart his or her erudition to an individual usually in private.  A relationship is thus developed between teacher and pupil that becomes sacred.  A good mentor not only shares his or her wisdom, but also reaches across the gulf of understanding and "knows" his or her pupil thoroughly.  A great mentor grasps the particular psychology of the student and channels information to that individual in a manner that the pupil understands.  Of course, a mentor will challenge a pupil to think on levels not yet revealed and will open new and exciting, often difficult channels to ponder and explore.  A profoundly great Mentor possesses the ability to transfer knowledge and wisdom almost without doing anything.  Mere gestures, glances, that knowing look may often impart the requisite information almost as if by osmosis.

The best of all possible Mentors is able to do all of the above, and additionally help evolve his or her student's life to a higher plane of awareness, and do it with Love and kindness.  This is the brand of Mentor we speak of here.  The one who possesses the greater knowledge and wisdom, who transfers all of it to a student effortlessly, opening up new paths to thinking, who presents this newly acquired understanding using the power of love as a tool to open up his or her charge's mind to see in new directions, open up fresh pathways in the thinking, bringing forth a greater insight into the nature of things.

This Mentor exists inside of each one of us.  It is a personal manifestation of The Omniscient One and is available to anyone who wishes to partake of it.  One can ask for this internal Mentor to reveal any level of knowledge and wisdom at any time, and the Mentor will do what it is asked.  One may invoke its ability to mentor at any times, or at all times.  The Universal Mentor is built -in and simply has to be discovered deep within our consciousness to work.  It is always there, it was always there all along, and it will always be there for the rest of our lives, and beyond.

There are simple methods at startup that one may use to access The Universal Mentor at will.  Once we have accessed this "software" within our own mind, we can then summon it to:

1.  Sit in a quiet place, undisturbed place and close your eyes.

2.  Quiet your mind.  In other words slow down the thinking process and concentrate upon the following:

3.  Ask your mind to access your INNATE INTELLIGENCE.  (that part of your mind where your conscience is located, the part that always tells you what is right)

4.  Once you have located that center.  If it is difficult to locate this center in the mind, keep on practicing until you are clear you have located it.  Then do the following:

5.  While keeping your INNATE INTELLIGENCE in focus, place your mind into the vastness of the Universe, until you can see the galaxies with its hundreds of millions of stars.  Expand your inner vision to see as much of the Universe as is possible.  Then:

6.  Overlay your vision of the Universe upon your INNATE INTELLIGENCE.  In other words, place your inner understanding of your conscience upon the colossal vision of the stars and galaxies together into a single image.  Practice this until you feel that you are successful in holding the two visions together - Your own inner understanding of what is right - together with your ever-expanding vision of the Universe.

7.  Hold the double vision for at least 3 to 5 minutes.  Or if that is difficult, then hold it for less, and practice it for more.

8.  Practice this exercise once a day, generally upon arising or upon retiring.  It is better to do it both upon rising and just before going to bed.
9.  You have now invoked the Universal Mentor into your consciousness and it is there to serve you at any time.

10.  At any time, under any situation, you may overlay your Innate Intelligence upon a screen of an ever-expanding vision of the Universe.  Whether at work, or play, in difficult situations, In critical times, for creativity, for health, for healing, and for any other genuine purpose.

There are other similar methods one make invoke to access the Universal Mentor into consciousness.

The Mentor

There exists two ways the Mentor can be clearly and immediately accessed by your own internal mechanism, activated by the method above:  1.  Your external vision and 2:  Your internal vision,  These will reveal almost all knowledge and almost every mystery to anyone who wishes to inquire.  It must be stated that not everything is available to everyone.  Mentoring is generally centered on what is most important to each individual.  For example, a person whose life interests may be music, business, fine-art and cooking, may not be able to be mentored into a field unknown to him or her such as atomic particle theory.
On the other hand, if a person develops an active and passionate interest in a field unfamiliar to him/her, then Mentoring can easily take place.  Moreover, a person may gain a great insight in an unrelated field if he/she puts the mind to it.  So anything is possible and can be made possible if the genuine desire to learn is there.  You will find that frivolous and negative information will never be revealed by the Universal Mentor to anyone and for any purpose.  In an extreme example, if one is violently abducted and has to figure their way out of the situation, and must resort to some form of violence to do it, The Mentor will reveal the method, even if violence is to be made use of to save that person's life.  This is not "negative" information, it is survival and the urgent matter of continuing on with one's life.

In a sense the Mentor has always been working throughout one's life, one may call it that voice of conscience which speaks quietly to one.  Some people have experienced this more strongly than others.  Call it the voice of reason, the voice from the soul, the voice of right and righteousness.  What this chapter reveals in to amplify that voice and inquire into an understanding of the deeper, broader, more refined, and more conscious nature of things.

When a great idea just comes to someone out of the blue, that is the creative power within that person at work.  Do not confuse this with Mentoring.  Universal Mentoring takes place when there is a need to know.  It would be as though there is a place of all knowledge and wisdom within, and that the Universal Mentor helps an individual tap into it to reveal the information they need to know at that time.

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