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As Ernest Holmes, The author of Science of Mind stated: "In the beginning - God."  The physical manifestation of the Universe is God, the Whole, The All and the One.  The origin of the Universe is founded in God.  Did it always exist?
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Probably.  What is the Universe?  The Universe is the sum total of all matter in the space-time continuum that is created, evolving, dying, and re-created.  Out of the origin of the Universe, all matter, physical manifestations flow outward infinitely and ultimately back to the source where it is re-created again.  In other words, the Universe curves back upon itself.  The Earth revolves around its axis, the Earth revolves around the Sun, The Planets revolve around the Sun.  The sun revolves around the Galaxy, our Milky Way, in what is called a galactic year.  The Galaxy revolves around a whole cluster of other galaxies.  And just as we are born and we die, so planets are born and die, just as suns are born and expunge, as do whole galaxies come into creation and die into colossal black holes.

The founder of the universe is the One and All, it is God, or what we name it.  And God is not a thing or person, it is rather, all and everything, it is absolutely all inclusive of everything and everyone.  And what is the origin of God?  That which created itself out of nothing and proclaimed itself to be the Universe, all dimensions of existence and nonexistence and all time and timelessness.  How can something be created out of nothing?  Just as a mind may be blank in one moment, and suddenly flushed with a great new idea, out of nothing something is created.  Yet the mind is never nothing.  It may be thinking subconsciously; there may be forces within the mind at work, without our knowing, yet ruminating, cogitating, below the surface of our awareness, then all of a sudden, an idea is born and breaks  out into our consciousness in a flash.  And thus the Universe is born from an idea in the mind of God.

When did this happen?  Billions of our Earth years ago, and just right now, this moment.  How is this possible to reconcile these two disparate events?  By understanding that time is in actuality a solid, not a fluid movement of itself.  It may seem like that as the moments, days, weeks, and years go by, yet Time as measured by itself, is really one solid instant of Existence where all events are manifested.  Here is the flash, and we are in this flash, right now, this moment, always, here, always now, always happening, the flash.  What is important is that we know in what part of the flash are we happening, that's all.  The flash is always going on.  When a conscious individual apprehends its focus in the Flash, then it knows its place in time.  If we think of time as an instant, a flash like a flashbulb in a camera going off in just one swift pop, then we can better understand our origins in the universe and the nature of time.

Then how did God come into existence?  The answer is that an idea was born in a flash, and out it popped into creation.  However there was never "nothing".  Nothing by itself, cannot exist, just by definition.  There was always something.  That something, whatever we may wish to call it, was a conscious realization of itself, and out of itself, it flashed itself from an idea into creation.  However, it has been in existence for so long in this flash, that it seems like eternity, for that is what it truly is, eternal and eternity , all at once, in a flash.  And this is also what the flash of enlightenment is, suddenly we can understand this, and in a flash of comprehension, we can embrace a higher awareness, and realize something for the first time, that God is the Universal Mind pervading all and everything, EVERYTHING. And that includes you and me, our families, friends, associates, business partners, bosses, enemies, crooks, killers, the most wholly evil people beyond redemption, and our brethren living on other planets all over the universe, the good and the bad, the ugly and beautiful, the mean and the nasty, the loving and kind.  God is all inclusive, there is nothing outside of God itself, for it is impossible that nothing can exist.

We must now rid ourselves of old thinking and modernize our religious viewpoints.  The concept of the Devil is false.  God never created its opposite, for what is opposite to itself?  In the history of humankind, evil was associated with the devil, a creation of the human mind, and nothing else.  Fear is the way that has ruled mankind and womankind throughout our histories.  That which is abject evil is considered to be the devil.  Hell is the creation of the human mind, and as such, we can only say we have created our hells on this Earth.  The only hells in this universe, are the ones where civilizations have engaged in unconscious and violent behaviors.  And the Earth is slowly awakening from the hells it has created by the civilizations throughout history on its own planet.

As there is no hell, there also is no heaven, at least not how human religions have conceived it.  There is life, and there is existence after life.  After death, we exchange our physical body for a mental body which is born out of the body which preceded it.  We carry with it the life that we just had lived, and bring that consciousness into the a dimension beyond the physical universe.  After that we evolve by taking that consciousness to a higher plane of awareness as we cycle around other souls which are also evolving.  Our conscious selves are pooled around each other, and out of that something new is born, and it is in this way that we continue our existence.

For those individuals who committed evil acts, those human people we call monsters, those serial killers, Hitlers, the genocide committed by the most resolute dictators, do not go to a hell which does not exist.  When they exchange their bodies for their spirits, they go to a lower plane of evolution where they must atone for their acts.  And yes, in the universe there is the power to annihilate a soul.  And with annihilation comes renewal into new forms created out of the old, no longer holding on to even a fraction of the consciousness which proceeded it.

What we create in our thinking, we bring into action.  And the sum total of our thinking and actions lead us to our passing through the physical plane into a new dimension of being.  Death is a blessing when it carries the consciousness of the thoughts and actions of the one passing through.  The more one lives one's life through right thinking and action, the more one carries these thoughts through one's death into the new level of beingness.  Thus death is nothing to fear to the one who attempts to live with right thinking and action in their life.

If one has created acts of evil, and has done terrible things, but has seen the light, and has asked forgiveness of themselves in their heart of hearts and soul of souls, then they are forgiven by the spirit of the universe which pervades their lives.  Thus anyone, no matter how horrible they have been, may pass through into their soul evolution and on their way to a higher plane of consciousness.  For those who have shown no mercy, who kill for the sake of it, for the love of doing evil, they shall either atone or be expunged.  For God has given all beings the free will to decide for themselves, to think and act as they wish,  That is our gift.  That we may be free to think and act as we choose.  For those who choose to harm and kill others, if they have not found the path to genuine soul forgiveness of themselves, with truthful tears in their heart of hearts, then they are candidates for either expungement or the process of evolving again but from a much lower order of existence.

There exists within us an infinite intelligence that we call God.  Those who are purely scientific, and want proof, we shall give them proof in a later chapter.  Yet even the most advanced atheistic scientist or individual has the power to discover the infinite intelligence within them and around them.  This is where the most brilliant receive their great ideas.  So the belief in God is not necessary so long as one engages in right thinking and right action, who is moral, ethical, and good in all respects.  In fact, in may cases, it is better not to be encumbered by God, if the work is for the good of all.  Certainly God does not care, because God is not a person, and is not subject to human emotions.  The universe does not register those which recognize God or not.  The Stars exist.  The Stars are the embodiment of God, so what does God care if one thinks of Him/Her/It at all.

The confusion of God and Religion.  God and Religion are not the same.  Religion is the organized belief system generally used to control a segment of the population.  Religion generally has little to do with God.  There may be devout individuals within a particular religion who have a very close relationship to God and believe in God with all their hearts and souls.  Yet religion in general, is designed to perpetrate dogma, belief and opinion.  Some religions are enlightened, and others burdened with hatred.  Most religions believe in their own superiority.  Yet God, assuredly did not manifest one group of humans to be superior to others.  Yes, some religions did rise to a higher level of understanding and thus were "superior" to other less enlightened groups around them.  Yet in the modern world, we cannot say this is true. Thus we have continual holy wars between Christians among themselves, the ultra-right wing radicals who fervently believe in the narrow strict constructionist path, all the way to the most liberal and metaphysical thinking persons.  There are those who proselytize us into their religious viewpoints, and those who bring hell, fire, brimstone and damnation into our consciousness.  And it must be emphasized none of this has any truth whatsoever.  If the purpose of foisting these tales upon us is to control our behaviors into right action through terrible fears, then there are far better ways of doing this.

And these same old habits are found amongst the Jewish people.  From the ultra-orthodox to the most fervently liberal.  Each sect absolutely believing in their own point-of-view and God ordained rightness.

Here is old thinking and we must now modernize our thinking into new habits of self-awareness.
To realize our infinite potential within ourselves and come to the beautiful realization that we and everyone and everything else are all connected into the body of God in the manifestation of the Universe.

The fact is that within the human mind, all Is knowable.  This is so because within the human mind there is access to the infinite riches of the universe.  All anyone need to is train their mind to understand the laws of universal thinking, and allow these laws to work for them.  Love is the first universal law of thought.  Love in everyone of its manifestations, from the making of love, for procreation, for the love of children, family, parents, friends, the world, beauty, God, the universe, and all there is to love.  This is the first law, and the most important law.  Just imagine that the human brain is just a few square inches in size, yet within this brain, the mind resides, and when connected to the heart, to the feeling level, this mind is capable of knowing anything there is to know.  Just as the great scientist invented the telephone and recording device, so there will be the master mind that will develop space travel faster than the speed of light which will take us rapidly to the stars.  And even though we may see the light of distant galaxies which are millions of light years away, it is entirely possible to go beyond that speed of light and catch up to the stars within those galaxies and discover planets operation right now, in real time with the Earth.

Just as the thinker who will understand the principles of the entire DNA of a person, who will reduce those down to a cluster of numbers which will be able to fax a human being to another part of the world instantaneously.  That is the miracle.  Just as one hundred years ago, it could never be imagined that by the end of the 20th century, we would be communicating by cellular phones half a world away, writing on an Internet to people we could never have met a century ago, even in our wildest dreams.  We now prepare ourselves to go to the planets and stars.  Thus we must prepare our consciousness to go with it, and we must bring with ourselves a newfound sense of peace, of harmony, of universal love.  And if we choose to go to the stars with the awesome power of destructive weapons, most assuredly, we will meet a civilization with even greater technological power, who will wipe us out, as we wipe out those who are lesser, weaker, more vulnerable.

Our origins are in the stars.  We are rotating around a star, at the outer spoke of a perimeter of our Galaxy.  We are born in the stars , and we are going to the stars.  We are born and we die in our cosmic origins.  We were always cosmic beings surrounded by stars, and now we are awakening as one humanity, discovering ourselves in the universe.  And as we go forth, we rise in consciousness to a higher purpose.  To bring our wisdom, and to learn from others as we slowly align our intelligence with the divine Mind as we meet other civilizations along our way.

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