Don't Copyright God


God cannot be copyrighted.  What is there to copyright? The All?  The Everything
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Planetary Nebula © The Hubble Telescope, Courtesy NASA

and all there is throughout creation and in all dimensions, known and unknown.  How can one copyright ALL?  That's everything there is.  It would mean that the ALL is owned by absolutely everyone and everything which comprises it.  Only one principle applies to the ALL.  It is impersonally inclusive of All and Everything.  Nothing exists outside of its existence because It encompasses all creation.  

Simple it seems, yet one can copyright unique creative and artistic works,  True enough, but how can one copyright the copyrighter?  Ultimately God has no need of copyrighting itself since its existence is continually being proven by the constant stream of experiential proofs which happen every single moment and day of our lives.  Existence is not copyrightable.  If it were so, then it would mean each and every experience would be registered and owned by the Whole which created it to begin with.  Existence, by itself, is so pure, it has no need to repeat itself by self-consciously gazing into its own existence.  Why should it do so?  To create any experience beyond the laws of nature?  Hardly.  It's not possible.  God, though all encompassing, doesn't "own" anything.  Existence simply IS, that's all.

Ah yes, we require protection for our artistry and creativity.  By copyrighting music, literature, and images, we secure our individual right to own the very works we create - and to prevent others from presenting, marketing and profiting from them.  However, may we consider that if we, as individuals, remain conscious of the fact that we are each a representative of Existence, and since we are inspired by new thinking, we are all stand-ins for the cosmic collective which animates our lives into a conscious awareness of existence as it continually unfolds.   To be Alive and thundering with passion.  Lightning-bolted energy emitting from our very being, strikes at our human hearts and feelings.  We KNOW  Eternity surrounds us as we are immersed in it.  The Universe curves back upon itself, Eternity is ours to behold while Alive.  It is always there serving us at all times, whether we recognize it or not.  When we do not recognize the flow of eternity through our consciousness, it does not mean that eternity and creation have ceased to exist.  Therefore, if anything prevents the mind from witnessing from the flow of eternity, let it go.

What is left to copyright?  Our hearts, our words, our stuff, our dreams?  What part of Eternity don't you understand?  Existence proves itself by its very own Expression.  Copyright that, use it, and God will sue you for infringement.  Yeah, Right.  Suing one of its creators by creation itself.  That's impossible.  Existence is not in conflict with itself.  The Laws of Creation demonstrate a tendency to create and give.  The sun gives light and heat.  Shall we sue the sun if someone copyrights its existence and claims it for his/her own?  Of course not.  Our existence is proclaimed every split-second in the timeframe of Eternity.  Just recognize it - as it occurs - and we are "there", here and everywhere.  We are part of existence and connected to it by our own very existence.  How could it be otherwise.  Existence cannot betray eternity and become nonexistence.  It cannot break its own innate Law against its' very own existence.  This is an impossibility and an oxymoron.  Existence cannot negate itself and suddenly not exist.  And even if this were so, one could not copyright that which does not exist.  Therefore no one can copyright God.  You don't copyright God.  It is true existence, when conscious, registers itself in the cosmic mind, for a record in the memory.  If it has no law to break, how can it break its own law?  Nonsense.  God does not sue itself.  This is but an impossibility.

Flash, The universe expands into infinity.  How can you copyright that.  Does anyone have an idea just how infinite, infinity is?  If each still frame of eternity were catalogued and copyrighted, than it would take forever to complete the procedure.  Of course, forever and infinity are seemingly one in the same, but not quite.  There is a difference.  Forever means that which does not stop - it keeps on going unceasingly and without end.  Infinity is that place where consciousness forever goes - and it may stop and rest awhile to be still and observe still frames in an otherwise unlimited and expanding universe.

So, the only things to copyright are the still frames in eternity.  OK, that makes perfect sense.  One cannot copyright God because it would take forever.  However one can copyright the instances where creative works reflect those still frames.  Those may be copyrighted, yet, if we say that everything is included within the concept of God - no part of infinity left out, and nothing of eternity withheld, then it follows that all still frames which occur in anyone's experience and individual out-picturing are created from the deepest source within one's own being.  If that is truly the case (or somewhat the case - depending on a creative person's level of self-awareness), we may naturally assume that God within each and every one of us, is the ultimate creator.  Therefore, at most, we can say we create in partnership with the Creator - or Creative Principle, or, co-creation between God and the individuated Being through which the Creative Principle sparks an impulse which inspires an individual to engage in a creative process, whatever form it might take.

Notwithstanding the fact that God is the core of all being, from within and from without, we may admit that an individual creative Being has the right to copyright her/his/its "still-frames from eternity" in the form of creative works in any field.  The law offers protection from predators and thieves.  However, if God is the impulse behind the urge to create - and the very act itself - whether or not the creative person is aware of the concept of co-creation, or is practicing non-acceptance of the spiritual principle underlying the Whole, that work comes from God and IS God, made manifest.  There can now be offered a "proof" of God's existence if we take into account all the works of art that have ever been brought into existence.  If we scan the sum total of the artistry and creativity of the Human Race, from stone age to space age, we will discover such a multitude of works, in drawing, painting, poetry, prose, music, from folk song to rock song, it is virtually impossible for any one human being to be exposed to everything creative work of art ever created.  THAT Creativity is a demonstration of divine inspiration activating itself within each individual creative person.  Thus, the existence of God is provable by the reflection given of God in each creative person, some more, some less.  The creative work, once actualized into reality, becomes, through co-creation, a shadow from the eternal principle - or God, if you will.  And that shadow usually is not dark, but filled with light, color, thought, sound, beauty, subtlety, etc.  If the human side of the creative principle actualizes something from the unseen realms, and draws them, brings them, sounds them, into reality, then a work of art is created.  The part which comes from God cannot be copyrighted.  The part which comes from the human side, can be copyrighted.  Yet, there, in reality, is no separation between the Eternal and Human principles, they are one in the same.  The Human being is born of this Earth, which itself is born from a star, which itself was born from the galaxy which created it, which itself was born from the cosmic clouds which ignited this sector of the universe into creation.

Thus, stated again: you cannot copyright God.  Only the individualized works created into the "timeframe" of eternity, and even those works, are proof of the creative principle at work, and are created in the spirit of co-creation between an individual and the eternal principle which constitutes the universe.  This fact should be a cause for celebration - that creativity proves God's existence.  Just as the universe is continually being created and re-created, just so are streams of creative works by human beings everywhere, in every subject and field of inquiry known to civilization.  Each being is fulfilling itself as a representative of the Eternal principle at work and alive.  Some people know this, others are working hard upon themselves to understand the principles better, while many have inklings into the nature of the universe and how it works.  Still others may be skeptical, and a whole group denies any possibility whatsoever that a creative principle is at work in the universe, and that no person's existence proves anything other than a biological form present and alive in the world.

Regardless of where any individual stands in their understanding of their relationship to the universe, they stand anyway, aware or not, conscious or not, clear or not, believing or not, sure or not - an eternal principle exists, call it God, or divine power, or universal presence, and it is constantly proving its existence in absolutely everything we see or hear, at all times, everywhere, whether in nature, the country, the city, in the ocean, or under the stars - the universe is knowable, within and without, to the extent any individual's awareness and acceptance of it is applicable.  To the degree an individuated being comprehends her/his/its existence, to the same degree they can know and perceive what is true.  When an individual is able to perceive Truth on a maximum level - meaning they are open to receiving and accepting the fact that the Eternal Principle exists as a conscious force and is knowable from within and without, that they are constantly at the threshold of awareness, each and every instant in the timeframe of eternity,  they function from that awareness, and "live" it fully, allowing all the senses to harmonize with that fact, that knowingness.  A full life flourishes from this conscious place of being, this flush of awareness, to the degree one can take it in, support it, and become it.  Those who categorically deny any existence other than their own, must still acknowledge the existence of everyone and everything.  By so doing, they are acknowledging the existing of something, whether they recognize it or not.  And that something is the Eternal Principle alive and at work. 

In fact, this principle is at work so much that it is ever-present, and always activating, in so many forms and ways, that it, if measured, by everything which is being created now, this moment, as we experience these words on this page, it numbers beyond our individual ability to meaningfully count, and assumes the proportions of being "mind-boggling".  We can choose to retreat into our own individual world and personal frame of reference at any time, yet the flow of creativity continues to stream onward, in so many directions and dimensions on the Earth, through so many people, in various cultures and languages, that the sum total is incalculable, and only serves to remind us that the creative principle is always active.  Our ability to detect it, grasp it, and absorb it, determines how potent a force it is in our lives, how we make use of it, and to the degree we utilize it in our lives.  This is what is important.  Not whether the creative principle exists, but how much we put it into use, and to what degree. 

For those who allow this Principle to be maximized, there comes a time when they realize there is no separation between the physical and the metaphysical.  That the physical universe is simply a creative demonstration of the invisible force of nature which created it.  That each conscious being becomes sparked by higher consciousness.  Realizing the creative principle is always activated and in force, the physical being is capable of manifesting the energy, visions, and beauty of the invisible side of existence - the spiritual, the metaphysical, the subtle, the creative power, the eternal force, the all-encompassing magnitude of ethereal realms, the mighty Universe ever unfolding in the eternal timeframe. The spirit within, around, beyond and in back of creation - the Life Force, the Eternality, not a person, yet a power, of itself everything, and for us, a whisper of the All and Everything, a faint essence from the Divine Principle, the activated force forever creating and giving of itself , all which it is, and everything it is constantly becoming.  All anyone has to do is look through the "time frame" into the reality of now, this moment, here, while experiencing these words, or lifting one's eyes away from these words and gazing around the environment right now, looking at the room, or place one is in, or at, or where, or what happened prior to your focus on these words, or now, this moment, wherever one's mind drifts, to what thought coming in, and which thought vanishing in the time -stream of thinking while existence goes by time-framed as fast or slow as life takes us while we connect with our source deep in the ground, the Earth, grounding us on land, the air we breathe, the atmospheres layering our word, thin air of great heights, then nothing - but space, the solar system, sector of the galaxy, the milky way galaxy itself, the nearby cluster of galaxies in our immediate galactic vicinity, then the space between the next cluster- family of galaxies, and then onward into the cosmos, to regions of galaxies and far-space leading from every sector and quadrant of the known universe, stretching billions of light-years away to unimaginable worlds so far beyond our worldly realms, that one cannot fathom how profoundly deep and far the universe goes, and that All of existence, is occurring now in the same moment it once occurred, or will be occurring.  Whatever existed in the past, still occurs in the present when the mind thinks into that past.  When the individuated mind realizes it is in co-creation with the Infinite, then we come to realize God is constantly the active power in our lives.  This matters not what our originating concept of God is, or how interpreted by any particular religion.  The fact is Eternality is ever creating itself fresh and new each instant in the timeframe of eternity.  Those who catch a glance of it, during their lifetimes, on whichever planet they originate, benefit to greater or smaller degree, each according to her/his/its ability to extract the essence of it as it occurs - and put it to good use in their lifetimes.  Many ignore the power, even when they sense it is there.  Others don't admit it.  Some explore it, few activate it into creative thinking constantly.  Those who do begin to discover some treasures in the universe, knowable through the human mind today, are rewarded by their consciousness itself, reflecting back to the thinker, deeper insights into the invisible realms where creation is birthed in the Universal Mind and made available to anyone who can pick it out of creation, isolate it, and bring it to fruition.

Here is the concept of creativity itself, revealed by the creative power within one individual, expressing in words, the nature of the universe as witnessed by a conscious being, reflecting into the broader nature of things as they are, and appear to be, in the world.  The creative artist is capable of transferring visions into reality, and this process is accomplished by the individual's awareness of the Whole, the All and Everything, the farthest sectors of the Universe all included in the equation, become the jump off point into infinity and all there is, has existed, or shall exist expanded to the Whole.  What inspired the artists vision is intrinsically linked to the "co" in co-creation - the intuitive side of life, the subtle and beautiful realms where spiritual awareness dreams of higher places to exist and be, perhaps places where the Beings on that world, mastered long ago the reality of interactive harmony - mutual respect and love for one another, and most importantly - Peace, real peace, true peace, lasting peace, and forever peace. 

Alas, on this world, Planet Earth, there is a long way to go until the populations, countries, nations, blocs of power, agree to harmonize into a coherent Whole civilization, living in the truest sense of the word, in peace with itself, and at peace with the world.  At best it will take a century - and this is the most unlikely scenario.  It will take several more centuries, at the present rate of violence, until mankind lays down all arms, living in peace with her/him/itself.  Maybe the process of peace can be accelerated, and through a carefully controlled vision, it can be activated on this planet by the end of the 21st century.  However, it will take several generations of living people to overcome the negating influences of a deep historical past to overcome the bitter hatreds toward their enemies, real or perceived.  The religious divisions are so great between Eastern, Western and Mid-eastern powers, the Earth is still on the long road to universal acceptance and universal compassion for all people, regardless of who they are.  Extremely tight philosophies governing the religions, when in control, unleash the absolute worst of humanity's flaws, which includes ignorance, injustice, bitterness, poverty, inhumanity, negation, fear, power, hatred, leading to war, pestilence, crime, violence and mean-spiritedness.  Totalitarian states are born under these conditions.  Give a modern state, a very high technology way beyond the daily use of even sophisticated users of high-end products, and we will find uses for our technological developments unthought of in the minds of ordinary citizens, but in the minds of those members of the civilization who own the power and wield great influences, and are networked with big money and citizens who influence those members in the military with whom they share control. 

It's no secret this is happening now, as we speak, however, even in a modern totalitarian state, the economy must keep on moving and growing.  So it is best to allow citizens varying amounts of freedom so that the economy keeps rolling.  This economic reality acts as a counter force to too much technological control, yet just enough as we evolve to a high technology world where each person will be accounted for, and tracked as a matter of course.  This is the vision of the new world order - that an accurate inventory of people always be accounted for and those people are constantly tracked in a living continuity from birth to death.  Privacy will no longer be an issue of right, but of reward for hard work and towing the line according to the vicissitudes of those in power at any particular moment.

The sad fact is, I am afraid, that there is no stopping this new technology and need to inventorize the human race.  The days of extreme individuality are gone, and in its place, will be a controlled world society where all people are accounted for, and tracked in the course of their lives.  This is inevitable and there is nothing we can do about it except to assure there is no tyranny connected to it, no suffering because of it, and no police state powers invading our creative space to think and do as we choose.  Unfortunately, at the end of the 20th century, the old ways do not die easily and female children are removed from their private organs, while girls remain uneducated, where people of color cannot get into the finest universities and where people languish in prison for crimes they did not commit and for crimes not consistent for the punishment received.

On the one hand, we have produced a awful world, filled with abject poverty, broad negativism, nihilism, and extreme violence.  Where people are murdered for nothing and where people are killed for money, fame and fortune.  Where wars break out instantly and where hatreds seethe under the surface, leading to despicably violent acts of terror and loathing, where death is relief, and life does not live past forty years, where tortures of unspeakable pain, writhe out into the universe, where the song of the Earth is filled with unbearable sadness, and lack, and lovelessness, hopeless and in agony.

Such hells exist on Earth right now, and they have throughout history.  If we think hellish thoughts, we create our hells while we are alive and living in the world. And these Hells exist in the lives of people at War, surrounded by known enemies, who would kill the first chance they have.  To live in terror, or worse, horror at the slayings, the rape, the crimes against humanity, the genocide, the lack of compassion, the bitter feuds and angers surging below the surface of various populations, the age-old enemies at each other's throats, and those who become deranged and irrational, the unexpected lurking of evil thoughts and deeds perpetrated as heinous crimes and filthy deeds.  The undermining, back-stabbing, unwholesome hatreds, the rawest ignorance acted out by young hit squads, the criminals of unimaginable fury, the evil geniuses amongst us, stealing, robbing even the mightiest of corporations, the masterminds of unspoken acts, the truly warped minds of evildoing cluttering our beautiful world with even more unspeakable actions, man's famous inhumanity to man, the milk of human kindness dried up into the tracks from tanks scalding the hillsides, leaving them bare, homes crushed to nothingness, women raped and children knifed right into their throats.  Yes, the horrors of this world never cease, and our self-created hells are reoccurring each minute of every day around the world, less in some advanced countries, and more in others. 

Enough, the less said, the better, let us move onward, remembering such hells exist simultaneously in a diverse world where all experiences mingle and touch forms. 


At the very root foundation, on the absolute bottom line, Freedom rules creation.  When minds think freely, they bring into creation the products of their thoughts.  When people are free to engage their creativity, things happen, and new ideas are brought to fruition.  Such is the apparent nature of the Universe.  It is free to expand according to its own innate laws.  Nothing can stop the expansion (or contraction) of the universe and nothing can stop the mind from thinking freely, except those who impose controls against the will of the oppressed.

When Freedom breathes freely through an individual, the mind awakens to any idea, no matter what place of fanciful thought.  The universe is always ready and able to respond to the thought.  What we think, we then bring into creation.  Just the very act of thinking, alone, brings forth a creation of sorts, from small to large, from the most infinitesimal to the most colossal idea, the creative principle responds to the thoughts poured into it by the mind itself.  If this seems difficult to understand, please allow an illustration.  If one needs to purchase a car, and makes the decision to get one, a person generally will visualize the kind of car they desire, then begin to look for it.  When found, then the would be buyer has to arrange for the finances.  Perhaps the car is a little more than they can afford, but love the car.  Then the individual starts scouring his/her mind for creative ways to come up with the money.  Maybe there is an extra thousand dollars hidden away in an old savings account just waiting to be flashed into reality.  In any event, the picture is clearer, when a person wants to manifest something, they find the way, often no matter what it takes, they "find a way".  This "finding a way" illustrates the fact that the mind is working overtime, thinking up new ways to make the initial vision happen.  Here is the creative process at work in practical terms.  We are always utilizing this creative process whether we are aware of it or not.  A problem needs to be resolved.  And the creative process goes into action.

Here is another example.  A mother has to pick up her child at school at 3:15 PM.  However she is stuck in traffic on the freeway 10 miles away.  She knows the school closes at 4:00 PM.  She cannot get off the freeway easily, while traffic is at practically a standstill, and has no cellular phone.  What to do?  The creative process might allow her to see that she could see which car in her vicinity has a cell phone, could she borrow it quickly while the driver pulls ahead of her while she makes the call, or perhaps if traffic is moving a little, call out to the driver to call a number and leave a message.

This example serves to demonstrate that even the smallest instances may yield the reward of the creative power within us all.  An issue needs to be addressed, a problem must be solved, in order for the creative principle to be invoked, put one's thinking cap on, and get down to work.  Here, then, the mind is creatively functioning, making things happen, moving energy around, manipulating key points to work things out so that issues are resolved.  There is no end to it, nor is there any limit imposed upon the mind.  Only the individual's degree of acceptance and support of the creative principle then determines the amount of the creative intelligence within the mind.  Those people who have learned to practice more and more of the creative principle within the mind, have begun the process of a greater integration with the Universal Whole.  What is thought in the mind of the person who holds the creative principle at the center of her/his/its life becomes actualized in real life, on the material plane, or in the connection one person has with another.  A higher degree of interaction between the individual self, that person's mind AND the universal mind within and around, so that the two become more interactive and in harmony with itself, yields immense rewards in consciousness for it means that the individual experiencing the conscious flow of thoughts is actively at work, interacting with the cosmic whole, the all and everything - at that moment in time.

This makes for scintillating experiences recognized by individuals who understand the laws of creation and live by them.  For it means that one can consciously enter creation as it happens, by recognizing that it is happening, now, this moment, this INSTANT.  Here, in these very letters, calling forth attention to this moment in time when these words are registered in the thinker's mind reading/hearing this book.  Though the time these words were written remain in the past, and the moment these words are experiences differ, nevertheless we are one in the same mind now, not because one individual wrote these words at the threshold of the new millennium, because the laws governing the creative principle remain universal - they have always been available to any consciousness, anywhere at any time.  Once the creative principle is cogitated sufficiently in a conscious mind to the point of true understanding of its law, it is automatically activated by consciousness itself.  The closer one gets to the inner and higher most self, than the easier the law of creation becomes activated.  This is the equation and principle.  The more one becomes conscious, the more one activates the creative principle - in any field of endeavor, in any domain, or dimension.  There exists trillions upon trillions of possibilities experience uniquely takes us to - and each one of them, a "timeframe" from eternity gifts us by revealing the inner laws from which the universe works.  The creative principle, alive in everyone and everything, constantly is at work, activating events and corresponding experiences within the individual's experiencing reality, nature, life, beauty, love, to the very same degree any individuals believes it to be.

Those who deny these facts, simply are not seeing the Whole, nor admitting its existence.  Everyone has the right to think for themselves, no matter what the opinion.  However, it does not follow that denial alone, disproves the existence of the creative principle, and these very words are proof-positive of it exists.  If anyone denies the existence of the creative principle of the Universe, it really doesn't matter, because the creative principle is operating, nevertheless, anyway, despite that individual's denial, still "doing its thing", manifesting in that person's life.  What we out-picture, we create into being, pulling out of the unseen, that which was uncreated, yet a vision in a mind, now forming, now finding a method of expression into physical form, whether it be a painting or musical composition, or poem.  As we evolve higher in our ability to envision, to picture outward, to see, to see deeply into the nature of things, to become visionary, and see vastly around creation, to gaze, like a stargazer, into infinity, wondering of worlds unseen and life lived elsewhere in the cosmos.  To ponder these modes of thought means to think deeply into life, each facet, whether personal and intimate, or outward in expression, to become one with, and in union with, the Creative Principle, in broader manifestations on a universal scale of things.  Here then, we may explore vaster realms than ever dreamed by human beings - beyond - and within - the human mind and heart.

Our souls become the only proof of God we need.  Our souls alone are proof enough of the creative principle, that we always have at our command, the ability to invoke its laws of manifestation, bringing out of the invisible that which now becomes visible - a creation in the mind of the seeker in truth, the one who adheres to the principles of creative force, the energy behind the ultimate power, the constantly occurring, regenerative forces in creation, moving through our time-stream, actively in contact with the universal principle at work within the Universe.  What connects us between the dimensions of reality (the real world) and the invisible essence inherent within creative living, is the co-creative principle - that place in consciousness where the individual is aligned with the spiritual forces alive within him/her.  When we align ourselves with the Universal presence, detected in virtually everything, we see, hear, touch, feel and know, then we discover the inherent freedom which exists in the thinking process - and cross over, if you will, to the intuitive side of life, that place where we are all nurtured in our living and in our sleeping, in our dreams themselves.

Freedom, as it is well said, is our birthright.  Just by being alive, we are given the right at birth to exercise freedom of thought, of feeling, thinking, doing, knowing, of being.  Sadly there exists many places in this world where such thinking is not supported by the society at large, or its government.  However this does not preclude the principle of creation from existing.  It exists all right , whether or not it is being consciously practiced.  It is always at work whether or not the individual is aware of it.  It makes no difference to the creative principle whether or not the recipient of its benefits, remains conscious or not of the principles behind the way it works.  It works, And that's all that matters to many.  The creative principle is activated by thought, no matter whether it is consciously connected with its origin and source, or whether it remains unconscious of its presence as an active principle in one's life.

The universe is constantly giving of itself in every way possible.  Only the one who recognizes the way this works, and lives by its very presence, is able to utilize these laws creatively and positively for good.  The law itself is not a personal thing, in fact it is, impersonal, and it operates for everyone alike.  The creative principle is available to anyone who recognizes its existence.  Once it has become conscious, then the law is able to integrate the inner and outer beings, the varying dimensions into one coherent, inextricably bound together Whole, and then function from that place.  This is called "location".  Simply, where are you "located" in creation and in your thinking, right now.

The universal mind acts like a "field" where anyone may locate themselves.  Where in the cosmic field are you?  If you do not like the results of what that location in the cosmic field produces, then change your position in the cosmic field.  Do whatever it takes in thinking and in the reality of one's acts, to change one's location in the "field of consciousness".  That's all there really is to it, in a nutshell.

The "field" is unlimited in its very own nature, thus allowing any and all possibilities to exist and coexist.  Where have you placed yourself on that field, consciously or unconsciously.  Where is the part of the field where one might move to, through using the creative principle as a tool to get there?  Take care to evolve upon the field of consciousness and living so that one rises in awareness, producing finer experiences.  If it goes into the negative side of experience, the field, indeed is extremely vast.  Try not to delve too deeply into the negative field because it can swallow you up into nothingness.  The world is fully of hundreds of millions of sad stories to tell, of lives barely lived, on a subsistence level, for lifetimes - where hundreds of millions of other stories tell about opportunities not practiced, underutilized, barely invoked, and I will speak of lives, unfulfilled, and racked with pains on every level available to feel .  The Earth is filled with too many stories, past and present, of lives lived through lifetimes of strife, of fear, in war, where the most precious treasures of life are removed, even homes, and food, and shelter, safety and security, open to the whims of evil or highly controlled minds exercising awful powers upon other persons.  The world is littered by the horrific experiences human beings have visited upon themselves.  It continues to this day, alas, the result of negative out-picturing working within the creative principle.  If one thinks war, and produces the weapons to wield it, mankind surely will make it happen, time and time again, throughout history, there has never been a day on this planet without multiple wars occurring.  Never, since the dawn of recorded history.

What we think, we manifest into creation, no matter what.  The universal field is all encompassing, filling up every kind of experience into reality.  What part of the field do you choose to place yourself?  And how do you change from one location to another?  This process is so easy, it is amazing people haven't been practicing it all these centuries.  PUT JIGSAW ANALOGY HERE Simply change your thinking and you change your life.  This axiom remains at the foundation of the science of thinking.  To think scientifically means to be acutely aware of the creative principle and how it works.  And to use the principles wisely, and above all, consciously.  This is basically all there is to it.  No fancy paragraphs to say it, no exotic words, just simply put in common everyday language: What we think, we manifest into creation.  As we think, we bring into action and make happen.  What we think determines what we think out into the creative principle, and how we think, directs its eternal laws into action.  We must first know how this law works, so that we place the ideas and thoughts we have into its internal engine - that places where consciousness collides between the Eternal Whole and Individual Self, the person, the human being, the man, woman, child, or any being for that matter, into a cohesive state of awareness of the underlying unity and unifying force behind all creation itself.

The amazing fact is that IT is always here, activated and serving at all times.  Just like electricity which is generally always on, ready to have something plugged in - ready to go.  All anyone has to do is recognize its existence, to remember to recognize it, to promise to oneself never to forget to remember the existence of the creative principle as a constantly working active force in one's life.  It is always there, always has been there, and always will be there, because it exists out of time, as it were, it suffuses all and everything with its all-encompassing law.  There is no place it does not operate.  It is always "there", here, anywhere and everywhere, activated and ready to serve.  All it takes is one's consciousness to recognize and push its button of awareness .  Remember to remember that it is always there, even in time of need, when life may seem so utterly bleak, that is the time to recall it - to remember to remember.  To know, without fail, IT is always here, ready to be put into action - the very creative principles these words state in language, for anyone to perceive.

The gift to our lives is our ability to remember that there is a Creative Principle always at work in the cosmos.  It is here, now, and exists within anyone, outside, around, beyond, anywhere and everywhere.  We can utilize it at any time.  What we think into it, returns in some way into our experience and reality.  To think is to create.  What we create demonstrates the results of our lives.  By changing our thinking, we can change our lives.  This fact is probably the greatest discovery of all time.  The axiom: TO THINK is TO CREATE reduces this principle to its most essential level of understanding it.  To practice the principle wisely, creatively and positively, will produce results of startling proportions and can lead one into areas of living, never thought possible, and not dreamed up in one's wildest dreams.

The creative spirit, makes things happen by the thoughts which are applied to it correctly.  One cannot force thought to create a particular result.  The act of thinking into the cosmic field, allows events to take place which will lead the thinker to achieve rewarding results, however the thinker must be alert enough to notice when some new element comes it which allow for change and transformation.  It the thinker misses the point, and it passes by, then one only has to wait for the next collision between the creative principle and reality, for the desired results to be achieved.  It all depends on the quality of thinking, of envisioning , and the careful, non-manipulating, application of the law of creation.  One has to have faith enough in the law that it will work in time.  Instant creation is not always an option, though often achieved.

For maximum results, practice invoking the creative spirit of the universe, and putting its laws to use through clear thinking.  At some point, the process will become united with the invisible side of life, the co-creative power of the universe, alive and functioning within.  When this occurs, something happens where the two sides of coexistence become united into a single whole awareness.  When this becomes realized, then one is working in a partnership with the Whole, and is functioning somewhat as an emissary from the Whole, an individuated being, inculcated with the universal presence, activating the principles of creativity, able to create, to bring into material form, the invisible side of existence.  Great inventions were created from visions and clear out-picturing of ideas.  They manifested into form when the inventor found a way to bring it into reality - to fashion a creation into existence, created from and by the very law of creation itself, through the individuated soul of that human being, or being, anywhere in the whole creation.

It's a marvelous mind to inhabit, one might as well utilize its full potential as an instrument of understanding, knowing, and creative powers.  The mind is the principle tool of the body which it inhabits (and inhabits it) - the person who resides in that particular consciousness.  This tool, is actually a fine-tuned instrument capable of infinite degrees of knowing, knowingness, knowledge, the known and the unknown.  The instrument of the mind requires constant attention and vigilance to keep working at optimum levels.  Each individual must find his or her need for rest, repair and renewal.  The refreshment of sleep, activity, work, play, exercise and all of that.  By practicing positive thinking into the infinite field, by thinking clear thoughts, with authentic visions, pure of heart, open at the top to receive the impressions which will be guided into each human being (or any Being for that matter) that will put the law into action so that the results are materialized into form.  The most sincere and deeply felt thoughts are generally the ones which are activated into reality.  Therefore the final attainment into real life proves the quality of the originating thought.  Through a process of learning and refinement, we acquire the ability to practice this correctly, so that we produce great experiences in which to live life. 

We must remain vigilant by guiding our thoughts into the creative engine which makes the universal principles become activated and work in real life.   Just practice until it becomes a good habit.  Simply remember to remember to practice playing the instrument of the mind, invoking the laws of creation into action, so that our visions are realized, in some way, somehow, and accomplished with good and positive results.  The bottom line is now exposed.  When humanity is able, as a whole, to live by these principles through self-awareness, then consciousness rises to even greater dimensions and the secrets of the universe are revealed to anyone who takes this path.


God, The Creative Principle, One and All, Eternity and all -Creation, are other names for the Divine Origin.  Divine Origin is a nice way of saying God or Deity.  Divine Origin sounds like a beautiful name for someone, a woman or man, perhaps, a child.  In reality, Divine Origin lights the spark, an instantaneous expansion of enlightenment, a vision into the depths of living in the depths of the Almighty.  No matter what our religion, sect, belief system, philosophy, spiritual discipline we follow, there is a general mutual agreement, even amongst deity-honoring religions which oppose each other, that there is only one God for All and everyone.  The One God may be practiced quite differently amongst the various religious groups on Earth, so much so, that one religion's concept of God is diametrically opposed to another religions.  Judaism and Islam, Christianity and Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism are so intrinsically different from each other, that there is little or no reconciliation between the most serious upholders of a specific religious tradition.  We should not confuse the greatest practitioners of their traditions, such as Moses, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Krishna and Buddha with the Almighty Universal Presence which pervades creation which people call God.  The great teachers led the way, each in their own tradition to bring people together into a common spiritual bond.  Each one leads the way to a source, some call it God, and others call it Allah.  Many name it Jesus, and some call it Yahway.  It is the Tao, the emptying of mind in the practice of Buddhism.  All worshipers of any tradition ought not to lose sight of the fact that there exists a creative principle of the universe, and that it is activatable by the consciousness which thinks into the medium of the cosmic "field".  It possesses the power to change one's location in the field by thinking correctly and scientifically, and once changing the location, functioning from a higher level of awareness, thus producing quality results in life.

Highly traditionalist peoples may not readily open up to these principles which might seem foreign and strange to them.  However, whatever their opinions and dictums, it does not stop the creative principle from existing as a reality.  Ignorance of the universal law does not stop the law from working.  Only a conscious mind activating the law can make the law work in harmony with the Universe.  God is knowable from within and from without, from inside and beyond.  No one religion can possess the Whole Truth, none does, however all together, there comes a greater wisdom, a collective awareness that no one is superior to anyone, and that everyone is equal in the creative field, the Law of the Universe plays no favorites - it is available to anyone and everyone alike.

Alas, there are those who fight on behalf of religion, on their corner of the Truth.  The results of these actions produce the very opposite effect, war, starvation, genocide, pestilence, fear, suffering and pain leading to judgment, superiority, intolerance, disrespect, anger, hatred.

"The Whole Truth" is comprised of a study of the Whole, all the spiritual works of humankind, with each persuasion, slant, perspective, sect, cult, school included as part of the whole.  Indeed, how could it be otherwise?  Which one is right?  All of them, of course; each spiritual discipline possesses a measure of truth, and many create a clear link to the Whole by virtue of the clarity of teaching, or instruction.  Intolerance of varying points-of-view is intolerable in itself.  "My way is the better way".  "I am a member of the only true religion, and it is superior."  "Or, I know that my way is the absolute best, so I will feign tolerance, because I am civilized, however deep in my heart, I know, without fail, that mine is the best way - because I know it in my heart of hearts."  And, "I know without the slightest doubt that the religion I believe in is the only way to God."

This territorial perspective gets humanity in a lot of trouble and is the underlying factor in the cause of many wars.  Countless millions have perished throughout history - and even today, because of blind faith and belief in one's own religion.

While all this is happening, Divine Origin stays alive and active, doing its thing which is the upholding of the universal laws by which it eternally functions.  Divine Origin is always "here" serving in its fullest capacities, irrespective of the person or Being who is consciously interacting in its field.  To be aware that if, as the world's religions generally say, that the highest power is God, or the one and all, or the Way, the emptiness, than they point the way to the real nature of Divine Origin which is to be always available, surrounding and immersed in the Whole and All, without exception, its power ready to be placed into action through awareness of the laws by which it exists.  Truly, this is a very simple concept - and it is filled with the greatest capacity to transform thinking on the planet.  No matter what our spiritual persuasion, if we indeed have one, Divine Origin, which is God, is omnipresent.  It emanates The Creative Principle at all times and shows us the way how to utilize its laws.  Any being may activate this principle by the mere recognition of its very existence.  Once this contact is made, there becomes an interaction between The Creative Principle, which is within and without, and the person, the individual who lives on the human side of the co-creator, which in actuality, is one and the same with the Divine Origin.

There is no separation between the human and divine.  The only thing which separates them is the human mind itself. Whatever the human mind thinks, it creates into being.  If it thinks separation, than indeed it is separated - in its consciousness - from the divine, yet from the divine perspective, there is no separation.  Whether or not the human thinker perceives the whole truth and realizes it is part and parcel with the divine, makes to difference to the Divine.  The only difference is that the Divine is not registering the thought from its human side which recognizes its existence, thereby not able to interact consciously with its human self.  This does not stop the Divine Origin from existing.  If a human mind does not recognize its existence, that does not effect the Divine Origin one bit.  It keeps going on in its fullness of being.

The secret is now out once again - and it's been out for a long time, told by countless teachers and sages, the Divine Origin pervades all realms.  It encompasses all existence.  Nothing exists outside of it, because there is no outside.  Nothingness is only a concept, it cannot exist just by its own definition. 
In everyday terms, one might state it thusly:  God is all and everything, which includes every living thing.  Since any individual is thus a co-creator with God, then there is no separation between the two - they are indeed one integrated being with the self and the source - like two sides of the same coin.  One is visible, the other invisible, yet the visible can be seen, and is knowable, and the visible is capable of fully interacting with its invisible self.  According to the degree one perceives this to be so, the greater the interaction.  The more one understands the underlying principles, the more the principles are able to work and be activated within the being perceiving the whole.

It's as simple as this:  According to the degree one comprehends the universal laws of co-creation with the eternal and divine origin, to that degree the divine is able to function through one.  This being so, then it follows what we think into the Divine Origin , determines the outcome of what we manifest.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon each one of us to train our minds to think clearly , creatively and positively - and pour the thinking process directly back into the Divine Origin from whence it came.  This establishes interactivity between the self and the invisible.  The invisible is still perceptible through insight, inner vision and feeling, and it is here one goes to interact with the source of all existence -  The Creative Power, The Fundamental Source, The All and Everything, Supreme Being, God.
The visible remains obvious - it's experiential, existing on the material plane, the body, mind environment.

As these two facets of being - the visible and invisible - coexist as one unified Being in form, Human or otherwise, they interact together, creating a union of the individual being, and its "self" with the invisible Whole, Divine Intelligence within and beyond.  In the interaction between both facets of a human being, may be discovered the treasure our Universe presents to us and all beings everywhere.  The treasures of an inner life interacting with living Life at maximum awareness.  When the two unite, here comes harmony and more, far more, including each person to his/her capabilities and potential.  Nevertheless it flows between soul to spirit, from the heart to our minds, every day, all day, even while sleeping among our dreams - even that where the mind ranges far beyond reality and enters unusual states of being.  Within ourselves and amongst each other, spirit flows through humanity.  Each second, every instant billions interact in their "timeframes", human beings talk, communicate extensively.  Big Time.  And the whole collective species called Homo Sapiens all six-billion of us, each experience our own still frames as they flash to our lives through the years we account for time.
These billions of interacting "timeframes" interconnect into the one vast whole species we name Human Beings, each one, being its own person, unique, no matter what, different from any other, yet a race of people from the Earth

And how vast the billions of streams of human interaction - always changing, second by second, minute by minute, humanity speaks so many languages and dialects, the thousands of cultures coexisting with each other, some with tension, and some in harmony, it all depends where in the world we are.  Each one of us, an individual representative from the Creative Principle, the First Cause, the Spirit in Back of Life, God, the One Power and Eternal Principle actively this instant, reflecting back the essence of itself constantly into the human streams and individuated souls, ourselves, people, you and I.  As we pour ourselves out into the Divine Origin, by utilizing our thoughts wisely, we then reach a symbiosis between self and eternal, where one guides the other as we live on the edge of experience, aware of the flow from moment to moment, and conscious of our thoughts as they think out into the internal and cosmic realms.

This symbiosis may reach epic proportions in any individual who follows the law of the creative principle - co-creation and interaction coexist between the visible and invisible, the self and eternal, between Man and Universal Truth.  In the meeting place between self and soul, we are charged and recharged, pursue creative thought to maximum degree, think deeply into the universal mind which responds in kind, through peak experiences, connections, unexpected surprises, synchronous events, new associations, love, children, life lived with a greater capacity for life, vitalized with energy, we peer into the infinity of our souls to know the stars within, while receiving universal thoughts, lovingly, safely, securely no matter who we are, where, or what or how.  Our given birthright is our spiritual freedom, to ponder, as we will, the depths of living in the love of the Almighty power we call God.

Love God, God loves, That's all


Perhaps the simplest and most powerful equation ever spoken.  This is a chant to be repeated many times over.  Love God - Respect the essence of universal mind as it remains an active force in one's life.  Listen for clues.  Love God, o what potent words these make together - it means to love the very nature which snaps this world into existence and to interact with it as a viable force in one's life.  God Loves -  The Universe gives life, it creates the heavens, galaxies, suns and planets.  We inhabit one world in space, a water planet and how fortunate we are to be so abundant with water.  God Loves because the tendency of the Universe is to give, to bring forth light, to make heat with a star to power a world, to create an atmosphere where creatures evolve to live within the nature of that atmosphere.  And Love is the expression of the universal mind, nurturing, giving, granting, being, hoping, praying, meditating, touching, holding, healing, acknowledging.  That's All - An all-encompassing embracing connection between two syllables.  The uniting of self and soul.  Love God, God Loves, That's All. 

One God for all, one Universal Mind embodied in everything that lives, regardless of the life form which lives in it.  Whatever name we give it, or whatever concept we subscribe to it, we are still referring to the same thing - that there undeniably a universal presence instilled within all creation.  Physics is governed by universal laws and we are all physical beings.  This presence, this fact of life, this energizing power and amazing force animates us into becoming more than just flesh and bone, it gives us thinking power, a Mind to think into, it operates at high voltage in every timeframe of eternity, it is universal in scope and is available at all times to utilize on whatever level of need at that moment.  Whatever we think into it, we manifest in some form or another.  If we do not like what we have produced in our lives, we have the option, and privilege to simply change our thinking, think differently and pour fresh thoughts into the Creative Principle.  It responds in kind, always, in some way, to bring forth the out -picture of one's original vision or thought.  This is how change can be effected in life.  It is much more difficult to change neighborhoods, cities or countries, jobs, associates and friends to create change, only to find the same old thinking patterns remaining because one did not fundamentally change the conditions of life. 

Positive and Negative experiences all serve to complete the dimensions of life.  However the tendency is toward the positive site of life.  No matter how negative and violent life can become, the tendency still moves toward the positive side of life.  The sun shines and supports heat and light, fueling our world.  Our orbit remains stable, we are a water planet filled with arable lands sustaining billions of people.  We inherited a planet so widely varied in its fauna and flora, its oceans, rivers, lakes and seas; its mountains, hills and valleys, it's plains, plateaus and coastlines, from tropics to the arctic and everything in between, our forests and rain forests, our desert lands, the caves, the deeper earth revealing such wealth of silver, gold, precious stones, copper, iron, coal, oil, minerals - there is so much abundance upon and within this Earth of ours - our fertile soils, fresh water, rain, snowfall, that greens our world, year after year, cycle after cycle , the earth changes and transforms itself and through it all, this living Earth of ours, with its molten core ever breathing fire to the surface, is alive and changing, giving constantly to the Whole.

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