Cosmic Consciousness


Cosmic Consciousness is defined as: to be conscious of the Cosmos; to bring into awareness the Moon, Planets, Stars, Galaxies, the Heavens and the Universe - the Cosmos itself in all its physical existence and in all its dimensions, even those surpassing Human understanding.
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Farthest Galaxies ever photographed. © Hubble Telelescope, Courtesty NASA

Cosmic consciousness is closely related to God Consciousness. The relationship between both Cosmic and Consciousness and God Consciousness is obvious because, in a metaphorical sense, the Universe, the Cosmos, is akin to the body of God and all there is, on all planes of existence. If indeed, absolutely everything and all dimensions are the manifestations of God, then it follows that to become Cosmically Conscious will bring to us a far reaching and colossal vision of the Universe in which we live.
We begin with an estimate of the actual size of our brain, simply a few square inches and centimeters more or less inside our heads. Within our brains (spinal cords, and hearts) we as Human Beings possess a mind which brings cognition to all we think, see, hear, sense and know. It is amazing to ponder the fact that in such a small organ, the brain, and even within a smaller part of the brain, the frontal lobes, it is possible to think and ponder something so immense as the Universe that it boggles the mind to conceive that the physical brain is so tiny in comparison to the enormity of the Universe, and yet this awe-inspiring Cosmos is available for us to know and understand.
In these few square centimeters of the brain, we have access to Cosmic Consciousness, because we are part of it, connected to it, for it is what created us. In the creation of our galaxy, the Milky Way, in the creation of our Sun and Solar System, in the creation of our Planet, Earth, in the creation of the Human Race and our Human Minds, we owe it to the Cosmos, for this all was created in Cosmos and we are a function of that Cosmos, we are living in it, we are part of it, connected to it, manifested within it, and are citizens of it. Yes , all Humanity are citizens of the Universe, in the same manner as we are citizens of our nations and respective governments.
The principal difference is that throughout our Human histories, we have been Earth-centered and thus evolving, slowly, O, so slowly in our awareness. Only in the 20th century have we, due to communications and travel, finally come to the realization we are a global society, and even that has become much clearer in the last 20 years due to satellite communications and the rapid growth of the Internet which allows any one online to connect with any other person also online, irrespective of where they live in the world.
As our global consciousness broadens and deepens to the point of becoming institutionalized in our everyday lives, we come to the realization that we are indeed a global society and our world is becoming small enough to be comprehended in our own minds - these few square inches within our heads. As the relative spherical size of our heads mirrors the sphere we inhabit, the Earth Itself, so it is now capable of reaching beyond to include our solar system, and reach out to the stars in a conscious embrace of the Cosmos itself.
As we are now augmenting our thinking to take in the events on the Earth as they occur through the dissemination of mass communications, we are also expanding our minds outward to the Cosmos, and in order to do this, we are directly going deeper into our minds to mirror the enormity of it all. Just to think globally is a phenomenal exploration into the inner expansion of our mind's inner eye. Imagine how much deeper the Mind can go as it mirrors the Cosmos from within, based upon the knowledge it receives from empirical sources and how much dramatically farther it can travel to its far most reaches through the instantaneous flash of expanded insight!
Once more, we must be reminded that all this takes place in these few square centimeters. Thoughts become "Things" as they are brought into creation by our thinking process. We all know what it feels like to be embraced by the thoughts of someone else's profound love for us. Their thoughts of love become palpable, just as our loving thoughts to someone are experienced, no matter how far away on the Earth they are. Thoughts are things, and as our loving and peaceful thoughts circulate the globe, they resonate in some manner, somewhere, somehow.
In this manner, our thoughts also go out into space. The most obvious example is our Moon. Since it is so near to the Earth, since the beginning of time, it has illumined the dark for almost all of our planet's creatures. It has served the human mind to such a degree, that that celestial body has become a primary icon within our human consciousness. And may we not forget the Sun itself, that which we take for granted every day of our lives. It illumines our lives, brings us warmth and makes everything exist. The Sun and Moon appear in almost every book ever written, and is seen in almost painting ever created. The Human Mind has embraced these two celestial objects because of our dependency upon them.
For centuries Humanity has been aware of the Moon's gravitational pull on the Earth, and the coming of going of the tides. Even the earliest seafarers were aware of the high and low tides and the relationship of the sun to the horizon. The telling of time comes from the immemorial depths of human experience and it has been the foundation to our daily living, (with few exceptions) to absolutely everyone living in the world.
Thus, Humanity already possesses cosmic awareness to a remarkable degree. The stars are legendary. What poet has not refer to them? What artist has not painted them? Who has never seen and pondered them. The Stars themselves, points of light, that only in recent times our telescopes have proven them to be clusters of stars, galaxies, and clusters of galaxies. These stars which have awakened the imagination of almost every child who ever lived, and thus every person who ever existed, even the blind, and even the retarded. The stars have impinged our consciousness with such a radiance, that they too have been our point-of-reference to the Universe. Just to gaze at the stars on a clear night, almost everyone who ever lived has been startled in some manner to ponder their existence in the Cosmos. We as a human race, have already possessed a form of Cosmic Consciousness all of our lives.
Now in the 21st Century, we have the technological means to go to them, and in the coming century we will not only visit them, but we will begin to inhabit them, not just our own tiny solar system, but other nearby stars within our own galaxy, and as the centuries go on, we will ultimately take our place in the community of worlds where intelligent and peaceful, nonviolent existence is lived on much higher planes of awareness than we live in the world today.
We must now prepare our minds to enlarge our understanding of Cosmic Consciousness by expanding our awareness of the Universe. The following tools are available to almost anyone who wishes to be educated in these matters: The study of Astronomy which is expanding exponentially due to the great tools of technological advancements in all forms of telescopes and super-computer analysis. These tools alone, a lifetime's worth of study, are enough to grasp the expansiveness of space and the cosmos. An understanding of Time relative to ourselves, based upon the speed of light and how long it takes the light of the most distant galaxies more than 13 billion light-years to reach the Earth, our telescopes, and our photographs which are made available for anyone to study.
An expansion of our Imaginations to mentally travel farther into the Cosmos either based upon the knowledge we receive from outside sources, from our gazing at the stars, and from our own imaginary wanderings into the Universe.
We may first accomplish this expansion of our thinking in an orderly manner. To re-observe the moon, now so familiar to us, to study photographs of the other side of the moon. To realize how rare it must be in the entire Universe that a satellite of a planet, our Earth, rotates at precisely the same speed in relationship to the Earth. The fact that we eternally only witness one side of the moon is an amazing phenomenon. What are the physical forces in our own area of the solar system that made this happen?
We may also with the greatest respect come to understand the sun, not only for its warmth and light which makes all life grow on our World, but for its beauty, for its birth of the solar system, and for the magnificent and exquisitely beautiful planet it has created for us, and nurtured for billions of years. Now we are aware of just how central to our existence is this solar Star, that which we call the Sun. As the earth rotates and moves toward the crepuscular light of sunset, the sun lights rays through our atmosphere and we witness sunsets of unimaginable beauty, sunrises, rainbows arcing through moisture in the air when the sun is at a low horizons. Some of us also see northern and southern lights as the ions generated by the sun bounces off the Earth's upper atmosphere. And the fortunate few people who have taken in the awe-striking vision of the "Specter of the Brocken", when at sunset or sunrise, the sun from behind casts its shadow down into a chasm which has just the right amount of drizzling moisture in the air, where a person's shadow jumps three-dimensionally out and down into the atmosphere circled by a brilliant rainbow around that person's body floating in the air. As the sunlight from behind casts the shadow into the distance, one can see slender tendrils of shadow emanating from their fingers, threading their way to a silhouette of their body, just hanging there in space, surrounded by a circle, and sometimes, when there is just the right amount of light at the horizon and the exact amount of moisture in the mountain chasm, one can see a double and even a rare triple rainbow in a circle, like a brilliant ring around the shadow of their body.
Here is the light of our sun in all its glorious manifestation of sublime beauty, the fainessence of that subtle light as it permeates the world at the golden moment of a blue-violet sky in a crystal-clear twilight. The beauty of the sun is measured by the years of our lives, and if we recollect those times where the sun dazzled us with beautiful experiences and memories, we could write volumes, and recall the majesty of "old sol", our primary star, our warmth, our light, the splendor of our existence, the very essence of our physical beings, the star of our lives.
Next, we view Venus in the heavens, that soft enclouded planet, worshiped by people and civilizations throughout history. When Venus rises in the evening sky, in the blue-black twilight, our hearts rise in a flush of something wonderful as the beauty of our closest planet is legendary. As our spaceships explore Venus, we learn how hot it is, its poisonous atmosphere, if breathed, would kill us in an instant. It is many years away when a human-powered space ship could set down on Venus. Yet, because of photographs of the surface , and the vision of scientists who created the ships to float down to the surface, our human eyes have extended themselves to another world.
And to Mars we go, our Pathfinder discovering new worlds to know, with the knowledge that Mars can and will receive Human Beings on its surface, where human colonies can be created from the very mining of its subsurface and from its rocks.
As we reach out farther in our exploration of our solar system, we come to Jupiter, that giant planet with its own heart, almost a sun, a gaseous Herculean planet-star, with its immense and unbearable surface pressures, bringing its own light and heart to its many moons. As our spaceships with their cameras explore these moons, we learn more about our universe, and our neighbors. Our consciousness expands with our science, as it rockets to these places, we, as contemporary people, widen our horizons to take in the greater whole, our senses pinpointed to even greater heights of awareness. We are already, in our own lifetimes viewing these planetary bodies from up-close, and our imaginations are inflamed with fresh passions to view the Universe.
Even farther through our solar systems, our spaceships go, to look at Saturn, and the outer planets, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Eventually we will visit our nearest Star in our galaxy, Alpha Centaur I, where perhaps we will cross paths with other planets and satellites orbiting around them. In the first half of the 21st century, we will explore the nearest stars around our Sun, and afterwards, we will slowly travel into our section of our Milky Way galaxy with its three hundred million suns or so.

The Milky Way, which can be seen by the naked eye, appears like a cloud of light across the nighttime heavens. Watching it though binoculars, we are dazzled by each point of light we see in the canopy stretching from horizon to horizon in a panoramic arc sweeping across our vision. This galaxy, which gave birth to our Sun, spans approximately 100,000 light-years in diameter. And since our Star is relatively young in relationship to the center of the Milky Way, our common name for our Galaxy, we are looking at it edge-on, from the outer extremity toward its central core where the suns are closer to each other.
And so, our Cosmic Consciousness begins here. Please take note of the following paragraph. On the one hand, we are standing on the Earth's surface gazing upward to the Milky Way Galaxy, watching its canopy of stars. On the other hand, we are gazing directly into 100,000 light years from the outer edge of our place in the Galaxy. And all this time, all the suns, including our own Sun, are rotating infinitesimally slowly around the Galactic Core. Just as our Earth planet rotates around the Sun, our Sun moves around the Galaxy with all the others in relative rotation to each others. It takes several billion years for our Sun, the Earth and the whole Solar System to rotate once around the Galaxy, and this is called a Galactic Year.
As we think deeply upon this, pondering our place in the Cosmos, no longer are we simply standing on the ground looking up to the Milky Way Galaxy, we are also looking into the light of suns coming to us from 6 to 100,000 years ago. We have the power with the naked eye to gaze through the edge of our galaxy by virtue of our Sun's placement in it, and see into infinity, through direct observation, no longer gazing with a three-dimensional linear awareness of ourselves, the ground and the stars, but with a fourth-dimensional consciousness of actually seeing how far the eye can see, and knowing how far we are seeing into, into the light of suns, into time, into relative infinity, into deep space.
Take this all into our few square centimeters of the brain, feel it, tremble at the awesome immensity of it all, and realize with absolute certainty, that our Minds can conceive even the vastest distances as a reality, not as an abstraction. Just as we see the Sun, Moon, nearby Planets, we also see our own Galaxy, and we are constantly moving around it at about 10,000 miles per second!
This is happening NOW, this Instant, and each succeeding Instant, as it has been happening in all preceding Instants. We have been moving around our own Galaxy, and only the most advanced Astronomers have know this. Before this was merely textbook knowledge. And now this may become an everyday reality. As we absorb the sheer immensity of just our own Galaxy, and really comprehend it AS IT IS, not as an abstraction, but as a flash of complete understanding, then we begin to understand the nature of Cosmic Consciousness, and only then, can we commence bringing this consciousness outward even farther to encompass the nearby galaxies in our own galactic neighborhood, the Andromeda Galaxy, our twin galaxy, and the others just farther out.
Here our journey in Cosmic Consciousness begins, and as we shall see later on, just how far that can take us, and to what worlds may we alight on in our consciousness, and to know how magnificently vaster than vast we can see, how far into infinity we can go into our wanderings, into our imaginations, our deepest insights, and to know that all this is happening within these mere few square inches and centimeters, from the same power in the mind that reads and understands these words, to the most farsighted visions we are capable of attaining within our lifetimes.
This life on Earth of ours is no longer just to be lived on the surface of our planet, it is to be lived in our consciousness of Cosmic Awareness, and when we overlay our minds upon the Immensity of Space and Time, we may receive the gift of knowing for certainty, how tiny we are in relationship to the Universal Scheme of things, and how humbled we must become in comparison to the enormity of it all. Our few square inches flash into Cosmos, and all that can be said, is how GREAT it IS.
Now, Dear Reader, if it is nighttime, go outside and gaze out to the stars. In the infinite boundless reaches of space, may you find your consciousness stretching to heretofore unfathomed heights. In our radiant search we may come to find ourselves, and we may raise the light of Cosmic Consciousness to worlds undreamed of, as we flow through our mind's most far-reaching thoughts to our inmost realities we will ultimately discover our actual existence in the Cosmos.

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