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Anthology of Poetry and Writings

The Web Edition of Paul Lloyd Warner's Anthology of Poetry and Essays is excerpted from their respective book titles.  No book is presented here in its entirety.  For more information, please contact the author by clicking here.

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Peace, Love and Wisdom (1994)
      4 Chapters

The Oracle of Whales (1979-1984)

The Miracle of Dolphins (1982-2001)

The Orcan Chronicles (1982)

The Immense Dawn (1959-1967)

Arion (1993)

Atomic Poetry (1987)

Poetry as Medicine  (1991)

The Garden Planet  (1993)

Original Haiku (1959-1968)

Chinese Translations - Poetry of Du Fu (Tu Fu) (1973-1980)
       8 Selected Poems

Message from the Stars (1994)

The Fourth Dimension
      Holographic Thinking in the 21st Century (2001-2002)

New Poems (2001-2004)

Metaphysical Essays (2001-2002)

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