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Paul Lloyd Warner is well-known as a composers of contemporary music. Renowned  in the field of music for progressive classical, healing  and meditation music, Paul is one of the founders (in the 1970's) of a new school of music devoted specifically to musical therapy, positive thinking, and beauty as the highest standard. Paul sees music and poetry as the cultural inheritance of humankind. He has dedicated his life to creating works of universal quality that appeals to many cultures now and for the future. 

Paul started writing poetry at the age of 16 and continued self study of poetry as an art form until he entered the University of California at Los Angeles where he majored in English literature. During the time of his studies, he was published in the bi-annual UCLA literary magazine, Westwinds and was a featured poet for two years in a row.  After he wrote what he considered to be his first great poem that defined his personal poetic style, he ceremoniously burned all his earliest works, believing them to be his student manuscripts.

At that point, at the age of 21, Paul Lloyd Warner dedicated his life to the writing of poetry as his mtier (his primary work as an artist in life) and has not swerved from that promise he made in his youth.  Paul has written more than 35 books of poetry, most of which are centered around a single subject. For example, The Oracle of Whales, the story of whales from their point of view; The Miracle of Dolphins - the ancient stories told by humans about dolphins through the voice of the dolphins.  Paul Lloyd Warner's early lyrical, yet modern, poems (The Immense Dawn) were written in his 20s, primarily in Los Angeles, Italy, New York and Greece.

The Oracle of Whales was written in Maui, Honolulu, San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California, between 1979 and 1985. The manuscript was self-published in 1986. Designed and printed by the author, the book sold 10,000 copies direct to the public at art festivals and fairs throughout the United States.

There is an extraordinary and dynamic range to the subject matter in Paul's writings, going from the ancient Greek Lyric all the way to new dimensions in writing such as his holographic "Atomic" Poetry (poetry that can be read two directions simultaneously).  Peace, Love and Wisdom, composed in the early 1990s is Paul's epic poem in ten chapters dedicated to world peace and humanitarianism.  The writings published on this web site represent a sampling of the poet's work, a few chapters from some of the artist's works at most.

The themes in Paul's work encompasses all of humanity, the stars and universe, the families of whales, dolphins, orcas, world peace, the future of civilization, holographic psychology, individual spirituality and nature as the highest form of beauty.  Paul's most recent work, written after 2000 is entitled The 4th Dimension which is a more scientific, yet metaphysical work about comprehending the nature of the cosmos through an exploration of space and time.

Paul is a visionary who fervently believes that pure poetry is the literary vehicle which unites words directly to the mind's thinking processes and the heart. He has also translated the great Chinese poet, Du Fu, into English. During his graduate years, when he lived in Europe, (1959-1962) the author translated modern European poetry into English from French, Italian and Spanish.

Paul Lloyd Warner currently resides in the San Diego, California area devoting his time to writing and editing books, preparing manuscripts for publication,  and creating new music.

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