The 4th Dimension

First Two Chapters - 2001-2002

The 4th Dimension - Detail of a Digital Painting by Paul Lloyd Warner

Detail of Digital Painting by Paul Lloyd Warner

Sparkling shimmering light
Glinting out of a flash.
A burst of stars
Instant points of sight
Into a brighter world.

Luminescence blooms
Dazzling the pupil.
Eyes spark, popping open
Minds to think anew
And fix the gaze
Into the fourth dimension.

Space Time Continuum
Interlocked, synchronous
Universal essence
Ever present reality
Commanding our attention
Each split-second.

Glittering reflections
Flicker in the water,
Earth spins concentrically
Slowly as sun goes down.
Rose and yellow rays
Expand horizons.

Bedazzled, the stars affirm
Themselves in galaxies
As they slowly circle
The galactic core,
Shattering through time
In cosmic rhythms

Millions of them, billions
Of milky ways, trillions of stars,
Quadrillions of worlds
All networked
In a divine  s y n c h r o n I c I t y.
Wow!  It's here, NOW.

Welcome to the 4th Dimension.
It was always here.
Perhaps it was never not here.
Call it creation, name it sacred,
O vast universe expanding
In multiple dimensions.

You impinge me with life.
I flick into your light,
Snap into your presence
Until I feel you as my soul knows;
I shimmer in your glow
And extract you into art.

A poem blows soft words
Straight into hearts.
Beloved one who reads or hears,
Know this, that you are loved
By creation almighty as
It greets its own creation.

Sum total of all stars
In all galaxies through all time
Surrounds each living thing,
And each one knows infinity
To the precise degree
As each mind perceives it.

Less or more, there's more here,
Focus on the more, not less.
From now on look beyond the norm
And see into the nature of things
As they are, a whole creation
Surrounding itself with space and time.

That's it, really.  What's more?
The detail, of course, the worlds out there,
What lives inhabit them?
How advanced are they in art and science?
Their "Earths", are there any with double stars
Rising gold in rose and purple nights

Mighty civilizations evolve to heights
Where every active thought is blessed
With higher consciousness?
Imagine one with buildings floating high
Where high-thought beings fly in peace
Between the united worlds of planets.

Calculate the numbers and we'll find
Out of billions of worlds will yield
A few great planets where wisdom grounds
High beings with munificence and grace,
Who have mastered 4th dimension time travel
And build galaxies on colossal scales.

Inhale the fragrance of a rose, dear friend,
take in its deeper scent, exhale out the love,
inhale with a finer breath and smell the rose
in all its glory, the depths of it, its oil delicate
and pure as it wafts perfume into your nose,
breathe out love and breathe in the essence.

Breathe in the stars, into the farthest reaches
Of our being and exhale the wisdom of knowing
they touch us at our deepest core,
where consciousness thrives being alive.
That place where conscience dwells along
With insight gazing into the dance of galaxies.

A song shines thoughts in blazing visions
As we look through into space-time,
Each and every single star emits light
Emanating all directions, star bursts in time,
Eons later, I catch the light into these eyes
And tingle in its rays, impacting me profoundly!

I eclipse through myself, aware I'm in Time,
Hanging out here in space, gazing into galaxies
Pin-wheeled on arcs in the heavens beyond skies,
So profusely do stars impact me, I ignite,
Then explode, bursting into higher consciousness
And witnessing from multiple directions simultaneously.

I positively light my thinking like fireworks
Shimmering through neurons.  And boom, suddenly
Enlightenment, it just happens; poetry flares
Words so vast, they touch eyes and go into the mind
As stars circle around the outer edge of a galaxy,
We are simply made of cosmic stuff.

Our world made us into humans
our minds create us into visionaries.
We are all cosmically created.
Anyone, right now, has full access to the universe.
In fact, it's happening all around right now.
Grace into the stars and feel their magnitudes.

Gold, pure spiritual gold in being just alive,
Each single moment, aware of the cosmos
While living here now in real life.
A radiance enshrines all, make contact
With ourselves and creation, the whole all
Time space continuum in all dimensions

Impacts me to maximum.  I glow in its light
my mind resplendent, thoughts laser into words
High lighting a create process as it happens,
Revealing starlight auras with their essence poured
into the matrix of my soul as I behold
eons by thousands phasing through time.

Listen to the Intelligence that is the Universe,
Holder of all wisdom where science is birthed
Through treasured souls who discover its laws.
What greater awe is there to know
Than Cosmos in all splendor?
Whose brilliance surrounds each living being.

It is ours to know, each person reading/hearing,
Living in the moment, catching glimpses of eternity,
Here is revealed that which is known - The Stars . . . . .
Billions of galaxy, trillions of suns, countless planets
Where dwell Beings of high intelligence,
universal races inhabiting highly advanced worlds.

As Human Beings search the heavens for signs
Of intelligent life, it shall be confirmed in due time
There exists networks of advanced civilizations
Throughout all galaxies,  we are not alone,
we are evolving slowly on a planet near the outer galactic rim as we look through space into infinity.

How many intelligent worlds might exist out there
In depths of space millions of light years away?
What alien minds shine wisdom from the heavens?
Listen in the heart, echoed through our souls
Popping open minds to see galactically!!!
Insight broadens onto vaster panoramas.

Awestruck minds stand galvanized together
Behold the firmament speaks wisdom from stars.
Intelligent beings are speaking truths to humankind.
Be quiet, and they come to ears who hear them well
Subtle vibratory frequencies squeak into the mind,
They bring pure wisdom from the 4th Dimension.

Stars and galaxies are ours to know
In these few square inches of our brains.
Cup your hands around your temples,
Feel the size of your head, in few square centimeters
Streaking through neurons, the mind illuminates
And reflects upon the light of suns.

It boggles the mind, staggers the intellect,
Stretches thinking beyond limits and thrusts us
To the Fourth Dimension where we "See" anew.
Add just one dimension and we jump from three
Into time and space fused in one continuum
A vast network of galactic sectors ever changing.

Wise civilizations govern here, pool their knowledge,
One only needs to leap into knowingness to behold it.
Forget evil, it doesn't exist in some worlds, know that!
Galaxies so advanced, their worlds in harmony,
Many thousands of planets to visit in giant spacecraft.
Think of the fun of time-traveling within Andromeda.

Think not evil to enjoy the universe fully, please,
Let it go from our hearts, it's not the way to wisdom.
True wisdom holds the lights of suns inside our minds.
Enlivening our thinking to such clarity, we reflect back
Into the depths of us to extract great wisdom from within.
We advance into the next dimension, finer than we were.

Remove evil and we feel wisdom higher than before,
Where once was good and evil, now there's only good.
Not possible?  Mutual cooperation at the highest level
With respect, tolerance, love, compassion, righteousness.
Forge bonds of understanding throughout the Worlds
Where mentors guide their stars to higher powers.

Human peoples throughout the Earth, listen to the stars
Within our souls, know Paradise we long for, attains itself
As we evolve from fear into everlasting sentience,
Clear minds track thoughts consciously on a course
To know the stars so deeply in the breadth of us,
We see 4th Dimensionally beyond . . . . . . . . .

4th Dimensional thinking clarifies our minds
like a clear mirror in space reflecting back the stars
to Earth from telescopes; galactic pictures snapped
in a vacuum, transmits images from time
into high resolution computers, our lenses get better
they peer into remote infinity to take photographs.

Then enhanced into even clearer vision, it's happening now, this moment, telescopes click away all over the Earth,
Accumulating knowledge, expanding thresholds
Science expands exponentially, we enter the future, now!
Satellites orbit Earth, global communications, one world
Emerges from its past and ponders the whole and All.

In the universe exists a law, it's universal.
All beings come into existence and eventually they die,
Yet no one may force another being out of existence.
There is some evil in the universe for it exists on Earth,
And who knows what other evil worlds exist?
From our self-created evil, we must extricate ourselves

To know freedom from fear, filled with love from within,
To be free from suffering, being a servant, giving,
Receiving, magnificent  of spirit, enthralled by living,
Creative thinking is the right of every thoughtful person,
As it thinks, it creates into being that which it imagined,
And thus it exists, for good or worse, Choose Good.

Choose RESPECT for oneself and all peoples, choose LOVE,
Select UNIVERSALITY and live High-mindedly, conscious
Each instant, aware of every thought and nuance
While experiences plays itself throughout the days,
Think on broader planes of awareness, contemplate stars,
Rush your mind through time and space with ease.

Explore our time-continuum, cogitate dimensions,
That's All there is to it, the All, the Everything, the Whole
Vast clarity glowing in our thinking, what a mind to fill
Is the one who blasts through the universe at light-speed
Even faster scanning thousands of galactic cores,
Old burned out galaxies inversed to black holes

Whirling time into a mass so dense, it clogs light forever,
Gliding past nebulas and nurseries where stars are born,
Where galaxies are made from light so powerful,
It blasts hundreds of millions of stars into existence
Like a Nautilus spewing his sperm in deep waters,
Stars are born, some birth planets, others Life itself.

Profusely in such abundance just on Earth,
imagine other worlds where Life abounds,
advanced beings whose thinking is so refined,
they build craft to transport themselves through time,
wisdom builders who gift each soul they touch
with beneficence and grace, living on grander planes

of existence while mastering lightwaves at work,
visiting other worlds, such immense craft sleek
through timeframes, reaching through infinity,
landing on distant worlds to become fresh and new,
vacationing the stars lands us on planets with chasms
so deep, their mountains burst beyond their atmosphere.

Hundreds of miles, crest to bottom, but there is a gift.
The world is light-gravity and one can fall like a bubble
Slowly down with small pressure change in atmosphere
While drifting past cliffs, level by level, ever changing,
Always shifting, new worlds to see, getting greener
Blooming landscapes open vistas of mighty florals

far as eyes see, then down some levels into scenes
Wonderful and strange, with foliage endemic, unusual
Unique in all the universe, like Maui's Silverswords
Growing atop Haleakala, plant forms like nothing else
In the world, so is the Universe in all its dimensions,
And as we descend the canyon deeper, we go further

down toward the center of the immense valley
where the greatest pleasure of all resides,
We float onto a light gravity dense cloud,
A viscous mass of atmosphere somewhere between
Water and air, an elixir of tangible air where one flies
and swims through space, air so fresh it  VITALIZES.

For hours our bodies are refreshed and invigorated
With such an exquisite feeling, we soar light gravity
Being nurtured by the atmosphere, flying through
"almost water - not quite air" easily as breath, soaring,
aiming ourselves to "over there", diving, then jumping
a thousand feet high only to flow into new adventure.

Glimpse into mighty worlds and wonders of our universe
As we traverse galaxies as smoothly as passing stations
Only to land on a planet somewhere in the outer half,
A world of such beauty, poets cry throughout the stars
Only few compare to shimmering light, with sunsets
So vast and multi-dimensioned, they bring eyes to tears.

Such refined sea-landscapes, a floating world spread out
Through lightweight oceans, water-essence sparkles gold
And moonlit nights, twelve moons to be exact
Each reflecting light onto its planet in a different color,
Hues from violet to infrared, rose-blues, green purples,
Blue-black skies, gold flash, lightning bolts in slow motion

De-ionize the atmosphere, purify the oxygen infused
With the freshest scents imaginable, exuding the essence,
Inhale the fragrance, knowing this is real while it happens.
Breathe in the cosmic sweetness, taking its quintessence,
Just imagine and it's so; the function of mind is to create
Out of thinking and feeling the results, come visit stars,

May they nurture visions; gaze into the infinity,
Know the stars from such a depth, life experiences
A new reality, We are living consciously, each split-second
Of our lives no matter what happens. We are born anew,
Every instant of our lives, each moment opportunes chances to explore push away the old dimensions.

"Bring in the Fourth", the 4th Dimension that is.  Step up
to Creation and see it from space, and time.  It exists
in a vacuum, filled up with stars, and it is so vast, it streaks
forth time, ever expanding into its whole existence,
it populates itself profusely on a scale so colossal
it filters consciousness to high states of awareness

And we are immersed in the creation, COSMOS
To the such degrees that we are inoculated by it.
It never stops from being, it exists continuously
All the time; the stars and all there is, touches us forever,
Everywhere and in every way possible.  We are its gift.
It created us and all that lives.  The stars are Ours to know.

Time immemorial they existed even before Earth was born,
Universe happened in a flash, burst - an idea popped out
And called it Creation, a billion quintillion terabytes
Atomically bonded in form with nebulas, galaxies, suns, planets, comets, moons, everything there IS, connecting
The whole evolution into a solid mass ever expanding

Contracting, pulsing rare frequencies, quarks suck up
Light like Black Holes, dense cosmic vacuum cleaners
Thwarting light from being, forcing it to vanish,
Magnetic fields, far vaster than our solar system
Shower particles projectile-like, booming in silence,
The cosmos beguiles, guide your ship safely onward

For we are born of Cosmos first, then Earth,
4th Dimensional thinking reveals this fact as truthful,
What is Cosmos?  Sum of Totality in all dimensions,
Even the ones beyond human understanding,
May we venture to guess the Multiplicity
And how time curves back upon itself again.

And what of God?   Whether one ascribes a Divine Mind
at work creating life into existence or knowing that an unfathomable science expostulates universal laws
into creation, it's a matter of personal belief, but know
our thoughts have power, and like stars, they manifest
our dreams into reality, everyday, just ponder awhile.

The source beyond the Universe is invested in it NOW.
That energy and power which sources the Cosmos,
The All Totality in all dimensions, is present with us
Here, this moment in unimaginable magnitudes.
To quantify the Whole and extract into knowledge
Is simply too much for these few square inches

Of our brains, where our mind is housed contemplating
All of this creation shimmering on the edge of time,
It thrills my feelings maximum just to FEEL the magnitude
Rush into my being, filtering through my heart,
Resonating my soul with cosmic consciousness, ALIVE,
Words have power to unmask the darkness,

Flooding our souls with light beaming sunshine rays,
Spectrums arc across heavens, sparking our way.
Beacons cross galactic planes, emitting x-rays
seeing through dense matter, globular clusters
of stars sift the dusty light, peering deeper
into the nature of Universe and all there is.

Gargantuan is far too small a word, no word exists.
Images sparkle the flow of light as stars fade in time,
Our own sun is a hydrogen bomb always going off,
Factor that by trillions and it becomes mind-numbing.
To know the Universe alone, in the vast square inches
Of the head, to see through time fourth dimensionally

Positively shocks the experiencer into rapt recognition!
Real-time Universe meets the human mind - at once!
Instant glance into our depths, how far, how wide
May we peer into that sheer immensity?  Until it
Reflects itself upon the mind, which reflects it back
The inmost eye reflects the soul looking far into itself.

We mirror ourselves in the Universe.
While the Universe reflects itself through our being.
It pours itself into us every second while we receive it
As a mother's juice, drinking in its essence.
Then we return it to its source whilst receiving more.
Ever the edge of it, breathe in the stars and galaxies

Into our whole being, ourselves, breathe them in so thoroughly, they go in, ignite and blaze our visions
Into Reality.  It makes things happen when we seize
The cosmos into our selves comprehensively.
Time, the missing factor, is now a component
In thinking, it's multidimensional, and it curves . . . . .

Right back into creation upon itself and born anew
Each instant of consciousness, time is now our friend,
And Light too, together when just the right speed
Is found, the two split into one field where time
Grows still, allowing advanced beings access
To the wonders and heritage we call Universe.

That sweet point in time when light and time fuse
As one continuum, go inter-dimensionally through
Cosmic windows and see what lies beyond appearances,
Time flows infinitely, not bound by structure,
It free-flows through space, fathoming the laws
That govern physics, time is solid science.

Light speeds the universal news, intelligent life
Thrives on worlds yet unknown to Humankind.
A higher intelligence we can learn from
It is extractable to human thought.
Wise eyes gaze into the infinite to see truth,
The Infinite responds with Life highly attenuated.

Exquisite Living attained by cosmic souls
Who dare to change, evolve, to learn
the mysteries of  universal energy
So immense its nature, imagination whirls
To light speed, opening panoramas in cosmic spaces,
Watch far into our galaxy's stars past midnight,

Looking toward the core, black nights in the wilderness,
Meditate into the depths of our  galaxy, The Milky Way,
The few hundred billion stars connected to us. Here
Pinpoint our gaze along the edge of a trail of stars,
Actually watching into time as we stare faraway
out our galaxy, use binoculars, see each sparkled star,

 O see into infinity right here on Earth.  Focus our eyes
Toward the center of the galaxy, soften the gaze
To see the cloud of stars become each one, a sun
Blazing softly after midnight, Gaze into time, knowing
How far the light travels to grace us with beauty.
O feel the stars alive within you expound themselves.

Inhale the summer's nighttime sleep below the stars,
Camping in wildernesses, gaze into the heart
Of our galaxy, start seeing farther, not only through
Time perception but through matter,  energy, beauty,
All synchronized in harmony, Come on, look edge on
Through the Milky Way - looking into 80,000 light-years.

A spoke of stars pin-wheeling outward from the core,
The solar system where Earth resides, hangs out in space
Always moving ever onward around the trajectory of stars,
Our galaxy rotates, as to suns, planets, satellites,
And every thing's in motion, always changing, transforming, evolving higher states of awareness.

Galactic music activates our brain waves, hear pulses
From near-field stars, Arcturus a mere 36 light years from Earth emits altered frequencies through time and space
listen to the music from the stars, ethereal harmonies
ever so fainescent, are heard in silence, hear soundings
pulsating softly somewhere, tweaking brains alive!

Humanity, awaken to abundance of cosmic wealth,
A Universal gift, given freely to all, everyone, everywhere,
Treasured by a conscious mind, comprehends maximal
Awareness at the crossroads of experience as it's happening right now, instantaneously, intact.
Look below, above, beyond, within, four dimensionally.

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