4th Dimension Introduction

Higher Thinking for the 21st Century and Beyond
by Paul Lloyd Warner
God Equals Totality and Consciousness to the Square Root of the Highest Power.

At the dawn of the 20th Century, humankind still engaged in three dimensional thinking.  After Einstein published his General Theory of Relatively, only a few people commenced to transform their thinking into understanding the next dimension - the fourth; time and space.  As the theory filtered down and into the minds of people during and after the War, and as individuals began to probe into the concept, eventually it became clear that the fourth dimension is an awe-inspiring one, filled with the matter of space and time, a place which expands one's concept of the Universe, a dimensional leap in awareness, and one which offers a whole new realization into the physical universe. 

In previous centuries, people would gaze at the stars, study their movement and light, generally concluding that the stars just hung there - faraway in the third part of 3 dimensions - depth.  Time was perceived as linear - a progression of years and the myriad events which took place in those years.  Philosophers engaged in pursuing higher knowledge and theorized the existence of another plane, yet these abstruse ideas were virtually unknown to the populations, and people continued upon their existence, oblivious to the Fourth.  However, the concept of God, was prevalent in everyday life, yet it possessed no dimension, Heaven and Earth were distinctly different planes of existence where there was little interaction except through religion, faith, prayer and inner belief.

This is still true today - and it should be made perfectly clear that the fourth dimension, Time and Space, should not be confused with the Fifth Dimension, which is beyond the previous four, that place where spirit exists and its plane is not necessarily physical.  The Fifth Dimension might be conceived as that dimension where all spirituality exists, but it is not that exactly - more like where visions go, where the mind travels to its farthest reaches, the place where one contacts the Almighty Presence which pervades all existence, leading us to perhaps even dimensions beyond to the 6th and 7th.

Our purpose here in this book, is to identify the fourth dimension, explain its intrinsic nature, probe its depths, and expand our thinking, our knowledge - and our very lives.  Highly useful mental technologies become available to us as we comprehend Time and Space in the vaster dimension that it presents to our minds.  All things become possible in the 4th dimension, and we discover we are living in a Universe virtually without limits, at least it is so comprehensibly vast, it shakes our foundations to the core, allowing us greater expansion of thinking, to imaginably vaster realms of consciousness.  In fact, the prospect of delving into the depths of the 4th dimension imposes an immense burst of instant recognition upon the mind pondering it, the mind rushes to embrace a greater comprehension of a whole expansive existence, where galaxies cluster even farther away than ever presumed, where space extends seemingly to infinity, yet filled with the stuff of stars, nebulas, cosmic clouds of immense origins.

In the fourth dimension, we discover that in our own galaxy, all the stars in the Milky Way, rotates around it central core once every 24,000 years, just as the Earth rotates around its own sun.  The concept is similar.  In fact, it appears that galaxies cluster together and rotate around each other, just as each galaxy rotates around its axis, and any satellites to any sun, rotates around their sun.  If any satellites have moons, that those moons would revolve around their satellites, or worlds, just as those worlds would rotate on their axes.  And finally, it appears that all these heavenly bodies, the galaxies themselves, are moving away from each other at terrific speeds.

Thus, in the above paragraph, a foundational concept of the fourth dimension is explicated: Through movement the fourth dimension may be comprehended.  The proof of its existence is evident, yet if there remains any doubt in anyone, the fourth dimension can be proven by the movement detected from our world. 

Physicists have measured the speed of light, our telescopes focus on remote galaxies billions of light years away.  This means, while traveling at or near the speed of light, it would takes billions of years or more, to reach the far and most remote areas of the known universe.  Our own galaxy is approximately 100,000 light years from end to end.  It would take us 40,000 years just to reach the center of our own Milky Way, let alone millions to the next galaxy.  Surely the speed of light is far too slow to allow distant travel to remote sectors of the universe and thousands of years just to reach the center of our own.

Einsteinian physics have dealt the world a mortal blow if we hold fast to its core belief that it is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light.  The fourth dimension has been proven by Einstein and it is as far as our science goes at the present time at the threshold of the new millennium.  Technology has raced to keep up with the fourth dimension, measuring the finite differences between celestial bodies, calculating the time its light takes to reach Earth, detecting the subtle range of tolerances in the time-space continuum.

Now, at the dawning of mass awareness of the 4th dimension, we have a corresponding rise in our awareness of what it is and how it works in our lives.  Suddenly we are thrust into a new level of consciousness, that we also exist in space and time, in a universal sense, not just only as Beings living on the Earth in three dimensions with a linear timeframe guiding our lives from birth to death, but also as Beings more cosmically aware, more conscious of grasping what the astronomers discover - the vastness of time and space, ever expanding, made comprehensible to the human mind, for it is our minds which created the telescopes and highly advanced technology which allows us to see the true nature of the universe.

This alone serves to prove the collective expansion of humanity's awareness as a whole.  There are numerous and obvious examples of places in the world where the fourth dimension remains unrealized in the populations, yet correspondingly, there has been a vast rise of awareness on the part of individuals throughout the world, who realize the 4th dimension while at the same time there remain militarists who are keenly aware of the 4th dimension and possess sophisticated very high technology devices to observe those who remain in 3 dimensional consciousness.  Whoops, the secret is out - while we live in a time in history as we transition our awareness from the 3rd to 4th dimensions, a new technology rises which is based upon the evidence of the 4th dimension that takes advantage of this new knowledge - near space exploration, for example, advanced computers, satellites, the Hubble Telescope, weightlessness, powerful interests arise which take advantage of this new awareness.  Thus the military, industrial, political, financial and business interests (MIPFB) have suddenly become keenly aware of the 4th dimension.  The concept does not belong to the so called visionaries, advanced and farseeing thinkers.  It belongs to anyone who can conceive it.  While it may be utilized by MIPFB interests, it is also utilized by artists who paint it, authors who write about it, especially in science and science fiction, composers who write songs and compose serious music, and philosophies, both material and spiritual. 

More than one billion people of the world are aware in some way, of the 4th dimension.  As more and more people grasp the enormity of it, they too will be brought into 4th dimensional awareness.  The more people who become aware of it, then the deeper the collective thinking goes out into the very nature of the universe and existence itself.  As we think outward, we also ponder inward to seek an understanding to the nature of life's greatest questions.  The greater the dimensional range we comprehend in our outer existence, then the farther our inner awareness can travel.  Thus the merging of 4th dimensional awareness in our outer thinking corresponds to a greater awareness in our inner thinking, and as the two join together, it is now possible for an individual to rise in consciousness to a greater degree than ever before.  The mystery is now revealed.  The 4th dimension alters the equation between humanity and itself and its perception of the Deity as it is worshipped and understood by all religions.  We quickly discover that we all reside in four dimensions, no longer three, and that the physical universe is the same for everyone.  The fact that the 4th dimension expands our thinking into the realms of time and space, means that every human being who ponders these matters can now play at the same game in consciousness.  Awareness of the 4th dimension automatically opens up our minds to receive the cosmos as it is, in its greater reality, in its wholeness.  No longer can we be bound to the precepts of any particular religion or philosophy, we can worship as we choose within any tradition, yet that does not stop the flow of the truth - that the space-time continuum constitutes reality as we know it.  Since it is so vast in its outer realms and so infinite in its inner conception, that we are always living at the threshold of our outer and inner existence.  The greater our range in either direction, constitutes a greater conception on the other.  The two are inextricably bound together - within and outside.  We are merged with the Whole at all times whether we recognize it or not.  When 4th dimensional thinking becomes clearer to any individual, it opens up its corresponding inner existence to farther possibilities, visions, thoughts, dreams, etc., and allow that person to live constantly on the threshold of time as it re-creates itself each moment.

Awareness of 4D brings forth a higher realization that we not only exist on the Earth, but that the Earth and we exist in the universe.  Thus we are part of the Whole cosmic scheme of things.  We always were, whether we realized it or not, we were always, and are always connected the Whole.  Since the Whole is constantly changing, by virtue of the movement of the entities which comprise it, we can say that change is also at the foundation of existence.  In fact it is a law.  The Law of Change.  The Chinese noted this long ago in its Book of changes, the I-Ching.  Jung promulgated the concept of synchronicity which is highly 4D aware.  Change is the nature of the universe.  It is constantly changing, just as our lives change from one moment to the other.

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